Left of Leeds #30

Fri 20th Jul '18, 6:00pm

John returns with special guest Martin Archer of Discus Music


Paperworks #2

Fri 20th Jul '18, 1:00pm

The Paperworks trainees interview the organisation's CEO, Jo Forsey. Also featuring Joanne Tippet, founder of Ketso, a social enterprise and partner of Paperworks


The Music Institute #9

Tue 17th Jul '18, 9:30pm

This months show we’ll be joined by Alex Handley and Nige Rogers from Northern Powerhouse/Weapons of Desire records. Expect some top class Acid/House/Techno.


Love the Words #77

Tue 17th Jul '18, 7:30pm

Love The Words. Jimmy Andrex is out and about in Seacroft again, this month interviewing people’s pets with Mark Taylor and John Hepworth


Business Network #11

Fri 13th Jul '18, 6:00pm

Owning your own business is  hard work, long hours and stressful, but having the option to work from home/garden or the beach is one of the strongest motives and motivators


Dave’s Dozen #6

Fri 13th Jul '18, 5:00pm

The theme of this month's dozen is Philly soul funk


Paperworks #1

Fri 13th Jul '18, 1:00pm

Today we welcome participants from Paperworks, a Leeds and Harrogate-based organisation offering work opportunities to people with learning disabilities and visual impairments


The Deli #65

Tue 10th Jul '18, 7:30pm

The Deli, this month on the theme of Walk. The stroll to Aldi, the pilgrimage to Compostela; where do we walk and for what reasons?


Love the Words More #57

Tue 10th Jul '18, 8:45pm

Irene Lofthouse and Alyson Faye. Irene is the author of the best-selling indie-published children’s ‘Strange Tales’ collections


The Stephen Show: World Cup Anthems

Sun 8th Jul '18, 2:00pm

To celebrate the 2018 World Cup Stephen plays a selection of anthems from previous tournaments. Expect lots of footy fun facts and trivia throughout. COME ON ENGLAND!


Cake on the Radio #1

Sun 8th Jul '18, 3:00pm

Claire and Sally are joined by Professor Andrew Shepherd, a physicist at Leeds University with a passion for Raspberry Pavlova


Word Club #7

Sun 8th Jul '18, 10:00am

Tune in to our radio show on the second Sunday of every month on ELFM. Our seventh show will feature the man behind the esteemed poetry webzine Algebra Owls


Music From The Bands #11

Sun 8th Jul '18, 11:00am

Jasmine kicks off her first show of the summer with some of the best pop and music from the bands


James’ Psycho Show #13

Sun 8th Jul '18, 1:00pm

James bring you some of the best Punk and Psychobilly tunes around to brighten up the start of the Summer


Is It Folk? #21

Sun 8th Jul '18, 4:00pm

Owen Bring you a great selection of Folk music to brighten up your day and talks about his band NIDD playing this Wednesday.


Seacroft Summer Gala 2018 “On Tour”

Sat 7th Jul '18, 12:00pm

Chapel FM are down at Rein Park in Seacroft as part of the Gala come down and enjoy some great Live music 12-4pm.


Welly’s Nerdy News #21

Fri 6th Jul '18, 5:00pm

E3 is over, the beast defeated.... Devil Triggers where pulled. Welly and Michael do their best to break down all the E3 madness and much more.


Culture Shock Flashback

Fri 6th Jul '18, 4:00pm

Lanrey returns after some time off to bring us some more CULTURE SHOCK!!


Mojo 78 presents… (Part 1)

Thu 5th Jul '18, 7:30pm

Mojo 78 are Chapel FM's resident community big band. A fun, energetic group, they will be playing a range of numbers from across the jazz spectrum and also introducing Abtuse.


Mojo 78 presents… (Part 2)

Thu 5th Jul '18, 7:30pm

Mojo 78 are Chapel FM's resident community big band. A fun, energetic group, they will be playing a range of numbers from across the jazz spectrum and also introducing Abtuse.


Blind Dead McRadio Show #62

Tue 3rd Jul '18, 7:30pm

The Blind Dead boys get right into the summer spirit with a great selection of blues music and much more


Two Sevens DJs #51

Tue 3rd Jul '18, 8:30pm

Join Two Sevens for another 2 hour journey through Jamaican music history. The all vinyl show also features their Classic Album of the Month


Common Ground #8

Sun 1st Jul '18, 10:00am

Common Ground is back for June/July's Sunday Roasts. This month sees a wealth of music played from artists across the Commonwealth


Urban Selection: Aggrotech EBM #2

Sun 1st Jul '18, 5:00pm

DJ Khaos returns with the Aggrotech EBM kick down with Cybergoth part 2


Stressbuster #13

Sun 1st Jul '18, 12:00pm

Linda presents a review of the year of Stressbuster Sunday, great music and reviewing some of the amazing guests that have been in the studio to talk to her.


The Ukulele Show #13

Sun 1st Jul '18, 11:00am

Hot off the hells of another successful Vaguely Ukulele night and another Open Mic night the Cameron's pay tribute to the humble Ukulele.


Club Dance #9

Sun 1st Jul '18, 1:00pm

Adam brings us an amazing selection of Dance music and this time a bit of pop music too with a final track you won't want to miss.


That Sunday! #4

Sun 1st Jul '18, 4:00pm

This month's show features live chat and performance by singer-songwriter Sinead Campbell and a range of music from female musicians


Chapel FM down at the Old Fire Station

Sat 30th Jun '18, 12:00pm

Chapel FM have gone down to the Old Fire Station to spread the joy. Come down to get yourself on the radio, listen to some live music and see some vintage fire trucks.


Open Mic Night – June ’18

Fri 29th Jun '18, 7:30pm

With summer officially starting why not get out of the house and come down to our extremely popular Open Mic Night with lots of great performances from all leeds and beyond.