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From The Bandroom #62: Kippax Band

Fri 31st May '24, 10:00pm

A visit to Kippax Band, one of the oldest bands in the world, and just round the corner from here.


From The Bandroom #61: York Railway Institute Golden Rail Band

Fri 26th Apr '24, 10:00pm

We meet the Golden Rail Band and help them to celebrate their 40th anniversary in a programme dedicated to bandsman, Terry Suthers, who died after the recording was made.


From The Bandroom #60: Swinton And District Excelsior Band

Fri 29th Mar '24, 10:00pm

This month we head to Malton to meet two bands from the Swinton And District Excelsior band organisation. Their senior band and training band, with some band playing thrown in.


From The Bandroom #59

Fri 1st Mar '24, 10:00pm

We visit Markham Main Colliery Band near Doncaster to help them to celebrate their centenary year.


From The Bandroom #58

Tue 23rd Jan '24, 10:00pm

For our first programme of 2024, we visit the Wetherby Silver Band.


From The Bandroom #57

Mon 25th Dec '23, 10:00am

A Christmas day concert with the Kippax Brass Band, recorded at their band club.

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