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Red Kite 27th May 2022

Yesterday, 5:30pm

For young people by young people! We chat with Lindsay from Leeds Comic Con, plus poetry, audio pieces, a radio play, discussion on LGBTQ rights and top tunes!


Red Kite: 13th May 2022

Fri 13th May '22, 5:30pm

Travel stories, Poetry Corner, Films vs Books, feminism and environmentalism. All by young people living in East Leeds


Red Kite 25th March 2022

Fri 25th Mar '22, 5:00pm

Young people seeing the world from a bird's eye view. We're joined by the Leader of the Breakthrough Party, plus we talk about children's rights and all the usual banging music


Red Kite 11th March 2022

Fri 11th Mar '22, 5:00pm

Young people look at the word from a bird's eye view. Featuring a report from our visit to CATCH and an interview with Leeds Grand Youth Theatre. Plus tunes, chat and opinions.


Red Kite February 11th 2022

Fri 11th Feb '22, 5:00pm

Join young people for a special broadcast looking at local and global climate action, featuring interviews, chat and discussions about homes from home


Red Kite 28th Jan 2022

Fri 28th Jan '22, 5:00pm

Our first Red Kite of the year: featuring a live performance from folk duo Wychbury and interview with the new adminisator: Emily Moxon


Red Kite Bonus Show: Talking to Sir Trevor Pears About Supporting Community Projects

Sat 27th Nov '21, 3:00pm

The "Red Kite" youth broadcasters interview one Sir Trevor Pears of the Pears Foundation about why and how they support great community projects across the country.


Red Kite: 26th November 2021

Fri 26th Nov '21, 5:00pm

Shout out to all musicians around the world! This show is a local and global look at music, plus regular features, poetry and chat.


Red Kite: 12th November 2021

Fri 12th Nov '21, 5:00pm

Our show by young people for young people! Our report back from COP26 in Glasgow, sharing beginnings, fresh starts and some new features


Red Kite: 22nd October 2021

Fri 22nd Oct '21, 5:00pm

Young broadcasters are joined by Alex Sobel MP discussing the climate crisis, and Mosa Mpetha from Hyde Park Picture House talks about the UK Green Film Festival.


SOUND IT OUT: Summer Youth Broadcast #3

Fri 13th Aug '21, 10:00am

Living sculptures! Percussion pieces! Insightful chat! A special show inspired by our trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


SOUND IT OUT: Summer Youth Broadcast #2

Fri 6th Aug '21, 2:30pm

Canal boats and creative writing, join us as we have a chat what they have been doing in week 2


SOUND IT OUT: Summer Youth Broadcast #1

Fri 30th Jul '21, 2:30pm

The first broadcast covering all the great stuff the young people have done over week 1 of the summer project, from sound recordings to making some live music and so much more!


Red Kite: July 16th

Fri 16th Jul '21, 5:00pm

Our Climate Project special! How do we save the planet?! Plus feedback from a workshop with Testament.


Red Kite: A Martian’s View of the River Aire

Sun 4th Jul '21, 8:00am

We explore the past, present and future of the River Aire in the centre of Leeds and ask "what would a visiting Martian think of it?"


Sound it Out – June Youth Radio Half-Term Special

Thu 3rd Jun '21, 2:30pm

Listen to stories, interviews, original music, poetry, sound art and more created by the 18 young people who spent the week at the newly renovated Chapel FM Arts Centre.


Red Kite: May 28th

Fri 28th May '21, 5:00pm



Red Kite: Posties and Poets

Fri 14th May '21, 5:00pm

Members of our Next Generation Music group chat about their Arts Award project, as well as talking to poet Elizaveta and postie Steve Ralph.


Red Kite: Spring Election Special

Fri 30th Apr '21, 5:00pm

Actor Tess Seddon talks about her new show about running for MP and Lauren Karstadt from Woodcraft Folk introduces the new "Rights for Children" project.


Red Kite: Easter Holiday Special

Fri 16th Apr '21, 5:00pm

Come join the next gen crew as they chat with the new Chapel FM Broadcast Worker Henry Raby and share stories about their spring half-term adventures.


Red Kite: Young Playwrights from Cast and A Covid Chronicle

Fri 9th Apr '21, 5:00pm

We're joined by Ruby, Verity and Allegra, young playwrights from Cast in Doncaster and talk with audio producer Holly Early about her audio documentary "A Covid Chronicle."


