Amazing Yorkshire #25

Yesterday, 9:00pm

This time: Northumberland! Also where to climb and hike in Yorkshire! Also listen to a list full of polish songs!


Love the Words #115

Yesterday, 5:30pm

David Price OBE, writer, educator, talks about his new book The Power of Us. Written at white heat during the pandemic.


Community Conversation #1: Pip Goff and Stephanie Francis

Mon 28th Sep '20, 12:00am

Pip (from Forum Central) and Steph (from Touchstone) join a Community Conversation about the current support set up for people across Leeds during this period of Covid 19.


Connections #28

Sun 27th Sep '20, 10:00am

August’s Connections finished with ‘You And I’ by Lady Gaga; one of the people on that tune will link to the opening song of Connections 28!


Sunday Stress Buster #35

Sun 27th Sep '20, 12:00pm

COVID19 or not changes happen, opportunities come knocking and Linda Sage has followed many paths, some much darker



Sun 27th Sep '20, 6:30pm

News, interviews, stories, poetry and music from UNION: Mariana's Song, campaigning for Participatory Arts, and the Fellowship of Questions...


Alternative Sundays #5

Sun 27th Sep '20, 11:00am

Let Jamie Carnie broaden your tastes with an hour of the best of alternative.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #20: Hiten Patel

Fri 25th Sep '20, 6:00pm

Professor Hiten Patel is a UK trained Urological Surgeon offering general and specialist urological care.


Hot Flavours #53

Tue 22nd Sep '20, 7:30pm

September’s Hot Flavours aims to keep you dancing and smiling whatever the situation - whatever the cloudy forecast.


From The Bandroom #33

Tue 22nd Sep '20, 10:00pm

Views from around the brass community about the COVID 19 situation, plus some great music!


Love the Words #114

Tue 22nd Sep '20, 5:30pm

Photographic artist Carolyn Mendelsohn talks about her extraordinary images, plus drama from Jane Oakshott, and Stanley Holloway’s Sam Small


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #19: Mark Brown

Fri 18th Sep '20, 6:00pm

Speaker. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Mark Brown immigrated to the United States at 18 years old with only $40 in his pocket and a dream for a better life.


Love the Words #113

Tue 15th Sep '20, 5:30pm

Look Closer, the 3rd Found Fiction podcast, plus Church Going 2020, from Jimmy Andrex.

Media available soon!


Deli #89

Tue 15th Sep '20, 7:45pm

The Deli, with poetry, fiction, music, chat around the theme Companion.


Business Network #34

Tue 15th Sep '20, 6:30pm

Lucile Allen-Paisant, helps organisations to create better workplaces.


The Stephen Show: The 70s Part 2

Sun 13th Sep '20, 12:00pm

Welcome to a slightly different "The Stephen Show" as we are in strange times, join Elliott as he reads out songs and facts provided by Stephen about song from the 70s he likes.


Red Kite Bonus Episode: Leeds Town Hall – Live Concerts Return

Sun 13th Sep '20, 1:00pm

We speak with Leeds City Organist about the return of live music with an audience in Leeds Town Hall and the upcoming post-covid lockdown performance on September 14.


The Leeds Irish Music Programme #8

Tue 8th Sep '20, 6:30pm

The ‘Leeds Irish Music Programme’ features traditional Irish music and conversation with highly respected County Sligo based Leeds born flute player Michael Hurley


Love the Words #112

Tue 8th Sep '20, 5:30pm

Matt Nicholson talks about his new poetry collection, Small Havocs, and Jimmy Andrex presents an acerbic but humane retrospective on 1970’s TV lodestone, Stars on Sunday.


Red Kite Bonus Episode: Talking to Pigeons

Fri 4th Sep '20, 4:00pm

Enchanting encounters with pigeons around Leeds Kirkgate Market and beyond plus a conversation about making art during lockdown with the White Horse Project in Lancashire.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #18: Brian Naylor

Fri 4th Sep '20, 6:00pm

Linda talks with television presenter Brian Naylor.


Love the Words #111

Tue 1st Sep '20, 5:30pm

A special celebration of Yorkshire Day 2020 from Leeds Town Hall featuring a special lockdown performance by organist Darius Battiwalla and conversations about the Town Hall.


Left of Leeds #49

Tue 1st Sep '20, 7:30pm

Left of Leeds is back including more left field loveliness featuring interview with Beverley Bernie on the album "The Ilkley Suite"


Red Kite Bonus Episode: Leeds West Indian Carnival 2020

Fri 28th Aug '20, 6:00pm

A preview of the 53rd annual Leeds West Indian Carnival, happening (online!) Sunday, August 30 and Monday, August 31 from


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #17

Fri 28th Aug '20, 6:00pm

More insights on learning from life from Linda Sage as we end of the summer of 2020.


From The Bandroom #32

Tue 25th Aug '20, 10:00pm

Our first band recording since lockdown. This month we feature professional six piece outfit, Backstage Brass.


The Leeds Irish Music Programme #7

Tue 25th Aug '20, 6:30pm

The 'Leeds Irish Music Programme' features traditional Irish music and conversation with three highly respected uilleann pipers, Padraig McGovern, Becky Taylor and David Lim.


Love the Words #110

Tue 25th Aug '20, 5:30pm

Gallipoli, a radio drama about war and the dream of a more peaceful world, presented by Generation Squad, the drama group at Fall Into Place Theatre plus a new work by Jimmy Andrex


Hot Flavours #52

Tue 25th Aug '20, 7:30pm

We’re back, and to celebrate our return we bring you a scrumptious and compelling mixed musical bag.


Sunday Stress Buster #34

Sun 23rd Aug '20, 12:00pm

Sunday Stressbuster back live, but still virtual, Linda Sage will be talking to Diana Grant who is a coach and much more.