Urban Selection: Progressive Tech House #4

Sun 22nd Apr '18, 5:00pm

DJ Khaos continues the Progressive Tech House with part 4. The future strikes back again!


Left of Leeds #27

Fri 20th Apr '18, 5:00pm

Another mix of the weird and the wonderful from in and around Leeds.


Love the Words #74

Tue 17th Apr '18, 7:30pm

The Jimmy Andrex Outside Broadcast. Isn't that new technology wonderful?


NGB: Don’t Fret

Tue 17th Apr '18, 6:00pm

Keia, Craig and Ruth present a music mash-up featuring songs from bands, the country genre and musicals!


The Music Institute #5

Tue 17th Apr '18, 9:30pm

This months special guest in the studio will be James Orvis, rising a star of the British techno/electronic scene and head honcho of Balter records.


Discover – Georgia-Alex Jackson

Fri 13th Apr '18, 10:30am

Georgia has volunteered at a couple of our Family Activity Days and today embraced the opportunity to discuss the arts world on air


Dave’s Dozen #3

Fri 13th Apr '18, 5:00pm

This month's programme showcases a selection of tracks from Trojan Records


Discover – Alice Rose

Fri 13th Apr '18, 11:30am

It's Alice's first time on radio and she's discussing her awareness of the arts world and also finding out about the art forms that other young people take part in


Discover – Gianluigi

Fri 13th Apr '18, 11:00am

A discussion about the arts and creativity led by Gianluigi Van Den Elkhoff


Discover – Lily-Mae and Harry Foster

Fri 13th Apr '18, 12:00pm

Lily-Mae and Harry Foster discuss the arts world around them, including chat about their involvement and that of some of Chapel FM's participants


Chapel FM Jazz Collective presents… (1/2)

Fri 13th Apr '18, 7:30pm

Part 1 of our resident jazz band is a wonderful addition to Chapel FM. Come and see them in action in the radio theatre...


Business Network #8

Fri 13th Apr '18, 5:00pm

Linda will be talking to Lucile Allen-Paisant, a lovely lady with her own business, a support network for other businesses and a bump (baby on the way!)


Chapel FM Jazz Collective presents… (2/2)

Fri 13th Apr '18, 8:30pm

Part 2 of our resident jazz band is a wonderful addition to Chapel FM. Come and see them in action in the radio theatre...


The Deli #62

Tue 10th Apr '18, 7:30pm

The Deli - music, poetry, discussion, comedy, on the theme of Land: who owns it, what nationality is it, what do we plant in it?


Love the Words More #54

Tue 10th Apr '18, 8:45pm

Love The Words (More), with Kathleen Strafford reading from her new poetry collection ‘Her Own Language'


NGB: Youth Takeover

Tue 10th Apr '18, 5:30pm

Danny, Shauna, Mollie and Euan explore youth stereotypes and the role of young people in society


Femme Collective #6

Sun 8th Apr '18, 3:00pm

In this episode Beth takes a trip home to North Wales and interviews long time best friend Jessie Hayes; blogger, copywriter and English Literature student


Revolutionary Radio #5

Sun 8th Apr '18, 12:00pm

Join Franny as she hits us up with another Revolutionary Radio


Music from the Bands #8

Sun 8th Apr '18, 11:00am

Jasmine returns with more interesting pop music...... from the Bands.


Discover – Joe Spensley

Fri 6th Apr '18, 10:30am

Joe Spensley finds out all about the arts world in an interview with his sister and Chapel FM regular, Shauna


Discover – Abril Priganica

Fri 6th Apr '18, 11:00am

Abril attended our very first Family Activity Day and is back to interview Danny and Shauna about their involvement in the arts world


Discover – Malakai & Saffron Neale

Fri 6th Apr '18, 11:30am

Malakai and Saffron Neale talk to our Next Generation participants about music and creative writing


Discover – Riley & Tyler Patrick

Fri 6th Apr '18, 12:00pm

Riley & Tyler Patrick take part in their debut radio broadcast exploring and discovering different art forms


Culture Shock: Nations

Fri 6th Apr '18, 4:00pm

Lanre is out but Adam is taking over to exploring African music from multiple nations from across the continent


Welly’s Nerdy News #18

Fri 6th Apr '18, 5:00pm

Welly's Nerdy News returns once again with another month of News and even a special discussion of Ready Player One


Discover – Ruby & Izzy

Fri 6th Apr '18, 12:30pm

Ruby and Izzy discover the arts as part of our Family Activity Day broadcast. This programme contains interviews with young people involved in arts activities at Chapel FM


Two Sevens DJs #48

Tue 3rd Apr '18, 8:30pm

Join Two Sevens as they delve into the history of Jamaican music with an all vinyl musical selection of ska, rocksteady, reggae, roots & dancehall


Music Moments

Tue 3rd Apr '18, 6:55pm

A discussion with Chapel FM Jazz Collective about the band, their influences and the jazz genre


Blind Dead McRadio Show #59

Tue 3rd Apr '18, 7:30pm

The Blind Dead McJones band bring you an hour of their favourite blues tunes from the local scene and beyond, with updates on upcoming Blind Dead McJones podcast and much more.


Pick & Mix #3

Sun 1st Apr '18, 12:00am

Pick and Mix returns with some of the best moments from the month of March 2018. Featuring the Writing on Air Festival, That Sunday and Hot Flavours