Red Kite: Kill the Bill Protest in Leeds City Centre

Thu 8th Apr '21, 5:00pm

Sounds and stories from the gathering in Leeds in April 2021 responding to the new proposed Police Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill


Red Kite Writing on Air Festival 2021 Special

Fri 26th Mar '21, 5:00pm

The Red Kite youth explore the theme of vision as part of the 2021 Writing on Air Festival and feature a chat with new Chapel FM Cafe Manager Vik Perrett about her vision.


Red Kite: Leeds Confronts the Climate Emergency

Fri 19th Mar '21, 5:00pm

We're joined by Paul Chatterton from the University of Leeds and Our Future Leeds to talk about the new Climate Emergency Community Action Programme.


Red Kite: Magic & Illusions, UK Census and International Women’s Day

Fri 5th Mar '21, 5:00pm

We interview magician and master of illusions Tom Cassani, talk about the upcoming UK census, preview our International Women's Day radio broadcasts and more.


Red Kite: Sounds of Our City, Talking to Buildings and Leeds Lit Fest

Fri 19th Feb '21, 5:00pm

We explore a museum exhibit about sounds of Leeds, preview the Leeds Literature Festival, do a surreal interview with the Chapel FM Arts Centre (yes, the building itself!) and more


Red Kite: Performances in Lockdown

Fri 5th Feb '21, 5:00pm

This week we're joined by dancer Mlindi Kulashe talking about missing the stage during lockdown, radio maker Verity Watts, a commentary on Capt. Sir Tom Moore and more.


Red Kite: Inauguration Special

Fri 22nd Jan '21, 5:00pm

We share reflections on the recent American Presidential Inauguration, talk about public art in East Leeds with Claire Irving and investigate some marvellous audio arts.


Red Kite: Christmas Special

Fri 18th Dec '20, 5:00pm

We end this year like no other with messages for the year 2070, stories about other people's moms, adventurous music, a visit to Grimsdyke School and more.


Red Kite: Musicathon 2020 Preview – Talking to Boy Dirt Car in the United States

Thu 10th Dec '20, 1:00pm

The young broadcasters from Red Kite are joined by musician Darren Brown of the U.S. band "Boy Dirt Car" from Minneapolis to talk about their appearance in Chapel FM's Musicathon.


Red Kite: Musicathon Preview and The Fellowship of Questions

Fri 4th Dec '20, 5:00pm

Join us for a preview of 24-hour Musicathon, a conversation about the "Fellowship of Questions," an interview with writer and performer Jimmy Andrex and more...


Hyde Park Unity Pantomime

Mon 30th Nov '20, 6:00pm

We talk with some of the creators of the Hyde Park Unity Pantomime, Ruth Lodge, Freya Linden, Felipe and Lenka about the 21st annual production, the Hyper Hyde Park Space.


Red Kite: What’s Your Quirk?

Fri 20th Nov '20, 5:00pm

Young people of East Leeds talk about "finding your quirk," share writings on the theme of water, talk with creator of the Youtube channel "Yorkshire's Hidden History," and more...


Remembrance Day 2020: A Conversation with Neil Obbard

Sun 8th Nov '20, 1:00pm

East Leeds FM talks with Neil Obbard of Missional Youth Church about his projects in Seacroft, his experiences in the military and the importance of Remembrance Day.


Red Kite: Halloween and Bonfire Night Special

Fri 30th Oct '20, 3:00pm

Join us for a special Halloween + Bonfire Night 2020 episode of Red Kite created by the young musicians, writers and broadcasters during the October half-term.


Red Kite: Talking about Democracy, Voting and the Upcoming American Election

Tue 27th Oct '20, 12:00pm

One week before a historic election across the sea, in the United States, ELFM talks with Americans abroad Judith Sullivan and Fred Sprague about what might happen...


Red Kite Bonus Episode: Love Arts Happenings

Sun 18th Oct '20, 2:00pm

We talk with Love Arts director Tom Bailey and artist Sandy Holden about the feast of arts & wellbeing events happening this month in Leeds.


Red Kite Bonus Episode: Talking about the U.S. Election

Mon 12th Oct '20, 7:00pm

Sharon Manitta from Democrats Abroad UK talks with young East Leeds FM broadcasters Kane Gapik and Sam Armitage.


Red Kite Bonus Episode: How Can Cities Change After Covid? – Leeds and Chicago

Fri 9th Oct '20, 4:00pm

Chicago architecture writer Lee Bey talks with ELFM resident urban geographer Rachael Unsworth and Chapel FM's Tony Macaluso about what connects Leeds & Chicago.


