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2 Bobs Jukebox #5

Yesterday, 2:00pm

Join trev, daz and lindsey talking nonsense, playing great music and telling us whats going on around the city


2 Bobs Jukebox #4

Sun 28th Apr '19, 5:00pm

Trev talks about the issues of the day with a tongue n cheek look, he is thrn joined by Daz and Lynsey to findout whats going on. wait for it......... here it comes.


2 Bobs Jukebox #3

Sun 31st Mar '19, 5:00pm

More topical chat and great tunes from the 2 bob jukebox


2 Bobs Jukebox #2

Sun 24th Feb '19, 5:00pm

Join two bobs for the regular rotation of music and news


2 Bobs Jukebox #1

Sun 27th Jan '19, 5:00pm

The 2 bob jukebox engages discussion and issues relevant to local artists and musicians and lets you know whats happening around the city, all while playing great music


2 Bobs Cup of Tea #1

Sun 16th Dec '18, 10:00am

Today we are talking to and about Claire Brook, Founder of Diary of a Fat girl and hearing about how Bipolar effects people