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Warm Up Sessions – Residents Mix #4

Sat 18th Aug '18, 7:30pm

Live resident house and techno mix featuring Leon Busta Johnston, Kevin O'Donnell. Followed by the all-nighter sessions, featuring Karis and a selection of local DJs


Children & Young People’s Day:Seacroft Village Green

Thu 16th Aug '18, 12:00pm

Chapel FM is on the village green with the LS14 Trust for Children and Young Peoples Day


Dad v Daughter ft. Grandad

Tue 14th Aug '18, 6:30pm

A selection of tracks chosen by a dad and his daughter. But who has the better music taste? You decide...


A Soft Rebellion in Paradise

Tue 14th Aug '18, 6:00pm

A conversation with artist Chloe Brown who is inviting 500 women to Sheffield on September 2nd to rebel softly and be part of a film she is making



Sun 12th Aug '18, 9:00am

Amanda Neale presents this national live singing competition with performances from Danny Kelly, Georgia-Beth Caslin, and Daniel McDonagh


Music From The Bands #12

Sun 12th Aug '18, 11:00am

Jasmine returns with her 1 year special with more music from the bands


James’ Psycho Show #14

Sun 12th Aug '18, 1:00pm

James brings you the best Punk and Psychobilly songs around with another great episode of James’ Psycho Show


Business Network #12

Fri 10th Aug '18, 6:00pm

In this Months Business Network Linda is Joined by Paul Blackman and Steven Gillen


Dave’s Dozen #7

Fri 10th Aug '18, 5:00pm

Down the road and in the street...... songs with the word. .Street. ..avenue...road..Lane


Blind Dead McRadio Show #63

Tue 7th Aug '18, 7:30pm

The Blind Dead McJones boys return for the last show of the summer


Warm Up Sessions ft. Karis #1

Sun 5th Aug '18, 12:00am

One of two mixes by Karis


Warm Up Sessions ft. Karis #2

Sun 5th Aug '18, 12:00am

A second mix by Karis


Live @ Whitkirk Tennis Club #1

Sun 5th Aug '18, 11:00am

A live broadcast and performances celebrating 100 years of Whitkirk Tennis Club


Favourite Song

Sat 4th Aug '18, 6:30pm

We took a hand-held recorder out to Seacroft Green and asked the locals the question: What’s your favourite song?


Flicker + Pulse

Sat 4th Aug '18, 4:45pm

Preview of the time-lapse film that Chapel FM will be screening on 2nd September as part of the Scalarama festival


Warm Up Sessions #31a

Sat 4th Aug '18, 10:01pm

Tonight's Warm Up Sessions broadcast features mixes from resident DJs Kevin O'Donnell and Busta Johnson going B2B for the first mix



Sat 4th Aug '18, 10:00am

David Braithwaite discusses the meaning of the bible in the 21st century


Warm Up Sessions #31b

Sat 4th Aug '18, 10:01pm

Tonight's Warm Up Sessions broadcast features mixes from resident DJs Kevin O'Donnell and Busta Johnson going B2B


Beyond The Sea

Sat 4th Aug '18, 12:00pm

A whirlwind tour of 3 cultures, music and food taking you on a visit to Italy, Greece and Spain for a tantalizing look at some amazing insights into each country



Sat 4th Aug '18, 6:00pm

Young musicians discuss what it's like behind the scenes when you're in a band


DIY Electronica

Sat 4th Aug '18, 8:00pm

Showcasing the best in DIY electronic music


The Great Immigration Debate

Sat 4th Aug '18, 11:00am

A discussion around some of the historical and current issues surrounding immigration hosted by Elaine Gentles


90s Dance Mix

Sat 4th Aug '18, 9:00pm

Our recent Find Your Frequency graduate Brian Brett hosts his second DJ mix for ELFM. This one features a collection of 90s dance tracks


A Book At Teatime #7

Sat 4th Aug '18, 3:00pm

Mike Jackson from Whitkirk Arts Guild Theatrical Society reads the final part of Brock by local author, Anthony McGowan


Scalarama Film Special

Sat 4th Aug '18, 4:00pm

Ahead of this year's Scalarama film festival, Jake Baldwinson talks to the festival's organisers about what to expect


Chaos with Gladys

Sat 4th Aug '18, 5:00pm

Listeners call in to the show's host Gladys to request a song to be played. They're all a little strange though, and it's not long before Gladys is out of her comfort zone


The Rock Show

Sat 4th Aug '18, 1:00pm

Brian Brett shares some of his favourite rock tunes from across his life


Molly Rymer Presents…

Fri 3rd Aug '18, 8:00pm

Local singer-songwriter and Chapel FM regular, Molly Rymer, welcomes Danny McDonagh to Chapel FM's radio theatre


Summer Radio Project #5

Fri 3rd Aug '18, 2:00pm

A group of young people new to East Leeds FM host a series of radio shows as part of our Summer Radio Project


No Bystanders #4

Fri 3rd Aug '18, 1:00pm

Hosted by East Leeds FM's young broadcasters, No Bystanders is a series of magazine shows exploring issues that matter to the local community