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That Sunday! #11

Sun 10th Mar '19, 4:00pm

In honour of International women’s month, this month’s show will be filled with female energy, topics and music.


That Sunday! #10

Sun 10th Feb '19, 4:00pm

In today’s show Crispi interviews Cole LC a Leeds based musician.


That Sunday! #9

Sun 13th Jan '19, 4:00pm

Cristiana will having Manchester Based Indonesian Grime artist NinjaTea, where he’ll speak about his journey and influences along side Freddy strings, jazz musician from Portugal.


That Sunday! #8

Sun 11th Nov '18, 4:00pm

This month I’ll be having ISSAC, he is the lead singer for the band NINE COLD WOLVES, they have an EP out and are constantly performing. He’ll be doing a solo acoustic set.


That Sunday! #7

Sun 28th Oct '18, 4:00pm

I’ll be having Gina Atkins who is the voice on cloth cat’s Ep. Cloth cat is charity that supports those who are suffering with mental issues though music and many other ways.


That Sunday! #6

Sun 23rd Sep '18, 4:00pm

This months show will highlight the local events that have been happening and will be happening in the next few weeks.

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