Odd Jobs

Thu 21st Mar '19, 3:45pm

Mike Thompson’s dreams of being a professional footballer were dashed. How did he fill the void? He tells Linda Sage.


When Caring Ends

Thu 21st Mar '19, 4:20pm

Your life’s been about looking after a loved one. Now they’re gone, what next? Helen Thompson shares her thoughts.


Goddess Summons

Thu 21st Mar '19, 6:45pm

Capitalism and Nationalism against Nature and Humanity? Only poetry can save us! Antonio Martínez Arboleda is interviewed by Mike Baynham.


Writing in Style

Thu 21st Mar '19, 5:30pm

Leeds Beckett Writers speak about finding their voice in a populated writing community. What’s it mean to be a writer now?


Drama at the Chapel

Thu 21st Mar '19, 6:15pm

Chapel FM’s Next Generation Drama Group give us a sneaky peek into their world.


Stories from Stone

Thu 21st Mar '19, 6:30pm

Five authors share poetry and prose from ‘Stories from Stone’, inspired by Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford.


The Winter Wind

Thu 21st Mar '19, 7:00pm

How did Shakespeare sound when he spoke his own sonnets? Find out with Professor Richard Rastall and lutenist Helen Atkinson.



Thu 21st Mar '19, 8:00pm

A play by Neil Rathmell about gender inequality in India, first performed by students at Punjabi University, Patiala.


Hearing the Voice (part 1)

Thu 21st Mar '19, 10:00am

Researchers from Durham University introduce their interdisciplinary study of voice-hearing.


The Food of Love

Thu 21st Mar '19, 9:00pm

Jacqueline Saville, Rosalind York and Emily Devane, with Keely Hodgson (cello) and Karen Vaughan (violin),show the ways music can speak for and to us.


First Story

Thu 21st Mar '19, 10:30am

First Story brings professional writers to secondary schools to work with pupils and teachers. The young writers return to Chapel FM to share their work.


Savages Out Loud

Thu 21st Mar '19, 10:00pm

Open Mic hosted by The Leeds Savage Club, featuring poet Amy Kinsman.


Let them Speak

Thu 21st Mar '19, 12:00pm

Stu Hennigan from Leeds Libraries reads the winning entries from a short story competition for schools in the Leeds East Primary Partnership.


Scattering Sounds

Thu 21st Mar '19, 12:20pm

Silence and speaking out; Chapel FM’s young Associate Writers sow their ideas in our ears.


Who’s Listening?

Thu 21st Mar '19, 12:45pm

Young people from Chapel FM’s Next Generation Foundation course teach us the art of conversation.


Runcible Spoon

Thu 21st Mar '19, 1:00pm

Kathleen Strafford reads from her new collection Tell it to the Moon, with guest Andrea Hardaker.


Seven Ages of Humankind

Thu 21st Mar '19, 2:00pm

From mewling in nurse’s arms to sans everything, The Agbrigg Writers give their take on Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man.


Love the Words #85

Tue 19th Mar '19, 7:30pm

Jimmy Andrex, Laura Potts and more.


The Music Institute #17

Tue 19th Mar '19, 9:30pm

Join the guys as they bring you the best songs around in this pre recorded Music Institute Special


Backbeat #6

Fri 15th Mar '19, 6:00pm

Join Trev and Day as they play a wide variety of songs and a special performance from Trev.


Colour of Light: Part 1

Fri 15th Mar '19, 7:30pm

Bringing a combination of folk, blues, bluegrass and even classical influences into their own unique sound


Backtrack #5: Siblings

Fri 15th Mar '19, 4:00pm

Join Roger Godden as he examines the influence of siblings in popular music.


Stress Buster Bonus #1

Fri 15th Mar '19, 3:44pm

Join Linda Sage as she sits down and speaks with Shaq Rafique from the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership to talk about social isolation and loneliness.


Colour of Light: Part 2

Fri 15th Mar '19, 7:30pm

Bringing a combination of folk, blues, bluegrass and even classical influences into their own unique sound


The Deli #72

Tue 12th Mar '19, 7:30pm

The Deli. Poetry, music, chat on the theme of Voice.


Love the Words More #64

Tue 12th Mar '19, 8:45pm

Ralf Thenior, poet of Dortmund, returns!


Music From the Bands #16

Sun 10th Mar '19, 11:00am

This month on Music From The Bands Jazmine will be playing new music from the Jonas Brothers, as well as some classics from Atomic Kittens and Girls Aloud.


James’ Psycho Show #19

Sun 10th Mar '19, 1:00pm

James brings you the best Psychotic music of the last 60 years including Link Wray, The Vibes and The Quakes.


The Stephen Show: Tina Turner

Sun 10th Mar '19, 2:00pm

Join Stephen Show as he pays tribute to the queen of R&B, Pop, Soul and Rock. Its going to be Simply the Best.


Is It Folk? #25

Sun 10th Mar '19, 3:00pm

Join Owen for more folk music and beyond, with a very special interview.