Our Voice Matters

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 5:45pm

Children from Fun Face Drama tell us what matters to them, and why they won’t be silenced.


Inkwell: Transforming with Poetry

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 6:00pm

Resist, heal, engage, transcend; words from the heart making a difference in people’s lives.



Sat 23rd Mar '19, 7:00pm

New local poetry publisher Yaffle showcase both new and familiar voices reading from their forthcoming pamphlets and collections.


Studio 12

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 8:15pm

A selection of spoken word performances from the Manifesto in Verse project, exploring how borders affect our personal, public and political lives.



Sat 23rd Mar '19, 9:00pm

Malika Booker, Khadijah Ibrahiim, and Vahni Capildeo talk about Colonizinin Reverse, their poetic response to Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land


Angles of Light (Part2)

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 9:45pm

Juleus Ghunta introduces a panoply of poets from The Caribbean in this bumper follow-up to Part 1 which aired on Love The Words.


Hearing the Voice (part 3)

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 10:00am

The final instalment in our series from Hearing The Voice, the research project at Durham University.


Poetry of Art

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 11:30am

Poets give voices to their favourite works of art in Leeds Art Gallery, introduced by Sandra Burnett.


Origins of a Writer: Kevin Phillips

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 11:30am

In the latest in his series, Jaimes Lewis Moran talks to writer Kevin Phillips about his experiences.


Haiku Half Hour

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 12:15pm

Poet Joe Williams challenges a selection of local writers to create micro-poetry using the 5-7-5 haiku form.


Learning to be Heard

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 1:15pm

Gill Lambert brings her students from Swarthmore to read their poems and stories.


The Importance of Being Indie

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 2:00pm

A panel discusses independent publishers and marginalised voices in contemporary literature, with Kevin Duffy (BlueMoose), Jeremy Poynting (PeePal Tree) and author SJ Bradley.


Double Story 2

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 1:00pm

Short fiction from Monica Dickson. What would a bag of sweets sound like if they spoke to you?


Speak up!

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 1:15pm

The Deli team deliver their inimitable smorgasbord of poetry, comedy, discussion and music.


In the Dark

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 2:30pm

A man wakes up with a hangover. Pitch dark, unknown room. Where is he? What happened? Dark drama by James Fernie.



Fri 22nd Mar '19, 2:45pm

A girl’s life explodes in puberty. Forty years later the hormones disappear overnight after a hysterectomy. Bitter transition comedy in diaries and song by Ali Bullivent



Fri 22nd Mar '19, 3:45pm

What’s it like not to be able to speak? How do we hear the speechless? Jimmy Andrex interviews poet Jane Kite.


Strangers in a Strange Land

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 4:30pm

What does home mean? Poems by adults discovering their creativity in English, with Pascha Taylor.


Half Moon Spoken

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 5:15pm

Eleven Half Moon poets read and talk about each other’s poems.


Poetry DNA

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 6:15pm

Poets Tom Weir and Nick Allen reveal to James Fountain how their key influences have shaped their poetic DNA.


Jo Berry

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 7:15pm

Jo’s father was killed in the Brighton bombing of 1984. She has spent the last 18 years in dialogue with the ex-IRA combatant who planted the bomb. She talks to Mike Winter.


Hearing the Voice (part 2)

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 10:00am

HtV is the interdisciplinary study of voice-hearing at Durham University which inspired WOA19’s festival theme.


Stupidity is not the problem

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 8:30pm

Poetry with music hosted by Jimmy Andrex to provoke debate about economic inequality, based on Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman.


Specially Selected

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 10:30am

A gathering of poetic spoken word and nostalgic music from Jaimes Lewis Moran’s first poetry collection.


The Voice of Reason (1)

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 10:45am

Aladdin Green is amazed that rubbing an old lamp produces a genie wearing overalls, a hard hat, and hiviz jacket. What to wish for? Story by Geoff Reiss.


A Proper Conversation

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 11:00am

Hearing voices is often associated with ‘madness’. A short drama by John Martin that challenges the stigma.


The Voice of Reason (2)

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 11:15am

Sleeping Beauty’s 100-year sleep is nearing its end. Her carer dusts her off every day. Will a prince arrive in time? Story by Geoff Reiss.


An Otley Run

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 11:45am

Jimmy Andrex talks to Joe Williams about his recent verse novella narrated in the multiple voices of drinkers on the famous Otley Run.


Double Story 1

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 12:15pm

After everyone you love melts away, there’s no one left to lose; short fiction from Amaylia Dewis. Plus Chapel FM resident storyteller, Vickie Orton.


When Caring Ends

Thu 21st Mar '19, 4:20pm

Your life’s been about looking after a loved one. Now they’re gone, what next? Helen Thompson shares her thoughts.