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There can only be one word for it: Magic Theatre

Media available soon!


Business Network #16

Yesterday, 6:00pm

Linda Sage has a unique Business Networking in this programme with guests from the Louise Popple and Liz Grogan from the NHS and Lee Rhodes a mortgage specialist.

Media available soon!


Kathryn Sturman and Friends at Christmas

Yesterday, 7:30pm

Kathryn Sturman presents a festive evening of classical music.


Dave’s Dozen #11

Yesterday, 4:00pm

Songs about things that bark and snarl and bite and flutter


Love the Words More #61

Tue 11th Dec '18, 8:45pm

Love The Words (More) by Midnight, words and music from poet Helen Burke and Phil Pattinson.

Much of what McNish has to say urgently needs saying; and if form follows function in her poems, well, that’s as it should be.


Octagon Overeyes: Camouflage # 3

Thu 13th Dec '18, 2:00pm

Monty, bringing you Drum & Bass all the way from the Milky Way


The Deli #69

Tue 11th Dec '18, 7:30pm

The Deli swelters in Heat. Poetry, fiction, music.

Tremendous. It made me laugh and cry. It moved and inspired me.

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