The Deli #67

Tue 9th Oct '18, 7:30pm

The Deli brings you words and music on the theme of Fall, as in love, grace, power, as well as leaves


Love the Words More #59

Tue 9th Oct '18, 8:45pm

Love The Words (More) presents poet James Fountain with his new poetry collection, The Last Stop. Plus the last instalments of news from the fabulous Seacroft Scroll project.


Open Day – October 2018

Sat 6th Oct '18, 2:00pm

On Saturday 6th October, Chapel FM will open it’s doors again to anyone who wants to come along and find out what goes on in our lovely arts centre


Lost Souls

Sat 6th Oct '18, 5:00pm

Lost Souls tells the story of five separate lives all affected by the falling of one tree in East Leeds


Welly’s Nerdy News #24

Fri 5th Oct '18, 5:00pm

Lots to talk about in this months Welly's Nerdy News. TGS dropped some hot new info on DMC 5 and RE:make 2 and we talk about the closure of Telltale games...... NANI!!!!


Blind Dead McRadio Show #64

Tue 2nd Oct '18, 7:30pm

The Blind Dead Boys return with more music from the Leeds scene and beyond.

Media available soon!


Warm Up Sessions #5

Sat 29th Sep '18, 8:00pm

This Saturday's broadcast will start at 8pm till 11pm with Resident DJ mixes from myself and Leon followed by the all-nighter Sessions till Sunday at 10am


Connections #6

Fri 28th Sep '18, 5:00pm

Connections 5 finished with 'Lost In You' by Australian superstar Chris Gaines…or was it?  


Open Mic – Scalarama

Fri 28th Sep '18, 7:30pm

For one month only in September we are teaming up with the Scalarama film festival in Leeds and are asking people to out a bit of a film-twist on their performances


From The Bandroom #9

Tue 25th Sep '18, 10:00pm

This month we travel to Huddersfield to the bandroom of Hammonds


Hot Flavours #37

Tue 25th Sep '18, 7:30pm

In keeping with autumn’s approach we switch from light to dark - to Moonglow, as the new season features Hampton, Shearing, Rollins and Tatum.


Amazing Yorkshire #5

Tue 25th Sep '18, 9:00pm

Amazing Yorkshire in Radio Chapel FM! Heritage Open Days, National Parks in Yorkshire and many more!


Urban Selection: Acid Techno #2

Sun 23rd Sep '18, 5:00pm

The mash-up with Acid Techno part 2 with DJ Khaos


Sunday Stressbuster #15

Sun 23rd Sep '18, 12:00pm

Linda returns to bust some autumn stress with special guest Christine Butterfield


The Ukulele Show #14

Sun 23rd Sep '18, 11:00am

Stuart and Tracey Cameron return with more songs featuring the ukulele


That Sunday! #6

Sun 23rd Sep '18, 4:00pm

This months show will highlight the local events that have been happening and will be happening in the next few weeks.


An evening of Irish Literature, Music and Song (Part 2/2)

Fri 21st Sep '18, 7:30pm

To celebrate the Irish initiative of Culture Night, we host an evening of performances presented by Irish Arts


Left of Leeds #31

Fri 21st Sep '18, 6:00pm

Jazz, improvised and left field music for earnest looking, glasses wearing, beard stroking boys and girls


Backtrack #1: Elvis

Fri 21st Sep '18, 5:00pm

Join Roger Godden in this new series with the debut programme featuring the music of Elvis Presley - Studio outtakes, mistakes and much more!


An evening of Irish Literature, Music and Song (Part 1/2)

Fri 21st Sep '18, 7:30pm

To celebrate the Irish initiative of Culture Night, we host an evening of performances presented by Irish Arts


The Music Institute #12

Tue 18th Sep '18, 9:30pm

Radley and Wags return for another show of musical wit and wonder. Who knows what’s on the play list but its going to be good!


Love the Words #79

Tue 18th Sep '18, 7:30pm

This month, the Jimmy Andrex Outside Broadcast tackles Business. Followed by Poetry Nook, with Laura Potts interviewing John Foggin. Finally followed by, Leeds poet Joe Williams.


Business Network #13

Fri 14th Sep '18, 6:00pm

People make excuses why they can’t change and how life is difficult; all the time, but Steven Gillen is the exception to the rule


Dave’s Dozen #8

Fri 14th Sep '18, 5:00pm

This month’s theme is walking and running


Love the Words More #58

Tue 11th Sep '18, 8:45pm

Love The Words, in which 9 poets from Lucht Focail (Word People) read their work. Lucht Focail is a writer's group based at the Leeds Irish Centre.


The Deli #66

Tue 11th Sep '18, 7:30pm

The Deli. Poetry, music, comedy, discussion, this month on the theme of Water. Water of love, eau de vie, water shortage, water on the knee…


Word Club #8

Sun 9th Sep '18, 10:00am

This month’s show will feature the man behind the esteemed poetry webzine Algebra Owls.


Welly’s Nerdy News #23

Fri 7th Sep '18, 4:00pm

With the big summer stint of games arriving along with a tone of news Welly and Micheal return to make sense of it all


From The Bandroom #8

Tue 28th Aug '18, 10:00pm

This month we head to Greenfield in Saddleworth to Boarshurst Band Club, the home of Boarshurst Silver Band


Urban Selection: Acid Techno #1

Sun 26th Aug '18, 5:30pm

An Acid Techno meltdown by DJ Khaos. Enjoy!