Science Matters #13

30th Jan '18, 7:30pm

This months featured guest is, Dr Kulveer Mankia from Leeds Biomedical Research Centre, who'll be talking about autoimmune disease.


Open Mic Night – January 2018

26th Jan '18, 7:30pm

After a very popular Festive Open Mic Night at the end of last year. Chapel FM Kicks off its first Open Mic Night of 2018, get down for 7pm if you want to enter.


Untitled Film Show #12

26th Jan '18, 6:00pm

James and Jake return for a 'films of 2017' special. Plus a look at the awards season ahead of the Oscars.


Hot Flavours #33

23rd Jan '18, 7:30pm

A rare feast tonight, indeed! To carry you warm into this chilly New Year we bring to the table live - on live.


Common Ground #4

21st Jan '18, 10:00am

Inspired by a post-Christmas holiday to Scotland, Jake Wright delves into Celtic rhythms from around the commonwealth.


The Ukulele Show #8

21st Jan '18, 11:00am

For their eighth broadcast, Stuart and Tracey Cameron begin their first show of 2018 with a varied selection of ukulele songs


Urban Selection: Progressive Tech House #1

21st Jan '18, 5:00pm

Touch down with new style music. The future strikes back!


Sunday Stressbuster #8

21st Jan '18, 12:00pm

For the first Stressbuster show of 2018 Linda will be booking at the stigma and social awareness of mental health. Linda will be looking at how life, society, the workplace and relationships contain negative perceptions of mental illness


Blind Dead McRadio Podcast #8

21st Jan '18, 3:00pm

Featuring Andrew Sugden who runs Yorkshire Gig Guide


Left of Leeds #25

19th Jan '18, 6:00pm

John Toolan presents more weird and wonderful jazz and leftfield music from in and around the Leeds area



19th Jan '18, 7:30pm

For the second 'Chris Sharkey presents...' night at Chapel FM, Chris will be performing with master drummer Joost Hendrickx (Kefaya, Shatner's Bassoon)


Version 2.0

17th Jan '18, 2:00pm

Do you know any cover versions of songs that you think improved on the original recordings? Paul Gardner takes you through some of his favourite examples, including some that you may not even know were covers.


Love The Words #71

16th Jan '18, 7:30pm

7.30pm: Jimmy Andrex’s Seminal Outburst. This month on Marx (as in Karl, not Groucho). Expect revolutionary unrest and upheaval! 8.20: Laura Potts’ Poetry Nook. In the winter-wet of January, Laura Potts speaks to Ilkley-based musician Keely Hodgson on her career as a composer and the role that poetry has played in her work. From childhood to the present day, Hodgson will discuss the link between poetry and music, between the poetic line and the lyric, and just how much the two interplay. To a classical soundtrack, she will also share her own compositions accompanied by Laura's poetry and recently performed on the BBC. 9pm: Jaimes Lewis Moran and Dave Binns present their own music and poetry combo. Image attached: By Betty Lawless.


The Music Institute #2

16th Jan '18, 9:30pm

For the first Music Institute of 2018 I’ll be welcoming back Paul Radley of House/Disco outfit Monkey Boots. Expect the usual Audiophiles wet dream, as we search out the finest music old and new from every corner of the world. Tracks from Suicide, Can, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, KDJ, Dinosaur L, Pepe Braddock and many more,


Femme Collective #4

14th Jan '18, 3:00pm

Join Beth in studio 2 as she interviews Hannah Swalwell; a ukulele player and singer-songwriter based in Leeds. Hannah talks about the back stories to her quirky songs, her degree in community music and her current work as well as playing live- originals and some cheeky covers!


Is It Folk? #3

14th Jan '18, 4:00pm

Owen Spafford finishes off our first Sunday Roast of 2018 with a selection of Folk tracks and Interviews


Octagon Overeyes #5

14th Jan '18, 5:00pm

A blend of chill out tracks and heavy beats ideal to kick start the new year!


Word Club #3

14th Jan '18, 10:00am

Our third show will feature Spanish poet Tony Martin Woods (real name Antonio Martínez Arboleda) who in association with WORD CLUB, has put together an anthology to contribute with the worldwide 100 TPC movement. We’ll be chatting with Tony about his poetry, his monthly poetry night ‘Transforming with Poetry’ and we’ll be reading a selection of poems from the anthology. We'll also be playing a few songs here and there, chosen by myself and my new co-host, Gill Lambert and our esteemed guest. We’ll also be going through the hottest new releases in poetry land and when and where to go see those gigging at various poetry nights throughout the region. So, tune in and enjoy. And remember: the first rule of WORD CLUB is: we ALWAYS talk about WORD CLUB, so spread the word!


Music from the Bands #6

14th Jan '18, 11:00am

Jazmine kicks off her first show of 2018 with more music from the bands


The Stephen Show: George Michael

14th Jan '18, 1:00pm

With Christmas just over and a full year after his passing, George Michael is still in many people's hearts. Join Stephen has he pays tribute to the late singer


James’ Psycho Show #8

14th Jan '18, 2:00pm

No better way to relax midway our first Sunday Roast broadcast of 2018 with a bit of Psychobilly. Join James as he kick it up a notch!


Vaguely Ukulele: Fuzzy Jones

12th Jan '18, 7:30pm

The Cameron Collective presents a night dedicated to the perfectly formed instrument! With opening performance by Fuzzy Jones.


Vaguely Ukulele: Hannah Swalwell

12th Jan '18, 8:00pm

The Cameron Collective presents a night dedicated to the perfectly formed instrument! With performance from Hannah Swalwell


Business Network #5

12th Jan '18, 6:00pm

Linda Sage is talking with Cathy Burns from Your Story and Bird Board. Is there such thing as “An overnight success?”


Vaguely Ukulele: The Fast Rattlers

12th Jan '18, 8:30pm

The Cameron Collective presents a night dedicated to the perfectly formed instrument! With performance from The Fast Rattlers


The Deli #60

9th Jan '18, 7:30pm

The Deli are fresh on the counter with a generous spread of comedy, poetry, music and discussion, this month on the theme of New. New Year, new love, new headlines, old news….


Love The Words More #51

9th Jan '18, 8:45pm

In a late change to the schedule, poet Ralph Dartford and fiddle player Seonaid Matheson will now perform an entirely improvised set of music and words. Don’t miss The Fiddling Poet!


Welly’s Nerdy News #15

5th Jan '18, 5:00pm

Welly's Nerdy News kick's of there first show on 2018 with there game of the year coverage, and the regular return of the news, covering all the nerdy news of December.


Culture Shock: Nigeria 2.0

5th Jan '18, 4:00pm

A retake of the vibrant sounds of Nigeria


Blind Dead McRadio Show #57

2nd Jan '18, 7:30pm

The Blind Dead boys kick of the New Year with Chapel FM's first show of 2018