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The Village Voice

Yesterday, 5:30pm

On 31st December 2017, strangers were spotted in an English village on the east coast. A live reading of the villagers’ conversation on social media, before the post was deleted

An abundance of ingenuity… it’s near impossible to find fault with such ambitious and inventive design choices and use of space.


Leeds Savage Club

Yesterday, 2:15pm

A peek into the workings of the oldest-established writing group in Leeds as they gnash over the Borderlands theme


Thin Line: Writers and Mental Health

Yesterday, 1:15pm

What links creativity and depression? Helen Shay in discussion with Char March and Mark Connors

Last year we completed 8 days broadcasting on FM, 156 days on the internet and ran 3 separate broadcast festivals: the 24-hour Musicathon; Writing on Air; and No Bystanders.


The Play What I Wrote

Yesterday, 12:15pm

Playwrights Charley Miles, Chris O’Connor and Charlotte Carrick discuss their varied experiences of theatre writing


War on Our Doorstep

Yesterday, 4:30pm

What do the housewife, theatre buff, and rookie soldier have in common? They all lived in Leeds in 1939. Text and music from Trio Literati

Media available soon!


Hidden Stains

Yesterday, 11:30am

Isabel’s missing school again this month. But why? Provocative new radio drama by Charlotte Carrick and Hannah Westall

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