The Music Institute #19

Tue 21st May '19, 9:30pm

Join the Music Institute as they gear up for a summer of music


Backbeat #7

Fri 17th May '19, 6:00pm

Join Daz as he sits down and interviews Miranda


The Deli #75

Tue 14th May '19, 7:30pm

The Deli, on the theme of Save.


Love the Words More #66

Tue 14th May '19, 8:45pm

Love the Words (More), with Jamaican poet Malachi Smith


The Stephen Show: The Beatles

Sun 12th May '19, 2:00pm

What would a tribute show be without a tribute to this band. Join Stephen as he pays tribute to the most legendary band of all time.


James’ Psycho Show #21

Sun 12th May '19, 1:00pm

James brings you the best Psychotic music of the last 60 years including Torment, Stray Cats and the Krewmen


That Sunday! #13

Sun 12th May '19, 4:00pm

Join Crispy as she is joined two lovely girls from Leeds, Skinner and Gaby Zacara


Dave’s Dozen #16

Fri 10th May '19, 5:00pm

what's your number?


Business Network #20

Fri 10th May '19, 6:00pm

Linda Sage is talking to productivity expert Paul Blackman, they are looking at great ways to save you time and how mental health affects productivity, sales and profitability


Wall in the Mind

Fri 10th May '19, 7:30pm

Theatre with songs from Sound Company Choir—retelling stories from around the world of the conflict, loss, lies and hope created by separation.


Octagon Overeyes: Camouflage # 7

Thu 9th May '19, 2:00pm

Montys here to get you there, Drum & Bass, Techie Dubstep and more.....


Blind Dead McRadio Show #70

Tue 7th May '19, 7:30pm

The Blind Dead Boys turn 70 but its far from over, come join them as they bring you the best blues tunes around


Left of Leeds #38

Tue 7th May '19, 8:30pm

Join Left of leeds for another wild selection of expermental music and jazz. With a sepcial performance from Raccoon Dog Soup


Warm Up Sessions #5 : Live Show

Sat 4th May '19, 8:30pm

The Warm Up Sessions hosted by Kevin O Donnell with choice selection tracks of House and Techno along with latest news , reviews.


Warm Up Sessions #5 : Live Mixes

Sat 4th May '19, 8:30pm

The Warm Up Sessions hosted by Kevin O Donnell with choice selection tracks of House and Techno along with latest news , reviews.


Welly’s Nerdy News #30

Fri 3rd May '19, 5:00pm

April might have been a dry month for new games but still lots of gaming news to break down in the May 2019 edition of Welly's Nerdy News


Science Matters #17

Tue 30th Apr '19, 7:30pm

Ann and Terry will be talking with Dr Christopher Hassall, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Leeds, about Making Space for Nature in our Cities.


So You’re From…? #6

Tue 30th Apr '19, 8:30pm

Join Monique as she interviews Mlindi Kulashe - Leeds Northern Ballet dancer and choreographer who grew up in South Africa.


Sunday Stress Buster #22

Sun 28th Apr '19, 12:00pm

Linda Sage will be exploring the issues of self-confidence, how it affects us, how it holds us back and how we can build it up


Urban Selection: Aggro Tech #3

Sun 28th Apr '19, 6:00pm

DJ Khaos returns to Aggro Tech EBM part 3


The Ukulele Show #19

Sun 28th Apr '19, 11:00am

Join the cameron collective as they bring you some of the best music only on a Ukulele


2 Bobs Jukebox #4

Sun 28th Apr '19, 5:00pm

Trev talks about the issues of the day with a tongue n cheek look, he is thrn joined by Daz and Lynsey to findout whats going on. wait for it......... here it comes.


Club Dance #15

Sun 28th Apr '19, 1:00pm

Join Adam as he brings you some of the best Club and Dance music around


Bhallé Bhallé

Sat 27th Apr '19, 8:00pm

South Asian Arts bring an evening of folk culture and celebrations from Punjab


Untitled Film Show #22

Fri 26th Apr '19, 6:00pm

Join Jake and Cal as they talk all about the latest movie news and reviews


Connections #12

Fri 26th Apr '19, 5:00pm

Paul left us with Wham’s 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go'. What song can be linked to this 1984 classic? Connections 12 will show you!


Scales and Modes

Fri 26th Apr '19, 7:30pm

Chris Sharkey is back alongside a stunning array of musicians on a new project...


Amazing Yorkshire #11

Tue 23rd Apr '19, 9:00pm

Yorkshire in nutshell and little bit more. This time: Ilkley Moor, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery (Hockney!), Cathedrals and churches in Yorkshire and what’s on in May!


From The Bandroom #16

Tue 23rd Apr '19, 10:00pm

In a slightly different “From The Bandroom” this month we feature two small brass groups and a little bit of magic.


Teen Music #4

Fri 19th Apr '19, 5:00pm

Toby brings you some big hits on your way home, along with some tracks he thinks you’ll love, while keeping you up to date with all the latest music and entertainment news.