Ella Playford

Sun 13th Dec '20, 1:00pm

Ella Playford is a leeds based singer-songwriter whose songs dive deep into the depths of themes such as love, life, loss and pain.


Legion of Swine

Sun 13th Dec '20, 5:15am

Legion of Swine channels his porcine disgust at the injustices of UK political discourse, via the media of noise, drone and ambient sounds"


Molly Rymer

Sun 13th Dec '20, 1:30pm

Molly is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Leeds, who, despite her young age, has been performing across the city since her teenage years


Hexagon Chic

Sun 13th Dec '20, 6:00am

Rachel F will be performing an easy blend of pleasant piano to help ease you into Sunday morning. Relaxo vibes, with a few modern takes on some motown classics.


Johnny Hall

Sun 13th Dec '20, 2:00pm

At the age of 16, with a Yamaha SG 2000 put into my clueless hands I knew that the guitar would be my shadow.


Paul McKendrick

Sun 13th Dec '20, 6:30am

Paul McKendrick is a solo performer singer/songwriter as well as a founder-member of The Guiseley Brothers.


Darius Battiwalla

Sun 13th Dec '20, 2:30pm

Darius was born in Islington, London in 1966. His mother is from Lancashire and his father from a Parsee family in Bombay.


Miss Airedale

Sun 13th Dec '20, 7:00am

Miss Airedale is the singer from Sentimentalists. Singing songs of melancholy, dark humour and gentle defiance.


Lewis Burner

Sun 13th Dec '20, 7:30am

Lewis Burner is influenced by everything from bluegrass and country through to punk and rock n roll. His 2nd solo album was released in September 2020.


Des Hurley and Friends

Sun 13th Dec '20, 8:00am

Des Hurley, a renowned fiddle player and Chief Executive of Irish Arts Foundation UK plays traditional Irish music with local Leeds musicians Owen Spafford and Stuart Graham.


A Short Dark Stranger and Alice Nicholes

Sun 13th Dec '20, 8:30am

A resident of Leeds for many years now, A short Dark Stranger is the premier exponent of pumping power pop performed with passion!


Sian Ashby

Sun 13th Dec '20, 9:00am

Bringing you the best (and the worst) of the 80's. Sian is Chapel FM's Music worker and a multi instrumentalist playing clarinet, soprano and tenor sax and cheesy songs on guitar


An Asset or a Threat – 聚宝盆还是威胁?

Sun 13th Dec '20, 6:00pm

Will a virus bring us together or tear us apart? A story about British Chinese supplementary schools and communities, cultural differences and racism.


How to Make a Paper Crane? – 如何制作纸鹤?

Sun 13th Dec '20, 6:00pm

Two British Chinese girls making origami paper cranes as their aspirations unfold.



Sun 13th Dec '20, 12:00am

GRST is the DIY Drones Project from Bradford-based musician Lukas Hornby. When not droning he might be found behind the decks as DJ %username% spinning multi-genre nonsense.



Sun 13th Dec '20, 10:00am

We can't all be together but that doesn't stop Vocologee. Some of our singers are pre recording songs to bring you a warming Christmas glow.


Time Off – 休息

Sun 13th Dec '20, 6:00pm

Online gaming brings two British Chinese boys together as they share friendship, Chinese homework responsibilities and everyday home life.


Namke Communications

Sun 13th Dec '20, 12:45am

namke communications has been making various sounds for about 20 years, and still hasn't settled on a style — expect some kind of electronic noises!


Barbara of Mestisa

Sun 13th Dec '20, 10:30am

Barbara, plays Latin American folk music with her Band Mestisa, but due to lockdown has found herself playing by herself or with her partner most of this year.


Nick Davis

Sat 12th Dec '20, 5:00pm

Nick Davis is an acoustic guitar singer-songwriter. Many people will know him as founder of Music From The Attic -


David Thompson

Sat 12th Dec '20, 5:30pm

I am an acoustic singer/songwriter specialising in acoustic style and 80's Classic Rock music, with major influences including Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi.


Still Awake

Sat 12th Dec '20, 6:00pm

Still Awake is Teresa Danby (vocals/shruti/percussion) and Bert Louissen (vocals/keyboard/guitar). A contemporary folk partnership.



Sat 12th Dec '20, 6:30pm

Fishing4Compliments are a Huddersfield based five piece band with a unique, melodic, indie/folk/pop sound and catchy songs


Fen and Brett

Sat 12th Dec '20, 7:00pm

Leeds-based, Australian-British husband-and-husband duo, Brett and Fen Greatley-Hirsch play acoustic pop, rock, and folk music for fun


SAA-uk Part 2

Sat 12th Dec '20, 7:30pm

The second half of SAA-uk musicathon performance feature another 3 gifted and talented young musicians. Not to be missed.


Jimmy Andrex

Sat 12th Dec '20, 8:00pm

Co-Founder of Red Shed Readings since 2008, he is a regular presenter on elfm’s Love the Words, where he writes and produces The Jimmy Andrex Outside Broadcast, Outside Br


The Bleeding Obvious

Sat 12th Dec '20, 8:30pm

The Bleeding Obvious is a one-woman queer cabaret singing original songs which are sometimes funny, occasionally poignant, and frequently involve her experiences on the LGBT+


Abby Warner

Sat 12th Dec '20, 9:00pm

I’m Abby Warner and I’m a 14 year old singer-songwriter from Leeds. I’ve been uploading music on social media for 3 years.


Emma Mckee

Sat 12th Dec '20, 9:30pm

Emma is a singer and guitar player with a keen interest in protest music and in showcasing the work of women in music.



Sat 12th Dec '20, 10:00pm

Kinaara are a trio to be found at the lesser-travelled crossroads between Indian and western music traditions with a detour into jazz standards.