Common Ground #6

25th Mar '18, 10:00am

After being sun-kissed during a short vacation to Costa Rica, Common Ground’s Jake Wright brings ELFM listeners music to will on the season of spring


The Ukulele Show #10

25th Mar '18, 11:00am

Stuart and Tracey Cameron show us the power of the Ukulele and we return to Tracey's Ukulele lesson


Club Dance #6

25th Mar '18, 1:00pm

From the 90s with N-trance to the 21st century with Wiley, enjoy the best dance anthems brought to you by Adam Firth


Blind Dead McRadio Podcast #10

25th Mar '18, 2:00pm

The Blind Dead Boys reach the tenth episode of their podcast with special guest Kaninchen


That Sunday! #2

25th Mar '18, 2:00pm

Today's guest is country and blues singer-songwriter Emma Flowers, who performs under the stage name Unnatural Blonde


From The Bandroom #2

25th Mar '18, 7:00pm

We take a visit to the East Riding of Yorkshire to listen to Yorkshire Wolds Versatile Brass


Sunday Stressbuster #10

25th Mar '18, 12:00pm

Linda Sage is joined by leading local lady, Etta Cohen OBE, discussing the need and ability to be flexible in work and in life


Urban Selection: Progressive Tech House #3

25th Mar '18, 5:00pm

DJ Khaos continues the euphoric Progressive Tech House of futuristic style - part 3


Open Day: Mental Health Awareness

24th Mar '18, 2:00pm

Linda Sage presents a programme all about mental health, featuring Holistic Therapist Christine Butterfield and Chapel FM's Zoe Carty


NGB: The Review Show

24th Mar '18, 3:00pm

As part of our March Open Day the Next Generation Broadcasters discuss the highs and lows of this year's course


Give a Gig 2018

24th Mar '18, 4:00pm

Our Next Generation Foundation and Music groups perform as part of Youth Music's Give a Gig initiative


Sharkey III—Part 1

23rd Mar '18, 7:30pm

The first half of Chris Sharkey's collaboration with the Chapel FM Jazz Collective



23rd Mar '18, 8:15pm

The second half of the Chris Sharkey/Chapel FM Jazz Collective collaboration


Giggly Afternoon

21st Mar '18, 1:30pm

Our new Find Your Frequency cohort present their first practice show on the theme of 'feel good'


Love the Words #73

20th Mar '18, 7:30pm

Jimmy Andrex' Seminal Outburst; poet Josie Walsh; and the Seacroft Scroll


The Music Institute #4

20th Mar '18, 9:30pm

In this month's Music Institute with Radley and Wags expect to hear only the best sounds


From the Edge

18th Mar '18, 10:30am

Hosted by Horror writer Janine-Langley Wood, emerging writers read their individual takes on being trapped between two worlds

Media available soon!


Hidden Stains

18th Mar '18, 11:30am

Isabel’s missing school again this month. But why? Provocative new radio drama by Charlotte Carrick and Hannah Westall


The Play What I Wrote

18th Mar '18, 12:15pm

Playwrights Charley Miles, Chris O’Connor and Charlotte Carrick discuss their varied experiences of theatre writing


Thin Line: Writers and Mental Health

18th Mar '18, 1:15pm

What links creativity and depression? Helen Shay in discussion with Char March and Laurence O’Reilly


Leeds Savage Club

18th Mar '18, 2:15pm

A peek into the workings of the oldest-established writing group in Leeds as they gnash over the Borderlands theme


War on Our Doorstep

18th Mar '18, 4:30pm

What do the housewife, theatre buff, and rookie soldier have in common? They all lived in Leeds in 1939. Text and music from Trio Literati


The Village Voice

18th Mar '18, 5:30pm

On 31st December 2017, strangers were spotted in an English village on the east coast. A live reading of the villagers’ conversation on social media, before the post was deleted



17th Mar '18, 11:15am

On one side, dreams are shattered; on the other, they are fulfilled. Mike Thompson’s tale of triumph over disappointment



17th Mar '18, 11:45am

Love is a beautiful thing but often dresses badly. Words and music from Wakefield’s finest: Jimmy Andrex and Jane Steele


Reading Out

17th Mar '18, 12:30pm

Does hearing your own poem read aloud by another poet yield insights? Five poets find out, with James Fernie


Between Water and Air

17th Mar '18, 1:30pm

Musical Arc present stories and music inspired by magical merdogs and shape-shifting kelpies


The Space Between

17th Mar '18, 2:45pm

Poets Sandra Burnett and Gill Lambert ponder the female perspective on physical and emotional borders


Live from The Leeds Library: Rob Cowen

17th Mar '18, 3:30pm

As part of the Wild Lines festival with Big Bookend, Rob Cowen talks about his landmark nature book, Common Ground



17th Mar '18, 4:45pm

The Leeds Library is one of the city’s best-hidden gems. Staff take us on a tour as they celebrate the 250th anniversary of its founding