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2 Bob Jukebox #39: The Nonsense Continues

Wed 15th May '24, 5:00pm

Join Trev and Daz as they talk about everyday issues and are joined by a special guest, Clare Brooke


2 Bob Jukebox #38: You Should Hear What We Can’t Say

Wed 13th Mar '24, 5:00pm

Join Trev & Daz for your journey home for the latest topics of the day and some great music too!!


2 Bob Jukebox #37

Wed 14th Feb '24, 5:00pm

New year, New schedule - Join Trev and Daz for the return of the 2 Bobs Jukebox in 2024!


2 BoB Jukebox #36

Sun 10th Dec '23, 11:15am

Join Trev Clare and Daz for pre christmas festive time shenanigans!!


2 BoB Jukebox #35

Sun 12th Nov '23, 11:15am

2 BoB Jukebo are having technically issues but that will not stop them coming to you live from Chapel FM


2 BoB Jukebox #34

Sun 10th Sep '23, 11:15am

2 BoB Jukebox back in your ears after the summer holidays