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Sun 2nd Aug '20, 6:30pm

News, interviews, stories, poetry and music from UNION: The Northern School for Creativity and Activism


Yorkshire Day Concert from Leeds Town Hall

Sat 1st Aug '20, 12:00pm

Chapel FM is proud to work with Leeds Town Hall to present the first post-coronavirus lockdown performance featuring Leeds City Organist Darius Battiwalla


Learning from Life with Linda Sage & Guests #13 – #Ayd Instone

Fri 31st Jul '20, 12:00am

Ayd Instone is Head of Physics as well as Enrichment and Extra-curricular at Fyling Hall School in Robin Hood’s Bay on the North East coast of England


From The Bandroom #31

Tue 28th Jul '20, 10:00pm

For the third month in a row, with all bands on lockdown.


Amazing Yorkshire #24

Tue 28th Jul '20, 9:00pm

This time: Yorkshire Seaside! Also our first camping trip! Also listen to a list full of polish songs!


The Leeds Irish Music Programme #5

Tue 28th Jul '20, 6:30pm

A very special interview with legendary Clare fiddler Martin Hayes talking about the Clare tradition, what music means to him and the future of traditional Irish music.


Love the Words #106

Tue 28th Jul '20, 5:30pm

Love The Words. Playwright Emma Adams talks about her journey in writing, her experience of lockdown - and a musical.


Connections #26

Sun 26th Jul '20, 10:00am

June show finished with John Legend/Roots playing “Compared To What’. Who will Paul link to the opening song of Connections 26?


Learning from Life with Linda Sage & Guests #12 – Lou Lebentz

Fri 24th Jul '20, 12:00am

Lou is the founder of “Trauma Thrivers” a buzzing Facebook group with an online trauma offering arriving soon for people seeking to thrive through their trauma

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