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Keeping a Distance, Staying Close #5

Yesterday, 10:00am

Welcome back to another show, this time we have our techie Elliott filling in for Linda, as he and Jamie bring you more information that you need to know in these trying times


Keeping a Distance, Staying Close #4

Mon 6th Apr '20, 10:00am

The Chapel FM crew are back for a second week of broadcasts, with more information and entertaiment to keep you up to date with the East Leeds area and put a smile on your face.


Welly’s Nerdy News #39

Fri 3rd Apr '20, 6:00pm

Welly and Micheal might be stuck inside but thats no reason to not play video games


Passing the Time #1

Fri 3rd Apr '20, 3:00pm

Join Chapel FM's Next Gen Broadcasting and Music participants as they explain what they have been doing to pass the time.


Over To You… #1

Fri 3rd Apr '20, 4:00pm

Join Linda Sage as she goes over your Requests and Dedications


Connections #22

Fri 27th Mar '20, 5:00pm

Connections 21 finished with ‘After The Love Has Gone’ by Earth Wind and Fire. Who will Paul link to the opening song of Connections 22


Keeping a Distance, Staying Close #3

Fri 27th Mar '20, 9:45am

As this first week comes to an end, ELFM brings you another great selection of music, entertainment and information.


Keeping a Distance, Staying Close #2

Thu 26th Mar '20, 10:00am

Day 2 and everyone has gotten into the swing of things


Keeping a Distance, Staying Close #1

Wed 25th Mar '20, 10:00am

Our first broadcast during the COVID-19 lockdown


Queens of Dawson City S1E8

Tue 24th Mar '20, 7:00pm

Stufwell cannot contain herself much longer but Toffington can’t contain his desire for Euphoria either. WIll Bentpipe and Tamara finally get things straight between them.


Hot Flavours #51

Tue 24th Mar '20, 7:30pm

Join James for some Hot Flavours and hotter tunes


From The Bandroom #27

Tue 24th Mar '20, 10:00pm

A trip to Wakefield to visit Crofton Silver Band, newly promoted to the Yorkshire Championship Section in January.


Sunday Stress Buster #31

Sun 22nd Mar '20, 12:00pm

Linda Sage looks back at the power of memories and how we learn through the people around us


Alternative Sundays #2

Sun 22nd Mar '20, 10:00am

Let Jamie Carnie broaden your tastes with hour of the best of alternative. Featuring new, old and unsigned music, not-quite-the-weather and a mysterious trip to The Darkroom...


Backbeat #13

Fri 20th Mar '20, 6:00pm

Join Daz as he brings you the best of Backbeat


Queens of Dawson City S1E7

Tue 17th Mar '20, 7:00pm

Lady Tamarra Toffington learns the tricks of the trade. Lord Toffington invites the Mayoress of Sous La Merde to the grand opening of his Eighth wonder of the world


Curiosity Cats #8: Blind Father Blues – The Matt Rizzo Story

Sat 14th Mar '20, 5:00am

As a teenager, Matt Rizzo found himself in jail and blinded from a shotgun blast sharing a cell with a famous murderer who began to mentor him, helping him see the world anew...


Business Network #30

Fri 13th Mar '20, 6:00pm

Linda Sage has the wonderful Olga Geidane on this celebration of International Women joining live in the studio talking about finding the personal confidence to be heard


The Big Fat Chapel FM Quiz

Fri 13th Mar '20, 7:30pm

Expect general knowledge and maybe a few questions about Chapel FM. Remember the quiz master's judgement is final!


Octagon Overeyes: Togetherness #8

Thu 12th Mar '20, 1:14pm

Monty brings back an old mix from the darkness


Curiosity Cats #7: Community Radio in Quarantine – Radio Città del Capo in Bologna, Italy

Thu 12th Mar '20, 10:00am

Chapel FM's Next Generation Broadcasting youth group talk with one of our community radio peers in Italy, Luca Lovisetto from Radio Città del Capo, about the Corona Virus.

Media available soon!


Football Fanatics #1

Thu 12th Mar '20, 12:00pm

Welcome to the first ever episode of Football Fanatics, where we talk Champions League, our opinions on the England Squad and much more!


Octagon Overeyes: Togetherness #7

Thu 12th Mar '20, 1:05pm

B-Sides all the way: Monty Takes you to the other sides! (of the records). Drum & Bass at its finest.


Leeds Lit Fest Podcast #9: Gill Lambert’s Poetry Workshop

Wed 11th Mar '20, 2:50pm

Gill Lambert teaches a beginners' poetry workshop at Carriageworks Theatre, exploring writing poetry from other people's perspectives


Leeds Lit Fest Podcast #10: James Oddy’s Non-Fiction Writing Workshop

Wed 11th Mar '20, 3:01pm

James Oddy teaches this workshop on writing non-fiction from The Holbeck


Deli #83

Tue 10th Mar '20, 7:30pm

The Deli, theme of Vision.


Queens of Dawson City S1E6

Tue 10th Mar '20, 7:00pm

The town council or Little doing meet to discuss dog collar taxes, war with Germany and the Great Vasalini


Woza Africa #8

Sun 8th Mar '20, 12:00pm

Dedicating today’s show to the late African Music legend Dr Bhekizizwe Joseph Shabalala.


The Stephen Show: The Beautiful South

Sun 8th Mar '20, 2:00pm

Join Stephen as he pays tribute to the English pop rock group, The Beautiful South


That Sunday! #21

Sun 8th Mar '20, 4:00pm

Fenton, founder and director or FENTIGO LA RIBELLE (clothing line) will be telling us all about his clothing line and how FENTIGO LA RIBELLE came to be.