Access All Areas Summer Radio Broadcasts – 2019

A fabulous week of radio created in East Leeds drawing on our Summer Music and Broadcasting courses and dozens of ELFM radio hosts, producers and artists that ran from August 3-9.

Go backstage in your mind…..dare to tread where you’ve never been before….look up in to the skies or behind a pile of rubble….dare to tell it how it is.

Scroll down for the Complete Archive of the 37 programmes created during the summer of 2019 and broadcast on ELFM. Hear how members of our community broke down barriers, crossed divides and shared passions all using the power of radio!


Red Kite

Airs Thursdays evenings on weeks 2 & 4 of the month.

How do young people from East Leeds and beyond see the world in unexpected ways? A radio show and podcast made by the Chapel FM Next Generation youth groups.

Tune in to Chapel FM's youth radio show and podcast for conversations, music, audio documentaries, creative writing, visits to other youth programmes and more.

It's all about seeing the world from above, from the edges, from outside the status quo!

Our radio schedule works on a week 2 & week 4 basis. Week two begins on the second Tuesday of each month.