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Business Network #38

Tue 19th Jan '21, 7:30pm

Business Networking gets back to brass tacks - business basics with Linda Sage, sharing her pitfalls, the many rocks in the road and her solutions.


Love The Words #128

Tue 19th Jan '21, 5:30pm

Interview with artist Lydia Catterall, Part 2 of Jimmy Andrex on Translation, plus short fiction from Jac Gaile.


Radio Theatre: The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H.

Fri 15th Jan '21, 6:30pm

A new radio drama by Stitched-Up-Theatre about Mary Francis Heaton a 19th century Yorkshire-born piano mistress who was held in Wakefield’s Pauper Lunatic Asylum for 41 years.


Interview with Red Gray about The Unravelling Fantasia of Miss H.

Fri 15th Jan '21, 6:00pm

East Leeds FM talks with Red Gray performer and co-creator of the radio play and theatre production being broadcast this evening at 6:30pm.


Love The Words #127

Tue 12th Jan '21, 5:30pm

Jem Stuart on his new poetry collection, Jimmy Andrex: the perils of translation, Found Fiction with artist Rae Bedford. Image: Rae Bedford.


2 Bobs Jukebox #14

Sun 10th Jan '21, 11:00am

Join Trev Lindsay and Daz for music, chat and a look at the world in the first 2 bob jukebox of 2021


Left of Leeds #53

Tue 5th Jan '21, 7:30pm

Happy New Year! Left of Leeds featuring an interview with Jonathan Lodder of "Inside the Ghost House" records


Re-UNION #11

Sun 27th Dec '20, 6:30pm

The latest post-Christmas UNION news including details of the "Possible All Along" exhibition and a compilation of thoughts from this memorable year...


From The Bandroom #36

Tue 22nd Dec '20, 10:00pm

A flashback to a 2018 Christmas Concert given by Kippax Band at St Mary's Church in Garforth.

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