Red Kite Bonus Episode: “Sounds of Lockdown” Project from Space2

Fri 2nd Oct '20, 4:00pm

The Red Kite is joined by Michelle Scally Clarke, Carine Bosse and Kevin Hickson talking about their project to gather sounds, stories, embroidery and other lockdown creations.


Red Kite Bonus Episode: Leeds Town Hall – Live Concerts Return

Sun 13th Sep '20, 1:00pm

We speak with Leeds City Organist about the return of live music with an audience in Leeds Town Hall and the upcoming post-covid lockdown performance on September 14.


Red Kite Bonus Episode: Talking to Pigeons

Fri 4th Sep '20, 4:00pm

Enchanting encounters with pigeons around Leeds Kirkgate Market and beyond plus a conversation about making art during lockdown with the White Horse Project in Lancashire.


Red Kite Bonus Episode: Leeds West Indian Carnival 2020

Fri 28th Aug '20, 6:00pm

A preview of the 53rd annual Leeds West Indian Carnival, happening (online!) Sunday, August 30 and Monday, August 31.


Red Kite Bonus Episode – Youth Radio Theatre from Leeds Playhouse New Views

Fri 21st Aug '20, 7:45pm

Red Kite from Chapel FM Arts Centre is pleased to present a pair of radio dramas created in partnership with Leeds Playhouse's New Views youth playwriting project.


Red Kite Episode 3 Chapter 4: Young Broadcasters

Fri 21st Aug '20, 7:00pm

Stories of talking to pigeons in Kirkgate Market, travelling to Africa with a Healthy Holidays group in Holbeck and a special time travel feature to the year 2070.


Red Kite Episode 3 Chapter 3: Next Gen Musicians

Fri 21st Aug '20, 6:00pm

Explorations of music from the edges, an open mic, the otherworldly Sun Ra and more.


Red Kite Episode 3 Chapter 2: New youth broadcasters

Fri 21st Aug '20, 5:00pm

Conversations about going back to school, Deer Shed Music Festival, rap music and more.


Red Kite Episode 3 Chapter 1: Young Writers

Fri 21st Aug '20, 4:00pm

Exploring the edges of our city and the world with the young writers from Chapel FM Arts Centre.


Red Kite Episode 2 Chapter 4: Next Gen Broadcasters

Fri 14th Aug '20, 6:15pm

We talk with Claude Hendrickson from Leeds West Indian Centre, broadcasters Phil Driscoll and Paul McKendrick and present the 2nd Leeds Playhouse New Views youth radio drama.


Red Kite Episode 2 Chapter 3: Young Musicians

Fri 14th Aug '20, 5:45pm

Our young musicians explore the questions of "what is music?" and "where is the edge between music and sounds?" Black Lives Matter, Pauline Oliveros, hearing weird noises and more.


Red Kite Episode 2 Chapter 2: Next Generation Broadcasters

Fri 14th Aug '20, 4:45pm

Stories from our walk in the wild along the Wykebeck and conversations about Black Lives Matter and other youth happenings in Leeds in the summer of 2020.


Red Kite Episode 2 Chapter 1: Young Writers

Fri 14th Aug '20, 4:00pm

The Chapel FM young writers explore what's happening at the edges... of our city, of perception, of society and more.


Red Kite Episode 1 Chapter 4: Leeds Playhouse Youth Radio Theatre

Fri 7th Aug '20, 7:00pm

We finish episode 1 of Red Kite with the first of several new radio dramas written by young playwright Molly Hargreave and more interviews by Chapel FM young broadcasters.


Red Kite Episode 1 Chapter 3: Next Gen Young Musicians

Fri 7th Aug '20, 6:00pm

Stories of exploring music and finding new sources of inspiration during this year of Coronavirus Lockdown from Chapel FM's young music group.


Red Kite Episode 1 Chapter 2: Next Gen Youth Broadcasters

Fri 7th Aug '20, 5:00pm

Interviews with our "correspondent abroad" Jordan in Greece, Francesca Wood from Healthy Holidays and our youth broadcasters talk about their passion for music, festivals and more.


Red Kite Episode 1 Chapter 1: Young Writers

Fri 7th Aug '20, 4:00pm

Young writers from Leeds explore what it means to be on the edges of things. Plus a ramble in the urban wild of the Wyke Beck.