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The Stephen Show: The 70s

Sun 9th Aug '20, 11:00am

Welcome to a slightly different "The Stephen Show" as we are in strange times, join Elliott as he reads out songs and facts provided by Stephen about song from the 70s he likes.


Red Kite Episode 1 Chapter 4: Leeds Playhouse Youth Radio Theatre

Fri 7th Aug '20, 7:00pm

We finish episode 1 of Red Kite with the first of several new radio dramas written by young playwright Molly Hargreave and more interviews by Chapel FM young broadcasters.


Red Kite Episode 1 Chapter 3: Next Gen Young Musicians

Fri 7th Aug '20, 6:00pm

Stories of exploring music and finding new sources of inspiration during this year of Coronavirus Lockdown from Chapel FM's young music group.


Red Kite Episode 1 Chapter 2: Next Gen Youth Broadcasters

Fri 7th Aug '20, 5:00pm

Interviews with our "correspondent abroad" Jordan in Greece, Francesca Wood from Healthy Holidays and our youth broadcasters talk about their passion for music, festivals and more.


Red Kite Episode 1 Chapter 1: Young Writers

Fri 7th Aug '20, 4:00pm

Young writers from Leeds explore what it means to be on the edges of things. Plus a ramble in the urban wild of the Wyke Beck.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage & Guests #14 – Steve Robinson

Fri 7th Aug '20, 12:00am

What would you do if you lost your right arm at the age of 18? Would you give up all hope or would you fight on despite the difficulties that would certainly lie ahead?


Love the Words #107

Tue 4th Aug '20, 5:30pm

In fond memory of Geoff (Mohe) Reiss who died last month, we broadcast two of his Voice of Reason stories from Writing on Air 2019: Sleeping Beauty, read by Pam Hilton; and Aladdin



Sun 2nd Aug '20, 6:30pm

News, interviews, stories, poetry and music from UNION: The Northern School for Creativity and Activism


Yorkshire Day Concert from Leeds Town Hall

Sat 1st Aug '20, 12:00pm

Chapel FM is proud to work with Leeds Town Hall to present the first post-coronavirus lockdown performance featuring Leeds City Organist Darius Battiwalla

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