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Queens of Dawson City

Yesterday, 5:00pm

Meet Slitherbi, Gloit, Mucky Carol, Agatha Hard-Boiled Gelding III, and Reverend Pike. Meanwhile a Naculator is up to no good.

Our vision: East Leeds—a community that has pride, vision and hope for the future.


Phenomena: The Forgotten Works

Yesterday, 2:00pm

Word, music and electronic sound in which time stretches, space becomes permeable, and lost voices speak again


Walking on Air

Yesterday, 1:15pm

Maggie Mash chats with Anglo-American poet Lydia Kennaway about her new pamphlet, A History of Walking.


Savages on Air

Yesterday, 3:00pm

The oldest-established writing group in Yorkshire read pieces exploring the theme of Voices.

I’ll have what she’s having.


Laura Potts

Yesterday, 4:30pm

Laura talks about the musical and literary influences which have shaped her work from childhood verse to adult voice.

An abundance of ingenuity… it’s near impossible to find fault with such ambitious and inventive design choices and use of space.


The Prose Poem

Yesterday, 12:15pm

Prose Poetry is surging in popularity. Oz Hardwick and Hannah Stone offer a celebration of the form, along with a discussion of its characteristics and potential.

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