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East Leeds FM – Live from Unity Day

Sat 3rd Aug '19, 12:00pm

Listen in to ELFM with there Live Coverage of Unity Day


West Yorkshire Queer Stories

Sun 4th Aug '19, 12:00pm

Hear how this amazing project has enabled LGBTQ people from around West Yorkshire to tell their stories


Monique & Madge Do Pride

Sun 4th Aug '19, 1:00pm

Join Madge and Monique for their live coverage of the Leeds Pride Event.


Kate Hutchinson: Blurring the Lines

Sun 4th Aug '19, 3:00pm

Rock music has long been a voice for minority groups…. and this includes the transgender community


What does Pride mean to you?

Sun 4th Aug '19, 4:00pm

Commemorating Gay Pride. Mlindi Kulashe talks about some tackling issues, the LGBTQ+ community are still facing today


Get Lost in Leeds

Mon 5th Aug '19, 10:00am

There are places in the city, hidden just out of sight and off the noisy roads, where all sorts of mysteries and histories lie crouched amongst the wild paths


The Red Kite: An Urban Tail

Mon 5th Aug '19, 11:00am

The reintroduction of the Red Kite has been one of the UK’s greatest conservation success stories, Seacroft was one of the first urban areas in Yorkshire where they were spotted.


The Story of the Seacroft Scroll

Mon 5th Aug '19, 12:00pm

The Seacroft Scroll is a collection of stories and reflections from local people who’ve worked together for a year to delve into the area’s heritage and history.


Peter Mitchell: Strangely Familiar

Mon 5th Aug '19, 1:00pm

Peter Mitchell is a world famous photographer legendary for his photos of ‘ordinary’ Leeds,


Send a song home

Mon 5th Aug '19, 2:00pm

We live in a global world, with families and friends often living hundreds of miles apart in different cities, countries and even continents - hosted by Nobuhle Kweyama.


Access All Areas Summer Youth Radio Broadcast #1

Mon 5th Aug '19, 3:00pm

Meet our group of young Broadcasters taking part in this week’s Sumer Radio Project.


CJC @ the Old Fire Station

Mon 5th Aug '19, 4:00pm

Listen in for a special performance of the Chapel's very own Jazz Collective from the Old Fire Station.


Music Week Highlights: Chris Sharkey

Tue 6th Aug '19, 10:00am

Hear the highlights from last week’s Summer Music Project with the young people who took part and Leeds legend and experimental musician Chris Sharkey.


Leeds Music History: Behind the Scenes

Tue 6th Aug '19, 11:00am

Our very own Fuzzy Jones interviews Leeds Music fanatic Whiskas as he talks you through a potted history of this city’s music scene- it’s not all about the Kaiser Chiefs you know!


ATA Record Takeover

Tue 6th Aug '19, 12:00pm

Not many people know this but the ATA in ATA records stands for “All Things Analogue”.


Left of Leeds Special – The Story of Leeds Jazz

Tue 6th Aug '19, 1:00pm

Spring 1984, and a group of individuals meet at the Adelphi on Hunslet Road in Leeds....


Access All Areas Summer Youth Radio Broadcast #2

Tue 6th Aug '19, 3:00pm

Today our Summer Radio Project team have been learning all about Mixing and editing.



Tue 6th Aug '19, 4:00pm

Ever wished you could listen to a Juke Box Jury style show with some proper Leeds voices telling it how it is?


Associate Writers Showcase

Wed 7th Aug '19, 10:00am

From the minds of Jaimes Lewis Moran and Zoe Carty, current and former Associate Writers, this show presents works, thoughts, and topics of their....


Original Vibrations

Wed 7th Aug '19, 11:00am

For her first ever show for Chapel FM, Harriet Bolson brings a ray of sunshine to the Summer Broadcast with an hour of good vibes,


Woza Africa: Special Request Show

Wed 7th Aug '19, 12:00pm

Nobuhle and Xolani return with a special twist on their wonderful Woza Africa show.


Live at Seacroft Village Green with LS14 Trust

Wed 7th Aug '19, 1:00pm

Come join East Leeds FM for there coverage of the Family Fun Days. First Stop the Seacroft Village Green


Studs Terkel Archive

Wed 7th Aug '19, 3:00pm

Few people in the history of radio accessed more areas of the human spirit than the great Chicago free-spirit and oral historian Studs Terkel.


Hyde Park Unity Day: The Highlights

Wed 7th Aug '19, 4:00pm

Listen in to the highlights from unity day, with special interviews and so much more


Oh I do like to be Beside the Seacroft!

Thu 8th Aug '19, 10:00am

2 years ago the wonderful Space2 worked with young people across East Leeds to put on a musical to end all al musicals….


The Big Sing!

Thu 8th Aug '19, 11:00am

Come listen in to a very special live performance with Chapel FM's Open Voices, live at the Seacroft Hub


Dave’s Dedications

Thu 8th Aug '19, 12:00pm

ELFM broadcaster Dave Wrighton presents a special show jammed packed full of requests and dedications from people all across East Leeds. Listen out for your special song


Find Your Frequency: The Well Being Show

Thu 8th Aug '19, 1:00pm

Our most recent Find Your Frequency group spent six months learning and building on their radio skills which culminated in them making this programme


Radio Overload

Thu 8th Aug '19, 2:00pm

In the first of two programmes made our Next Generation Broadcasters, the Radio Overload show is made by Harry, Jordan, Izzy and Shauna


Access All Areas Summer Youth Radio Broadcast #3

Thu 8th Aug '19, 3:00pm

Today our Summer Radio Project team have been discovering all about radio drama and live performances on the airwaves.


Food Stories

Thu 8th Aug '19, 4:00pm

A group of our Have a Go Broadcasters got together, motivated by the power food can have to bring different communities together.


The Propaganda Programme – Bishop Young Academy Exchange Group

Fri 9th Aug '19, 10:00am

Chapel FM has been working with a group of students from Bishop Young Academy’s Exchange Group to explore the concept of propaganda in the media and arts,


Welly Nerdy Next Gens

Fri 9th Aug '19, 11:00am

Welly sits in the studio with one fo the Next Gen's to talk all about games.


Radio Rant

Fri 9th Aug '19, 12:00pm

In the second of our programmes made by our very Next generation Broadcasters, Jake and Harrison present their show, Radio Rant.


ELFM: Live from Crossgates Primary

Fri 9th Aug '19, 1:00pm

Join East Leeds FM for there coverage of the Family Fun Days. Next stop Crossgates Primary.


Peter S & Zoe – Access all areas in the written/spoken word

Fri 9th Aug '19, 2:00pm

Getting involved in the arts world here in and around Leeds as simple as it seems? Join Peter and Zoe as they discuss how many different things are at play and what they think.


Youth & Relationships

Fri 9th Aug '19, 3:00pm

A show focusing on youth voice, relationships and music that takes you on a journey of emotions and truth with young people.


Access All Areas Summer Youth Radio Broadcast #4

Fri 9th Aug '19, 4:00pm

Join us for this special show bringing together past two weeks of amazing projects, experiences, events, broadcasts and performances