Tempo Feliz

Sat 8th Dec '18, 8:00pm

Classic Brazilian standards and original grooves...


Ella Playford

Sat 8th Dec '18, 8:30pm

Powerful vocals and intricate guitar lines combine with heartfelt lyrics


Broken Flowers

Sat 8th Dec '18, 9:00pm

We're going all Yorkshire Americana at the Musicathon with the fabulous Broken Flowers


The New Candymen

Sat 8th Dec '18, 9:30pm

John Walton returns to the musicathon as The New Candymen. Expect beautifully crafted songs.


Konrad Kinard with Taro Kinard

Sat 8th Dec '18, 10:00pm

War Is Family/Imagined America is a project about growing up during the height the the Cold War in Texas.


Two Nails

Sat 8th Dec '18, 10:30pm

Two drunkards singing folk songs with a mixture of blues and rock thrown in for good measure.


Brass Toffs

Sat 8th Dec '18, 3:00pm

Starting off our 24 hour musicathon with a bit of posh Yorkshire. We bring you Brass Toffs



Sat 8th Dec '18, 11:00pm

Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez rock - From Dusk Till Dawn, Desperado meets Machete in Sin City!


David Thompson

Sat 8th Dec '18, 3:30pm

One of our Open Mic regulars who may play solo but is influenced by the big 80s rock bands...


Trapfield Tribe

Sat 8th Dec '18, 11:30pm

Welcome to Trickz, Meister Soleil and Trapz. Together they bring you Trapfield Tribe...


South Asian Arts—SCORE IT!

Sat 8th Dec '18, 4:00pm

South Asian Arts mix Western film scores with traditional Indian classical instruments


Welly’s Nerdy News #26

Fri 7th Dec '18, 5:00pm

Join this months Welly's Nerdy News filled with Game Award Predictions and the Yearly Buyers Guide


Residence Requests

Wed 5th Dec '18, 2:00pm

Requests from residents and staff from Seacroft Grange Care Centre and Care Village.


Blind Dead McRadio Show #66

Tue 4th Dec '18, 7:30pm

It's becoming to look a lot like cakemas, the boys return hot off the heels of yet another successful blind dead presents night with their last McRadio show of 2018


Left of Leeds #34

Tue 4th Dec '18, 8:30pm

Join John on his last show of the year with a special performance from Mark Lupton-Levy.


It’s Christmas ! by The Next Gen Foundation

Tue 4th Dec '18, 4:00pm

This years foundation group gets us into the Festive Spirit with East Leeds first Christmas broadcast of the year.


So You’re From…? #3

Fri 30th Nov '18, 5:00pm

November 30th’s show, will feature the guest Tinaye Tenzi, who is a artist in all the ways and meanings: as a film maker, as a musician, as a songwriter.


Open Mic Night Nov ’18

Fri 30th Nov '18, 7:30pm

Our regular open mic night for anyone to have a go at performing in the beautiful radio theatre at Chapel FM


From The Bandroom #11

Tue 27th Nov '18, 10:00pm

In “From The Bandroom” this month we travel to York to the bandroom of the York Railway Institute band.


Hot Flavours #39

Tue 27th Nov '18, 7:30pm

Join James with the latest Hot Flavours filled with some of the best classic blues and jazz tracks around.


Amazing Yorkshire #7

Tue 27th Nov '18, 9:00pm

Yorkshire in nutshell and little bit more: this time: National Trust properties in Cheshire, Chester, Free entry museums and galleries in Leeds and Bradford and many more!


Urban Selection: Witch House #1

Sun 25th Nov '18, 5:30pm



Common Ground #10

Sun 25th Nov '18, 10:00am

Common Ground - the radio show that delivers Leodensians their slice of music from around the Commonwealth – has a jam packed show for November, including Ian Brown's new single.


The Ukulele Show #16

Sun 25th Nov '18, 11:00am

After taking a holiday the Camerons come back refreshed with some Ukulele tunes to brighten up your day


Sunday Stressbuster #17

Sun 25th Nov '18, 12:00pm

Maxine English, she will be discussing surviving domestic abuse and building a new life for her and her children.


Teen Music #2

Sun 25th Nov '18, 4:00pm

Toby Lipatti-Mesme is on hand for Sunday late afternoon, with loads of music that's big right now, and plently of fresh entertainment news.


Club Dance #11

Sun 25th Nov '18, 1:00pm

Adam brings some banging Club Classic's on this months show, this one is not to be missed!


Connections #8

Fri 23rd Nov '18, 5:00pm

Paul finished Connections 7 with The Faces song ‘Cindy Incidentally’. Will Paul link Rod Stewart, Kenny Jones, Ron Wood or someone else to the opening track of Connections 8.


Electronic Open Mic Night Part 2

Fri 23rd Nov '18, 7:30pm

Laptops, synths, drum machines, loop stations, groove boxes, sequencers, samplers, iPads, keyboards...sorry no acoustic guitars!


Untitled Film Show #19

Fri 23rd Nov '18, 6:00pm

Fresh from the Leeds Film Festival, the Untitled film show takes a look at the best films and hidden gems that were showcased. Plus all the usual news and reviews.