Connections #19

Fri 27th Dec '19, 5:00pm

November’s Connections finished with ‘I Feel For You’ by Chaka Khan. From the team who made it who can we follow to the opening song of Connections 19?


A Very Festive Open Mic Night – Dec ’19

Fri 27th Dec '19, 7:30pm

Once all that Christmas and Boxing Day Turkey has settled, come down to Chapel FM on Friday the 27th for a Very Festive Open Mic Night.


From The Bandroom #24

Tue 24th Dec '19, 10:00pm

A special Christmas Concert given by Drighlington Brass Band under their conductor Neil Robinson.

Media available soon!


Backbeat #12

Fri 20th Dec '19, 6:00pm

Join Daz and guests as they celebrate a Backbeat Christmas with chat and some festive tunes


Love the Words #92

Tue 17th Dec '19, 7:30pm

Roxana Crisologo Correa, Vickie Orton, Jimmy Andrex.


2 Bob Election Jukebox #10

Sun 15th Dec '19, 2:00pm

Join Trev Daz and Lindsey as they get to grips with the election result and chat with guests about the outcome and political future.


Warm Up Sessions #11

Sat 14th Dec '19, 8:30pm

For this broadcast, Dj Kevin O Donnell will be in the mix live from studio two , he ll be featuring the best house and techno tracks from his WUS show library from 2019.


Business Network #27

Fri 13th Dec '19, 6:00pm

Linda Sage will be talking to Neil Ball a seasoned, successful entrepreneur and coach, who has now developed his business acumen into an amazing daily free podcast


Deli #80

Tue 10th Dec '19, 7:30pm

Theme of Escape.


Love the Words More #72

Tue 10th Dec '19, 8:45pm

With Steve Clarkson from Found Fiction 


Territorial Gobbing

Sun 8th Dec '19, 3:45am

Territorial Gobbing is a vital presence in the new vanguard of tongue-tied wonk.


Nick Davis

Sun 8th Dec '19, 6:00am

I’m the founder of Music From The Attic (where Darren Northfield also plays) and appeared on his radio show a year ago.



Sun 8th Dec '19, 5:15am

osc~ is a loose collective of experimental musicians based in the North of England who get together to improvise long-form performances.


Ron Chin & Stuart Cameron

Sun 8th Dec '19, 8:00am

We are not a formal band, just a couple of guys who like music and having a jam session now and again.


Paul McKendrick

Sun 8th Dec '19, 6:30am

Paul is a singer with The Guiseley Brothers. Today he’ll be playing acoustic cover versions of Classic songs


Tommy Monaghan

Sun 8th Dec '19, 1:00pm

Hailing from Leeds, Tommy Monaghan is an 19 year old artist, whose soft and hauntingly powerful voice mixed with gritty guitar riffs and distorted tones fill the room.


Lightning Hector

Sun 8th Dec '19, 7:00am

Leeds-based singer songwriter, Lightning Hector provides a Dylan-esque array of songs.  A gentleman that tells a story with every song with a unique finger-style playing



Sun 8th Dec '19, 9:00am

Kaninchen is Jess Baker from Huddersfield, singing songs about animals, anxiety and climate change, using loop pedal and voice.


Chris Taylor

Sun 8th Dec '19, 8:30am

Christopher Taylor is a Harrogate based singer/songwriter whose lyrical, folk influenced songs flow freely between pop, rock and jazz with a fresh, accessible approach


Kids in the Cupboard

Sun 8th Dec '19, 12:00pm

We are kids in the cupboard and we are a cover band who have been going since 2016. We mainly do rock and pop songs but also like to play songs for all demographics.


Racoon Dog Soup

Sun 8th Dec '19, 12:00am

Racoon Dog Soup are a contemporary Jazz quartet bringing futuristic sounds and energetic grooves to the forefront.


Sid Simpson

Sun 8th Dec '19, 1:30pm

Sid is an acoustic artist based in Leeds that also plays in small bands around Leeds and surrounding areas, ranging from Grunge to Heavy Metal since 2016.


Peter Spafford and Sian Ashby

Sun 8th Dec '19, 9:30am

Peter Spafford (piano/vocal) and Sian Ashby (clarinet) have never played together before this week. Who knows what will happen, but it will be an adventure.


Seacroft Methodist Church

Sun 8th Dec '19, 11:00am

Sunday morning songs and service hosted by Helen White


Vocologee’s Christmas Cracker

Sun 8th Dec '19, 10:00am

Vocologee are a genre defying choir based in East Leeds who are happy to sing soul, gospel, funk, musical theatre, classical, hip hop and pop.


Ramona Ellis

Sun 8th Dec '19, 11:30am

Ramona is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Leeds, Consistently creating new material for Youtube & Soundcloud.


Fishing for Compliments

Sun 8th Dec '19, 12:30pm

Fishing For Compliments are a 5 piece band (3 piece band this time) with a unique indie/folk sound and original; melodic, upbeat, catchy songs that come straight from the heart.


Fibonacci Drone Organ

Sun 8th Dec '19, 1:30am

Fibonacci Drone Organ creates durational pieces using chance-method additive and subtractive synthesis, with notes added and taken away at times fixed by the Fibonacci Series



Sun 8th Dec '19, 2:30pm

Brigadistas Music Collective take traditional songs of rebellion, protest and solidarity from throughout the world and history.


Johnny Hall

Sun 8th Dec '19, 7:30am

A man and guitar live in harmony in the acoustic cave