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Love the Words #103

Yesterday, 5:30pm

After the government’s announcement of a £1.5billion for the arts, what do we want: recovery or revolution? Plus Emma Storr, Pam Line, Keith Fenton, The Writing Squad, and more.


Welly’s Nerdy News #40

Fri 3rd Jul '20, 5:00pm

Whatever E3 now is, has come and mostly gone but join Welly and Micheal as they cover all the latest nerdy news


Learning from Life with Linda Sage & Guests #9 – Darren LaCroix

Fri 3rd Jul '20, 12:00am

Darren LaCroix bombed in comedy clubs and even failed at making sandwiches in Subway before beginning his amazing journey to become the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking...


Leeds City Walking Tours #17: The City’s Future After the Pandemic – Part 3

Wed 1st Jul '20, 2:00pm

Resident geographer Rachael Unsworth looks ahead to how we might transform our city after coronavirus.


Wordybirds July 1, 2020 – Part 2

Wed 1st Jul '20, 12:30pm

An edition of Radio Free Kinsley, from Jimmy Andrex and Pascha Taylor. Thanks to Jimmy for all his many and varied contributions to Wordybirds.


Wordybirds July 1, 2020 – Part 1

Wed 1st Jul '20, 11:00am

A poem by young poet Maya Allen from Canterbury about heritage and identity, plus Big Onion, Small Fry, a poem by James Fernie. Thanks to James for contributing so much material!

Media available soon!


Keeping a Distance, Staying Close #65

Wed 1st Jul '20, 10:00am

Join the ELFM crew a brand new episode of Keeping a Distance, Staying Close, for the last ever Keeping a Distance, Staying Close Broadcast.


The Leeds Irish Music Programme #3

Tue 30th Jun '20, 6:30pm

Presented by Owen Spafford and Des Hurley of Irish Arts with special guests Mik Artistik's Ego Trip, Dave Sheridan from Garadice and Maeve Mcgovern!


Love the Words #102

Tue 30th Jun '20, 5:30pm

Interview with poet and dramatist Matt Black, plus new monologues introduced by Charlotte Carrick.

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