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There was a real buzz of creativity. A memorable and enriching few days.


Music from the Band’s #5

Yesterday, 3:00pm

Jasmine returns with more music from the bands.

The Chapel FM team allowed us the creative freedom to create the show we envisioned. As a writer, I felt in very good company.

Writing on Air has been a fantastic opportunity to learn more about creating and delivering a radio show—to see all the planning and creativity that goes into making it happen. I got to talk with poets I really admire and share my interests with a larger audience.


Sunday Stressbuster #7

Yesterday, 1:00pm

A very Christmas Stress Buster, Join Linda Sage as she tries to help you out with dealing with Christmas stress


Revolutionary Radio #2

Yesterday, 12:00pm

A Very Festive Revolution.


Wags presents the Music Institute

The music policy will be eclectic with a mix of rare older and fresh new music from genre’s such as Soul, Funk, Disco, Electro, Kruatrock, Hip Hop, House, Techno, Acid, Industrial, Rock, Pop, DnB, Dub and Trance.
I will be interviewing up and coming artists alongside legendary producers and DJ’s from the local scene.
Each show will also have a featured artist, I will play a selection of their backcatalouge and discuss their influence on the music scene.
I also intend to have regular studio guests spinning short selections of tracks or playing live.
The shows only limitation is time.