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Backbeat #8

Fri 21st Jun '19, 6:00pm

Join Daz on this months Backbeat as he talks with studio guest respected country musician T.J. Jackson about his life and work


Backbeat #7

Fri 17th May '19, 6:00pm

Join Daz as he sits down and interviews Miranda


Backbeat #6

Fri 15th Mar '19, 6:00pm

Join Trev and Day as they play a wide variety of songs and a special performance from Trev.


Backbeat #5

Fri 15th Feb '19, 6:00pm

Join Daz as he interviews Claire Brook, Founder of Diary of a Fat girl and with a special live performance from studio 2.


Backbeat #4

Fri 18th Jan '19, 6:00pm

backbeat this month brings you something a little different as we find out what songs which are the backbeat of the host


Backbeat #3

Fri 21st Dec '18, 6:00pm

Come join backbeat for a special Christmas Broadcast