Talkin’ ’bout my generation

15th Mar '18, 8:00pm

What does it mean to be over 60 in the UK? Cineage Live, older performers from Leeds Beckett, tell it how it is


North and Mourning

15th Mar '18, 8:45pm

Laura Potts reads poems written for the BBC’s Contains Strong Language Festival, accompanied by Keely Hodgson on cello


Sharkey and the Words

15th Mar '18, 2:30pm

A collaboration between Chapel FM’s Associate Writers and jazz phenomenon Chris Sharkey who is currently musician-in-residence at the Chapel


Poetry Soundscapes

15th Mar '18, 3:00pm

Original poems and found sounds from Seacroft poet and musician Jaimes Lewis Moran


The Sleeping

15th Mar '18, 3:30pm

Sounds from the edge of sleep, a sonic collage by Alex Rushfirth and Rosalie Counelis


Top Tracks: Metallica

14th Mar '18, 1:00pm

Elliot Harbourne charts his top five Metallica songs


Love the Words More #53

13th Mar '18, 8:45pm

Love The Words (More) is a must this month, with Helen Burke interviewing ex-Head of BBC Radio 4 Extra Mary Kalemkerian.


LCoM Presents… #2

11th Mar '18, 5:00pm

This month’s broadcast is brought to you by Alex Crossland, who takes us through a rundown of some of his favourite tracks from within the pop punk genre


The Stephen Show: Elton John

11th Mar '18, 1:00pm

A whistle stop tour of Elton John's musical career


The Metal Retrospective #2

11th Mar '18, 6:00pm

DJ Khaos returns with the sequel to the Metal Retrospective series


Word Club #5

11th Mar '18, 10:00am

Our fifth show will feature Alicia Fernández (winner of Ilkley Literature Festival’s Chap Book Open Mic 2017) and Hull poet, Matt Nicholson


Urban Selection: House Zone #1

11th Mar '18, 7:00pm

DJ Khaos returns two the source with an oldskool House Zone 1990s style


Urban Selection: House Zone #2

11th Mar '18, 9:00pm

DJ Khaos continues returning to the source with an oldskool House Zone part 2


Revolutionary Radio #4

11th Mar '18, 12:00pm

What is your love language?


Urban Selection: Darkcore #1

11th Mar '18, 8:00pm

DJ Khaos presents the Darkcore production exposure behind the scenes of his won style of genre


James’ Psycho Show #10

11th Mar '18, 2:00pm

As Bedlam beckons how can we stop the chaos that will ensue? James plays the tunes that will make your hairspray wake and your creepers shake!


Femme Collective #5

11th Mar '18, 3:00pm

Northern lass and creator of DIY Youth Michaela Mcguiness comes on the show to discuss how she’s etching out her career and mark in photography


Putting The Band Back Together

10th Mar '18, 7:30pm

Part riotous gig, part tender storytelling. A very special performance presented by Unfolding Theatre


Business Network #7

9th Mar '18, 6:00pm

A celebration of International Women's Day, featuring guests Councillor Debra Coupar and Judith Quin, an advocate for women in business


Sisterhood Part 2

9th Mar '18, 8:15pm

Sisterhood consists of four fantastic singer-songwriters from Leeds who love to perform and collaborate.


Sisterhood Part 1

9th Mar '18, 7:30pm

Sisterhood consists of four fantastic singer-songwriters from Leeds who love to perform and collaborate.


The Music That Made Me #1

7th Mar '18, 1:00pm

Paul Gardner interviews Chapel FM's Centre Director, Adrian Sinclair, about his life


Two Sevens DJs #47

6th Mar '18, 8:30pm

Join Two Sevens as they delve into the history of Jamaican music with an all vinyl musical selection of ska, rocksteady, reggae, roots & dancehall


Welly’s Nerdy News #17

2nd Mar '18, 5:00pm

Wellys Nerdy News returns covering all the Gaming News of February '18


Blind Dead McRadio presents…

2nd Mar '18, 7:30pm

The temple of blues music at Chapel FM opens up to the amazing Blind Dead McJones band


Blind Dead McRadio presents… (Yeli Williams and Al Brampton)

2nd Mar '18, 7:30pm

The supporting acts to the Blind Dead McRadio presents night.


Pick & Mix #2

1st Mar '18, 12:00am

A selection of moments from some of the shows from January 2018, featuring highlights from The Stephen Show, That Sunday, The Ukulele Show and many more!


NGB: Snow Worries!

28th Feb '18, 6:30pm

The Beast from the East arrives in East Leeds


Clue Records Presents… #12

27th Feb '18, 9:00pm

Scott is in pain and on a whole load of pain killers so come and hear him sounding like he is on a different planet.


StoryCroft #1

26th Feb '18, 2:00pm

Resident's stories of Seacroft from a bygone era. Dave Wrighton discusses his childhood on the estate