Stay Close #14: Climate Action Leeds, the Peer Support Group and Interplay Theatre’s Woody Guthrie Show

Fri 28th May '21, 3:42pm

Voices from Climate Action Leeds' Seacroft allotment project, the Peer Support Group and the cast of Interplay Theatre's production "This Land: The Story of Woody Guthrie."


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #39 Pauline Morris

Fri 28th May '21, 10:00am

The founder of Doctors Caring for Doctors, a career coaching and support service for doctors, Dr. Pauline’s mission is to help doctors discover how they can have a fulfilling li


Urban Selection: Chillstep #1

Thu 27th May '21, 5:30pm



Love The Words #144

Tue 25th May '21, 5:30pm

Brian Williams talks about his two new novels, a Luddite drama from Calderdale and a rite of passage story set in the sizzling summer of ’76.


Hot Flavours #60

Tue 25th May '21, 7:45pm

The Days of Wine and Roses - starts right here, with Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass - Ray Charles & Quincy Jones


Amazing Yorkshire #32

Tue 25th May '21, 9:00pm

Back to business! Our latest trip: Fountains Abbey, Ripon and Saltburn by the Sea!


Care to Air #6

Sun 23rd May '21, 11:00am

Remembering the ways we used to celebrate May time. We can still get back into the swing of things by getting active and joining in the fun.


Sunday Stress Buster #43

Sun 23rd May '21, 12:00pm

Yippeeee we are back - Yes, 1st programme back in the ChapelFM Art Centre Studio - So, let's look back at our COVID journey this far.


Connections #36

Sun 23rd May '21, 10:00am

May's edition finished with 'Jamie Come Try Me’ by Eddi Reader. One of the personnel on that song will be linked to the opening song of Connections 36.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #38 Bill Guertin

Fri 21st May '21, 10:00am

Bill Guertin (pronounced like "13") is known to many as "The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales Performance." In his work as one of the top trainers within the ticket sales departments.


Sports Talk #1: Wellbeing & Sports

Fri 21st May '21, 6:00pm

How can sports bring positive energy in these complicated times? For our first episode of this new radio show we explore stories of football, wild swimming, basketball and more.


Love The Words #143

Tue 18th May '21, 5:30pm

Zelino Modesto talks about the art of listening and his podcast 'Why I Listen’, plus a vintage Wordybirds.


Business Network #42

Tue 18th May '21, 7:30pm

Going into business seems like an older more mature person thing to do, but young people are smashing all types of records.


Red Kite: Posties and Poets

Fri 14th May '21, 5:00pm

Members of our Next Generation Music group chat about their Arts Award project, as well as talking to poet Elizaveta and postie Steve Ralph.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #37 Keith Fenton

Fri 14th May '21, 10:00pm

Learning from Life with my amazing guest Keith Fenton, originally from the South East of England now devoted to life in Leeds.


Love The Words #142

Tue 11th May '21, 5:30pm

The Weight of Smoke: Walter Raleigh’s sour-sweet poems set to music; plus Jimmy Andrex’s 8th Pandemical.


Deli #96

Tue 11th May '21, 7:45pm

Words, music, banter on the theme of Burn from the Deli Team.


ELFM Women Make Sound

Sat 8th May '21, 3:00pm

The debut women make sound show at ELFM. Featuring local female artists chatting about their work and the barriers they have faced and overcome.



Sat 8th May '21, 4:00pm

Listen to GREAAT - Gender Rebalance Equality Action and Advisory Team, chat about their work in the music industry.


Welly’s Nerdy News #46

Fri 7th May '21, 7:30pm

As evil draws NieR, Welly and Micheal take on the latest gaming news and discussion with attaché case in hand


Stay Close #13: Views on Vaccines – A Community Conversation

Fri 7th May '21, 5:00pm

Members of our community ask questions about Covid Vaccines.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #36 Ryan Zadrazil

Fri 7th May '21, 10:00am

Mental health and well-being should be part of our everyday conversation.


Love The Words #141

Tue 4th May '21, 5:30pm

Elspeth Morrison, Voice Coach, on her work on accent and identity with actors, newsreaders and podcasters, plus Wordybirds with Steph Shields.


Left of Leeds #57

Tue 4th May '21, 7:30pm

May 2021 edition of “Left of Leeds” from ChapelFM on Tuesday 4th May featuring further local jazz, improv, noise and ambient music


Loudspeaker #4

Tue 4th May '21, 9:00pm

Sarah and D3 interview local poet Tom Priestley and discuss the "Kill the Bill" protest movement.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #35 Nicky Pattinson

Fri 30th Apr '21, 10:00am

Linda’s special, amazing guest today is the unique Nicky Pattinson, one of the warmest people on the planet, engaging and insightful. A natural speaker, trainer and coach.


Red Kite: Spring Election Special

Fri 30th Apr '21, 5:00pm

Actor Tess Seddon talks about her new show about running for MP and Lauren Karstadt from Woodcraft Folk introduces the new "Rights for Children" project.


Love The Words #140

Tue 27th Apr '21, 5:30pm

Zelino Modesto talks to Maggi Stratford about her voice work with the Trans Community & the relationship between Voice and Identity, plus Jimmy’s regular Pandemical.


Hot Flavours #59

Tue 27th Apr '21, 7:45pm

A broad, warm mix of style and swing to announce the welcome return of sunshine into our lives.


Amazing Yorkshire #31

Tue 27th Apr '21, 9:00pm

God's Own Country full of history, beautiful places... This time: Waterfalls! Yorkshire hidden gems!