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I came for my ‘Find Your Frequency’ session today and it was an awesome one with Ryan, he showed me a few tricks for using a MAC and the audacity editing programme. He then went on to teach me about show production and running order sheets etc. It was exactly what I was hoping to learn.


That Sunday! #15

Sun 14th Jul '19, 4:00pm

PHIBI is a young Durham self taught music who has been experimenting with her sound by producing and writing her own music.


Stephen Show: UB40

Sun 14th Jul '19, 2:00pm

Join Stephen as he pays tribute to the Grammy Award winning band UB40

Our vision: East Leeds—where people welcome and share new ideas and work together to take on the challenges of the area and make things happen


Love the Words #89

Tue 16th Jul '19, 7:30pm

With Jimmy Andrex, Laura Potts and Divan: contemporary Iranian poetry.

Our vision: East Leeds—a community that has pride, vision and hope for the future.


The Music Institute #21

Tue 16th Jul '19, 9:30pm

Join Andyand Paul as they bring you another great selection of music and there coverage of the leeds electronic music festival

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