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Amazing Yorkshire #11

Tue 23rd Apr '19, 9:00pm

Yorkshire in nutshell and little bit more. This time: Ilkley Moor, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery (Hockney!), Cathedrals and churches in Yorkshire and what’s on in May!

For once the disabled toilet isn’t used as an additional storage areas so you can actually turn your chair round in there.


The Music Institute #18

Tue 16th Apr '19, 9:30pm

Radley and Wags return for another show of musical wit and wonder. Who knows what’s on the play list but its going to be good!


Open Mic Night April 19

Fri 19th Apr '19, 7:30pm

Our regular open mic night—for one month only not on the final Friday of the month!


From The Bandroom #16

Tue 23rd Apr '19, 10:00pm

In a slightly different “From The Bandroom” this month we feature two small brass groups and a little bit of magic.

Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.


Teen Music #4

Fri 19th Apr '19, 5:00pm

Toby brings you some big hits on your way home, along with some tracks he thinks you’ll love, while keeping you up to date with all the latest music and entertainment news.

I’ve been lucky in this life to have opportunities that accommodate my disability, and this programme was no different. This time though, I actually felt safe enough in myself to leave those worries at the door and participate as me. A HUGE thank you for making the weekend possible, for making it so accessible, the support – before and during and for the homestay.


Love the Words #86

Tue 16th Apr '19, 7:30pm

LTW, with The Glummer Twins and Northern Short Story.

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