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Dave’s Dozen #21

Sun 10th Nov '19, 11:00am

In my teenage years I listened to various tunes from around late 60's early 70's, lets listen to some.


Dave’s Dozen #20

Sun 13th Oct '19, 11:00am

Join Dave for a white knuckle ride in slow motion, backwards and upside down without the aid of a safety net be careful out there!


Dave’s Dozen #19

Sun 8th Sep '19, 11:00am

The last show was about girls name, this is more simples, just the name 'girl'or 'girls'. Wake up Sunday morning grab a coffee feet up it's chillaxing time


Dave’s Dozen #18

Sun 11th Aug '19, 11:00am

Gotta get it in quick due to busy schedule, A great way to forget Sat night hangovers and ease yourselves into a new day with a coffee in your hand and a big smile on ya kisser


Dave’s Dozen #17

Sun 14th Jul '19, 11:00am

A bit of self indulgence---12 tracks that got my attention


Dave’s Dozen #16

Fri 10th May '19, 5:00pm

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