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Chapel FM feels like a brilliantly creative community and everyone who I’ve been involved with is able to have their input into Leeds and the rest of the world.

Tremendous. It made me laugh and cry. It moved and inspired me.

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Keeping a Distance, Staying Close #5

Today, 10:00am

Welcome back to another show, this time we have our techie Elliott filling in for Linda, as he and Jamie bring you more information that you need to know in these trying times

Life is meaningless, but worth living, provided you recognize it’s meaningless.


Keeping a Distance, Staying Close #4

Mon 6th Apr '20, 10:00am

The Chapel FM crew are back for a second week of broadcasts, with more information and entertaiment to keep you up to date with the East Leeds area and put a smile on your face.


Over To You… #1

Fri 3rd Apr '20, 4:00pm

Join Linda Sage as she goes over your Requests and Dedications


Welly’s Nerdy News #39

Fri 3rd Apr '20, 6:00pm

Welly and Micheal might be stuck inside but thats no reason to not play video games

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