Get involved in Chapel FM Arts Centre / East Leeds Community Radio’s big project exploring the places in Leeds & Yorkshire where people come together to create.

In 2024 we are gathering and sharing stories about:

  1. Creative Youth Spaces across Leeds where people make art and look after one another
  2. Commons & Green Places where people helping the wild come back
  3. Buses & Public Transport that link our communities and help resist the climate emergency

If you are interested in:

  • learning how to gather oral histories about creative places & people
  • making radio & podcasts
  • experimenting with how to turn stories into music, creative writing, theatre, visual arts & more
  • saving our stories for future generations…

…Attend our free Radio & Story-Gathering Workshop Saturday 24th February, 11am to 2pm. Register for the workshop here.

or send a note to:

And stay tuned for many more opportunities to get involved in the Chapel FM Home From Home Project 2024.



If you want to get a flavour of Chapel FM’s Home From Home project you can:





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