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Red Kite: Easter Holiday Special

Fri 16th Apr '21, 5:00pm

Come join the next gen crew as they chat with the new broadcast worker Henry Raby and talk all about what they have done during the next gen easter project


World Voice Day Special

Fri 16th Apr '21, 4:00pm

For World Voice Day 2021, Chapel FM celebrates the voice with an evening of programmes. How do you feel about your voice? Whose voices play inside our heads?


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #34 Si Hearn

Fri 16th Apr '21, 10:00am

Si Hearn is my guest this week a wonderful man who has been a doorman, teacher and policeman before changing to entrepreneurship


Deli #95

Tue 13th Apr '21, 7:45pm

The Deli, on song with the theme of Spring and poetry, music, chat to match.


2 Bobs Jukebox #17

Sun 11th Apr '21, 11:00am

Join Trev, Lindsey and Daz for more topical chat and great music in another barnstorming 2 Bob Jukebox.... jokes all around after April fools day


Red Kite: Young Playwrights from Cast and A Covid Chronicle

Fri 9th Apr '21, 5:00pm

We're joined by Ruby, Verity and Allegra, young playwrights from Cast in Doncaster and talk with audio producer Holly Early about her audio documentary "A Covid Chronicle."


Red Kite: Kill the Bill Protest in Leeds City Centre

Thu 8th Apr '21, 5:00pm

Sounds and stories from the gathering in Leeds in April 2021 responding to the new proposed Police Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill


Loudspeaker #3

Tue 6th Apr '21, 9:00pm

This episode we're talking about what we did and how we felt in lockdown. We're joined by Yorkshire poet Olivia Mulligan and Jacob Justice from Open Source Arts.


Left of Leeds #56

Tue 6th Apr '21, 7:30pm

April edition of Left of Leeds featuring interviews with percussionist Sarah Heneghan and Jazz Norths' Heather Spencer

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