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The Music Institute #22

Yesterday, 9:30pm

Radley and Wags return to blow away the autumn blues with their usual mix of impeccable tune selection and banter.


Love the Words #90

Yesterday, 7:30pm

LTW with poets Bethany Gordon and Zoe Carty, plus Jimmy Andrex.


Business Network #24

Fri 13th Sep '19, 6:00pm

Linda Sage is joined by Martin Morrison, a multi-talented and multi-faceted guest. A business man, a broadcaster, a speaker, an author, a musician and a martial arts champ


Octagon Overeyes: Togetherness #4

Thu 12th Sep '19, 1:00pm

Monty takes a trip to Manchester for his birthday to buy some records himself and his girlfriend pick out tunes that have connections to their lives


Octagon Overeyes: Togetherness #3

Thu 12th Sep '19, 12:00pm

Monty here to preside over the steam of drum and bass vinyl on the machines


“Terror from the Skies” a conversation with Matthew Bellwood

Wed 11th Sep '19, 10:00am

How can local Leeds stories and lives be transformed into breathtaking, inventive theatre? Matthew Bellwood shares insights...


Love the Words More #70

Tue 10th Sep '19, 8:45pm

LTW(M) A special programme on Nizar Qabbani, renowned contemporary Arab poet.


Deli #78

Tue 10th Sep '19, 7:30pm

The Deli. Words, music, on Neighbourhood.


That Sunday! #17

Sun 8th Sep '19, 4:00pm

Entertainer and entrepreneur Aiden Hatfield speaks about his music journey and solo career and his work with mind charity.

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