Love the Words #90

Yesterday, 7:30pm

LTW with poets Bethany Gordon and Zoe Carty, plus Jimmy Andrex.

Media available soon!


The Music Institute #22

Yesterday, 9:30pm

Radley and Wags return to blow away the autumn blues with their usual mix of impeccable tune selection and banter.


Business Network #24

Fri 13th Sep '19, 6:00pm

Linda Sage is joined by Martin Morrison, a multi-talented and multi-faceted guest. A business man, a broadcaster, a speaker, an author, a musician and a martial arts champ


Octagon Overeyes: Togetherness #3

Thu 12th Sep '19, 12:00pm

Monty here to preside over the steam of drum and bass vinyl on the machines


Octagon Overeyes: Togetherness #4

Thu 12th Sep '19, 1:00pm

Monty takes a trip to Manchester for his birthday to buy some records himself and his girlfriend pick out tunes that have connections to their lives


“Terror from the Skies” a conversation with Matthew Bellwood

Wed 11th Sep '19, 10:00am

How can local Leeds stories and lives be transformed into breathtaking, inventive theatre? Matthew Bellwood shares insights...


Deli #78

Tue 10th Sep '19, 7:30pm

The Deli. Words, music, on Neighbourhood.


Love the Words More #70

Tue 10th Sep '19, 8:45pm

LTW(M) A special programme on Nizar Qabbani, renowned contemporary Arab poet.


Dave’s Dozen #19

Sun 8th Sep '19, 11:00am

The last show was about girls name, this is more simples, just the name 'girl'or 'girls'. Wake up Sunday morning grab a coffee feet up it's chillaxing time


Woza Africa #3

Sun 8th Sep '19, 12:00pm

Bringing you music from Africa. Our guest Robert Maseko will be talking about his music journey.


James’ Psycho Show #25

Sun 8th Sep '19, 1:00pm

James brings you the best Psychotic music of the last 60 years including Dan Sartain, Link Wray and the Oh Sees.


The Stephen Show: Take That

Sun 8th Sep '19, 2:00pm

Stephen brings you another excellent tribute show, so how about you Take That!


That Sunday! #17

Sun 8th Sep '19, 4:00pm

Entertainer and entrepreneur Aiden Hatfield speaks about his music journey and solo career and his work with mind charity.


Welly’s Nerdy News #34

Fri 6th Sep '19, 5:00pm

September is just about to hit, Welly and the crew go over what they are most looking forwarded to the games they have been playing over the summer break and all the regular news.


Blind Dead McRadio Show #74

Tue 3rd Sep '19, 7:30pm

Join the Blind Dead Boys for our first broadcast back after the summer as they bring you the best Blues Music and beyond


Left of Leeds #41

Tue 3rd Sep '19, 8:30pm

Jazz Punk or Punk Jazz? Septembers edition of the programme features live music from HEV and the usual array of unlistenable local music!


From The Bandroom #20

Tue 27th Aug '19, 10:00pm

Knaresborough Silver Band play for us and we discuss the Knaresborough Bed Race and the dangers of pre-contest fairground rides.


Untitled Film Show #24

Fri 23rd Aug '19, 6:00pm

Join Jake, James and Cal as they wrap up the summer of film


Teen Music #5

Fri 16th Aug '19, 5:00pm

Toby brings you some big hits on your way home, along with some tracks he thinks you’ll love, while keeping you up to date with all the latest music and entertainment news.


Love the Words More #69

Tue 13th Aug '19, 7:30pm




Tue 13th Aug '19, 2:30pm

Our summer VI team look at options with a focus on music


Dave’s Dozen #18

Sun 11th Aug '19, 11:00am

Gotta get it in quick due to busy schedule, A great way to forget Sat night hangovers and ease yourselves into a new day with a coffee in your hand and a big smile on ya kisser


James’ Psycho Show #24

Sun 11th Aug '19, 1:00pm

James brings you the best Psychotic music of the last 60 years including JD McPherson, The Hyperjax and the Coffin Nails.


The Stephen Show: Lighthouse Family

Sun 11th Aug '19, 2:00pm

Join Stephen as he pays tribute to the R&B Pop duo The Lighthouse Family


That Sunday! #16

Sun 11th Aug '19, 4:00pm

Jamie Carnie takes over That Sunday, bringing an eclectic mix of local and regional music from young independent artists. Featuring interviews, recommendations and good music


Warm Up Sessions #7

Sat 10th Aug '19, 8:00pm

For this Warm Up Sessions broadcast, they ll be the usual news, reviews and mini mixes.


The Propaganda Programme – Bishop Young Academy Exchange Group

Fri 9th Aug '19, 10:00am

Chapel FM has been working with a group of students from Bishop Young Academy’s Exchange Group to explore the concept of propaganda in the media and arts,


Welly Nerdy Next Gens

Fri 9th Aug '19, 11:00am

Welly sits in the studio with one fo the Next Gen's to talk all about games.


Radio Rant

Fri 9th Aug '19, 12:00pm

In the second of our programmes made by our very Next generation Broadcasters, Jake and Harrison present their show, Radio Rant.


ELFM: Live from Crossgates Primary

Fri 9th Aug '19, 1:00pm

Join East Leeds FM for there coverage of the Family Fun Days. Next stop Crossgates Primary.