Rotation Radio #1

Wed 16th Jan '19, 12:00am

Welcome to the first edition of Rotation Radio on ELFM, this month we are joined by Elliot McCabe as we discuss the happenings of the Rotation DJ society at Leeds College of Music


Love the Words #83

Tue 15th Jan '19, 7:30pm

Playwright Martin Riley on his writing life, ‘Angles of Light: Caribbean poetry’ plus Jimmy Andrex.


The Music Institute #15

Tue 15th Jan '19, 9:30pm

Join Wags as he kicks off with his first show of 2019


Rotation Radio Pre Show #1

Tue 15th Jan '19, 11:00pm

To help launch Rotation Radio on ELFM, we have called upon Sam Pratt to deliver a mix for us! Taken from his set at Leeds Festival 2018


Word Club #11

Sun 13th Jan '19, 10:00am

Our first show of 2019 will feature two Half Moon Books poets, or Half Mooners as they are otherwise known, Andy Armitage and Rachel Kerr who was the winner of Ilkley Lit Fest 2018


Revolutionary Radio #10

Sun 13th Jan '19, 12:00pm

Understanding life up's and down's: When someone has been doing well ,suddenly worsens or begins to fail, it happens for specific reason.


James’ Psycho Show #17

Sun 13th Jan '19, 1:00pm

Join James on his first show of 2019 it's going to be mental !!!


The Stephen Show: Status Quo

Sun 13th Jan '19, 2:00pm

This month's Stephen Show show is dedicated to Status Quo and I'm sure it will have people "Rockin' All Over The World"


That Sunday! #9

Sun 13th Jan '19, 4:00pm

Cristiana will having Manchester Based Indonesian Grime artist NinjaTea, where he’ll speak about his journey and influences along side Freddy strings, jazz musician from Portugal.


Dave’s Dozen #12

Fri 11th Jan '19, 5:00pm

Songs about places, strap yourselves in, relax and enjoy the journey.


Business Network #17

Fri 11th Jan '19, 6:00pm

Linda Sage kicks off 2019 Business Networking with a full programme on Social Media and business. From her own experiences and defining the need for knowledge in the vital area of


Vaguely Ukulele #3: Stuart Cameron and Ron Chin

Fri 11th Jan '19, 7:30pm

The Cameron Collective presents another fabulous night dedicated to the perfectly formed little instrument!


Vaguely Ukulele #3: Adjustable Spanner

Fri 11th Jan '19, 7:30pm

The Cameron Collective presents another fabulous night dedicated to the perfectly formed little instrument!


Vaguely Ukulele #3: The Ullalele

Fri 11th Jan '19, 7:30pm

The Cameron Collective presents another fabulous night dedicated to the perfectly formed little instrument!


Octagon Overeyes: Camouflage # 4

Thu 10th Jan '19, 4:00pm

Monty, bringing you Drum & Bass even further than the Milky Way


Love the Words More #62

Tue 8th Jan '19, 8:45pm

with Neville Raper talking about a brand new anthology on the subject of mental health, and an interview with artist Carry Franklin, co-creator of Leeds’ Little Free Libraries. 


The Deli #70

Tue 8th Jan '19, 7:30pm

The Deli, with music, discussion and writing on the theme of Beginning


Welly’s Nerdy News #27

Fri 4th Jan '19, 5:00pm

Come join us on the first show of the year. I'm sure there will be more to talk about than just the RE:make 2 as we go over our Game's of the Year


Christmas Open Mic

Fri 28th Dec '18, 7:30pm

Although we might be closed till Monday the 7th January 2019, that's not going to stop us from putting on a festive open mic. Come down for 7pm if you wish to perform


Backtrack #4: Christmas Special

Tue 25th Dec '18, 10:00am

Merry Christmas from Backtrack. Join Roger Godden for a Yuletide special on Christmas Day. You're gonna love it!


From The Bandroom #12

Tue 25th Dec '18, 10:00pm

This month’s edition of From The Bandroom falls on Christmas Day, so we’ve been to St Mary’s Church in Garforth to record a special Christmas concert by Kippax Brass Band.


Backbeat #3

Fri 21st Dec '18, 6:00pm

Come join backbeat for a special Christmas Broadcast


Teen Music #3

Fri 21st Dec '18, 5:00pm

Toby brings you the latest from the world of entertainment, The UK’s Official Christmas Number 1, some big hits, and festive tunes.


The Music Institute #14

Tue 18th Dec '18, 9:30pm

Join Wag's on his last show of the year for a very Christmas Music Institute


Love the Words #82

Tue 18th Dec '18, 7:30pm

LTW with Jimmy Andrex, Marjorie Lacy and Neville Raper.


Common Ground #11

Sun 16th Dec '18, 10:00am

As the nights draw in ever-closer and the twinkle of Christmas lights become a beacon of warmth on the cold city streets of Leeds.......


The Ukulele Show #17

Sun 16th Dec '18, 11:00am

Come join the Camerons for a very Christmas Ukulele Show


Sunday Stressbuster #18

Sun 16th Dec '18, 12:00pm

Linda Sage takes a look back over the whole of 2018, Stressbusters, Business Networking, her public and personal life, along with memories of her wonderful guests.


Revolutionary Radio #9

Sun 16th Dec '18, 2:00pm

Join Barrington Treymaine for the Christmas Revolution


Blind Dead McRadio Podcast #12

Sun 16th Dec '18, 3:00pm

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the Chapel. Not a creature was stirring not even a Steve.... come join the blind dead boys on this special Christmas podcast eve