Sat 17th Mar '18, 11:45am

Love is a beautiful thing but often dresses badly. Words and music from Wakefield’s finest: Jimmy Andrex and Jane Steele


Reading Out

Sat 17th Mar '18, 12:30pm

Does hearing your own poem read aloud by another poet yield insights? Five poets find out, with James Fernie


Between Water and Air

Sat 17th Mar '18, 1:30pm

Musical Arc present stories and music inspired by magical merdogs and shape-shifting kelpies


The Space Between

Sat 17th Mar '18, 2:45pm

Poets Sandra Burnett and Gill Lambert ponder the female perspective on physical and emotional borders


Live from The Leeds Library: Rob Cowen

Sat 17th Mar '18, 3:30pm

As part of the Wild Lines festival with Big Bookend, Rob Cowen talks about his landmark nature book, Common Ground



Sat 17th Mar '18, 4:45pm

The Leeds Library is one of the city’s best-hidden gems. Staff take us on a tour as they celebrate the 250th anniversary of its founding


Tom Tit

Sat 17th Mar '18, 5:30pm

Mark Connors and John Lake from Armley Press preview Mark’s forthcoming second novel, Tom Tit and the Maniacs


Six Minute Reads

Sat 17th Mar '18, 6:00pm

Short stories commissioned by Read Manchester from young writers in The Writing Squad, produced by Steve Dearden


Ian Duhig

Sat 17th Mar '18, 6:45pm

Ian Duhig reads and talks about his work on Refugee Tales 2 (Comma Press) and about his Irish heritage on this St. Patrick’s Day Night

Media available soon!


Half Moon over the Chapel

Sat 17th Mar '18, 9:00pm

Writers from Half Moon Books in Otley perform an array of work, hosted by Mark Connors



Sat 17th Mar '18, 10:00pm

Contributors to the first 3 issues of Leeds-based magazine Strix read their work in an immersive music and words float-around


Tipping the Iceberg

Sat 17th Mar '18, 9:30am

What lies concealed beneath the words we say? Poet and word-juggler John Hepworth takes a peek


Origins of a Writer: Peter Spafford

Sat 17th Mar '18, 10:15am

In the latest in his series, Jaimes Lewis Moran talks to poet and playwright Peter Spafford about the writing life


Off the Medieval Map

Fri 16th Mar '18, 11:15am

Poets Oz Hardwick and Hannah Stone follow medievalism as it morphs into contemporary art forms


Beyond the Borderline

Fri 16th Mar '18, 12:15pm

Storyteller Vickie Orton and her guests share stories about the representation of disability in fairy tales


Pocket Dante

Fri 16th Mar '18, 1:00pm

Actor and writer Roger Harington performs his own 15 minute introduction to Divinia Comedia



Fri 16th Mar '18, 1:30pm

Playwright Mary Cooper, with writers Adam Strickson and Jenna Ng, talk about Bi’An, the UK’s brand new Chinese Writers Network


Pocket Harington

Fri 16th Mar '18, 2:15pm

Roger Harington performs his own 15-minute introduction to the poetry of Roger Harington


Let’s Dance

Fri 16th Mar '18, 2:30pm

A love story in two moving vehicles. Intriguing new radio drama from James Fernie and Linda Casper


Once Upon a Time

Fri 16th Mar '18, 3:00pm

Sita Poran and Lucia Fella tell stories from the borderlands of life and the afterlife, with master storyteller Matthew Bellwood


Lavender Ink

Fri 16th Mar '18, 3:45pm

It’s Pat’s wedding day and at least her mum’s happy. Till she remembers those letters. 1960’s drama from Rosalind Fairclough and JY Saville


Portrait of a Pedestrian

Fri 16th Mar '18, 4:30pm

What’s the space we occupy as pedestrians? Joanna Sedgwick presents a series of her own poems and photographs


On the Edges

Fri 16th Mar '18, 5:15pm

Otley’s Courthouse Writers, with James Nash, invite you into the borderlands through poetry, flash fiction and microdrama



Fri 16th Mar '18, 6:30pm

Many people believe that being autistic and creative are mutually exclusive. NeurodiVERSE was created to challenge that


Random Search

Fri 16th Mar '18, 7:15pm

Jaimes Lewis Moran and Dave Binns give us their highly original merging of poem and song


Poetry for the Newly Single 40 Something

Fri 16th Mar '18, 7:45pm

Poetry in performance from Maria Stephenson and friends on the theme of Maria’s recent book


Never Worn

Fri 16th Mar '18, 9:15pm

Songwriter Ric Neale and poet Rob Reed perform their moving meditation in music and words on Hemingway’s shortest story


Walking Back to Happiness

Fri 16th Mar '18, 9:15am

Helen Burke and Phil Pattinson kidnap happiness in poetry, music - and in their own inimitable way


Writers in Transit

Fri 16th Mar '18, 10:15am

Peter Spafford talks to Artemis, International Writers at Leeds, and poets from Germany, France and Spain


Sharkey and the Words

Thu 15th Mar '18, 2:30pm

A collaboration between Chapel FM’s Associate Writers and jazz phenomenon Chris Sharkey who is currently musician-in-residence at the Chapel