Armed Forces Day Radio Broadcasts 2021 – Hour 2

Sat 3rd Jul '21, 11:00am

Report from the flag raising on Leeds’ Headrow, Yorkshire Hidden Histories, oral historian Studs Terkel on the “Good War" and conversations with Halima Khan and Curtis Shields.


Armed Forces Day Radio Broadcasts 2021 – Hour 3

Sat 3rd Jul '21, 12:00pm

Stories and poems from across the world and oral history conversations with Ellison Ainsworth and Kenny Knott.


Armed Forces Day Radio Broadcasts 2021 – Hour 4

Sat 3rd Jul '21, 1:00pm

Music and memories from the armed forces, a tale by Italo Calvino, plans for the future and oral history conversations with Kevin Bowles and more.


Armed Forces Day Radio Broadcasts 2021 – Hour 5

Sat 3rd Jul '21, 2:00pm

Reflections on how a careers in the services shapes characters and builds friendships and oral history conversations with Simon Scott and Stewart Weir.


Armed Forces Day Radio Broadcasts 2021 – Hour 6

Sat 3rd Jul '21, 3:00pm

Reflections on coming home and the future of the armed forces and oral history conversations with James Keating and Naheed Tariq.


Welly’s Nerdy News #48

Fri 2nd Jul '21, 7:30pm

June/July might be a slow month for game releases but there is still plenty of nerdy news to talk about.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #41 Carol Boston

Fri 2nd Jul '21, 10:00am

Carol Boston is known as the Queen of Reframe, who helps you reframe any challenge so you can double or triple your income in record time.


Untitled Film Show Special

Fri 2nd Jul '21, 6:00pm

For this special Untitled Film Show, James and Jake return to talk about their favourite released this year so far.


Love The Words #149

Tue 29th Jun '21, 5:30pm

Verity Britton and Rosie Parsons from Better Songs present Part I of Sonic Stops, their recent commission from Music Leeds for Abbey House Museum.


Amazing Yorkshire #33

Tue 29th Jun '21, 9:00pm

This time: Something completely different! Our trip to Scotland! Edinburgh and around!


2 BoB Jukebox #18

Sun 27th Jun '21, 2:00pm

Join Trev, Lindsey and Daz for more topical goings on and some cracking music on the 2 BoB Jukebox


Connections #37

Sun 27th Jun '21, 10:00am

Paul left us with the song ‘Automatic Man’ by the band and album of the same name. Who can Paul link from this tune to the opening song of Connections 37?


Care to Air #7

Sun 27th Jun '21, 11:00am

It's Summer Time, and everyone has a story to tell. Holidays and fun times past and present. How are we learning to have ‘Better Conversations’?


Sunday Stress Buster #44

Sun 27th Jun '21, 12:00pm

Bryony works with individuals and groups to open up awareness so that space is created for wiser choice


Chapel FM Live from the Market again!

Sat 26th Jun '21, 10:00am

Chapel FM make its returns to the Kirgate market after a long year of not getting a chance to do a broadcast from the market, come down and join us or listen in live


Blind Dead McJones & Friends

Fri 25th Jun '21, 7:30pm

Chapel FM's first live gig back starring the fantastic Blind Dead McJones band & friends.


Love The Words #148

Tue 22nd Jun '21, 5:30pm

Andrew McMillan, winner of Guardian First Book Award, talks about Pandemonium, his visceral new collection with Cape - & reminisces about Chapel FM.


Hot Flavours #61

Tue 22nd Jun '21, 7:45pm

Come, loosen up them bones and Jump N’ Jive!


LOUDSPEAKER Live: Father’s Day Edition

Sat 19th Jun '21, 8:00pm

Loudspeaker's live Father's Day event featuring: DJ Agent M, In10sive, JJ Bantz (Emcee), Keeks, Oliver Rees, Peter Spafford, Mike Southwell and hosts D3 + Sarah Autumn.


Love The Words #147

Tue 15th Jun '21, 5:30pm

A piratical love-story from Melissa Wuidart Phillips, the final Pandemical from Jimmy Andrex, & an archive Wordybirds.


Business Network #43

Tue 15th Jun '21, 7:30pm

Erak is a Weight Loss Specialist and founder of the Coach Me Slim and Trim programme®.


ELFM Women Make Sound #2

Sat 12th Jun '21, 3:00pm

A monthly show celebrating women and marginalised genders who make sound! To get involved contact



Sat 12th Jun '21, 4:00pm

GREAAT talk all things production in music - from being a ‘producer’ to being an artist in the studio, producing grassroots events and working at large-scale events.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #40 Olga Geidane

Fri 11th Jun '21, 10:00am

Linda has her first returning guest. Olga works with people (and the leaders within organisations) who are ready to go through a significant growth to reclaim authenticity


Love The Words #146

Tue 8th Jun '21, 5:30pm

Rob Cowen talks to Peter Spafford about his extraordinary new book The Heeding, out later this month.


Deli #97

Tue 8th Jun '21, 7:45pm

Words, music, banter on the theme of Home from the Deli Team.


Alternative Sundays #12

Sun 6th Jun '21, 12:00am

Alternative Sundays is back! Join Jamie Carnie for an hour of the best new (broadly alternative) local music


Welly’s Nerdy News #47

Fri 4th Jun '21, 7:30pm

Mankind knew they couldn't change society, so instead of reflecting on themselves they blamed Welly's Nerdy News. Join welly and pollock for another explosive show.


Sound it Out – June Youth Radio Half-Term Special

Thu 3rd Jun '21, 2:30pm

Listen to stories, interviews, original music, poetry, sound art and more created by the 18 young people who spent the week at the newly renovated Chapel FM Arts Centre.


Urban Selection: Chillstep #2

Thu 3rd Jun '21, 5:30pm