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Urban Selection – #14

Yesterday, 5:00pm

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Tremendous. It made me laugh and cry. It moved and inspired me.


Science Matters -#2

29th Sep '15, 7:30pm

Ken Carslaw is Professor of Atmospheric Science at Leeds University, whose work has been adopted by the Met Office for its climate model. In this edition of Science Matters, The Ozone Layer and Climate Change, he will talk about the discovery of the hole in the ozone layer in 1985, what has happened since, and how this relates to global warming and the challenges that we face in keeping planet Earth human-friendly.

41% of all the participants who came to Chapel FM were under 19 years old

Much of what McNish has to say urgently needs saying; and if form follows function in her poems, well, that’s as it should be.


Science Matters -#1

30th Jun '15, 7:30pm

erry Buchan and Ann Clarke quiz Dr Chris Randall from the Microbial Research Centre at Leeds University: What are antibiotics? Why do they ‘resist’? What does this mean for our health and for future generations?