Inkwell: Transforming with Poetry

Sat 23rd Mar '19, 6:00pm

Resist, heal, engage, transcend; words from the heart making a difference in people’s lives.


Half Moon Spoken

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 5:15pm

Eleven Half Moon poets read and talk about each other’s poems.


Poetry DNA

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 6:15pm

Poets Tom Weir and Nick Allen reveal to James Fountain how their key influences have shaped their poetic DNA.


Jo Berry

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 7:15pm

Jo’s father was killed in the Brighton bombing of 1984. She has spent the last 18 years in dialogue with the ex-IRA combatant who planted the bomb. She talks to Mike Winter.


Hearing the Voice (part 2)

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 10:00am

HtV is the interdisciplinary study of voice-hearing at Durham University which inspired WOA19’s festival theme.


Stupidity is not the problem

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 8:30pm

Poetry with music hosted by Jimmy Andrex to provoke debate about economic inequality, based on Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman.


Specially Selected

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 10:30am

A gathering of poetic spoken word and nostalgic music from Jaimes Lewis Moran’s first poetry collection.


The Voice of Reason (1)

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 10:45am

Aladdin Green is amazed that rubbing an old lamp produces a genie wearing overalls, a hard hat, and hiviz jacket. What to wish for? Story by Geoff Reiss.


A Proper Conversation

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 11:00am

Hearing voices is often associated with ‘madness’. A short drama by John Martin that challenges the stigma.


The Voice of Reason (2)

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 11:15am

Sleeping Beauty’s 100-year sleep is nearing its end. Her carer dusts her off every day. Will a prince arrive in time? Story by Geoff Reiss.


An Otley Run

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 11:45am

Jimmy Andrex talks to Joe Williams about his recent verse novella narrated in the multiple voices of drinkers on the famous Otley Run.


Double Story 1

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 12:15pm

After everyone you love melts away, there’s no one left to lose; short fiction from Amaylia Dewis. Plus Chapel FM resident storyteller, Vickie Orton.


Double Story 2

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 1:00pm

Short fiction from Monica Dickson. What would a bag of sweets sound like if they spoke to you?


Speak up!

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 1:15pm

The Deli team deliver their inimitable smorgasbord of poetry, comedy, discussion and music.


In the Dark

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 2:30pm

A man wakes up with a hangover. Pitch dark, unknown room. Where is he? What happened? Dark drama by James Fernie.



Fri 22nd Mar '19, 2:45pm

A girl’s life explodes in puberty. Forty years later the hormones disappear overnight after a hysterectomy. Bitter transition comedy in diaries and song by Ali Bullivent



Fri 22nd Mar '19, 3:45pm

What’s it like not to be able to speak? How do we hear the speechless? Jimmy Andrex interviews poet Jane Kite.


Strangers in a Strange Land

Fri 22nd Mar '19, 4:30pm

What does home mean? Poems by adults discovering their creativity in English, with Pascha Taylor.



Thu 21st Mar '19, 8:00pm

A play by Neil Rathmell about gender inequality in India, first performed by students at Punjabi University, Patiala.


Hearing the Voice (part 1)

Thu 21st Mar '19, 10:00am

Researchers from Durham University introduce their interdisciplinary study of voice-hearing.


The Food of Love

Thu 21st Mar '19, 9:00pm

Jacqueline Saville, Rosalind York and Emily Devane, with Keely Hodgson (cello) and Karen Vaughan (violin),show the ways music can speak for and to us.


First Story

Thu 21st Mar '19, 10:30am

First Story brings professional writers to secondary schools to work with pupils and teachers. The young writers return to Chapel FM to share their work.


Savages Out Loud

Thu 21st Mar '19, 10:00pm

Open Mic hosted by The Leeds Savage Club, featuring poet Amy Kinsman.


Let them Speak

Thu 21st Mar '19, 12:00pm

Stu Hennigan from Leeds Libraries reads the winning entries from a short story competition for schools in the Leeds East Primary Partnership.


Scattering Sounds

Thu 21st Mar '19, 12:20pm

Silence and speaking out; Chapel FM’s young Associate Writers sow their ideas in our ears.


Who’s Listening?

Thu 21st Mar '19, 12:45pm

Young people from Chapel FM’s Next Generation Foundation course teach us the art of conversation.


Runcible Spoon

Thu 21st Mar '19, 1:00pm

Kathleen Strafford reads from her new collection Tell it to the Moon, with guest Andrea Hardaker.


Seven Ages of Humankind

Thu 21st Mar '19, 2:00pm

From mewling in nurse’s arms to sans everything, The Agbrigg Writers give their take on Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man.


Maturing the Voice

Thu 21st Mar '19, 3:00pm

What’s it like to find your writing voice later in life? Alison Lock and Rachel Kerr review their journey.


Odd Jobs

Thu 21st Mar '19, 3:45pm

Mike Thompson’s dreams of being a professional footballer were dashed. How did he fill the void? He tells Linda Sage.