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Loudspeaker #4

Tue 4th May '21, 9:00pm

Sarah and D3 interview local poet Tom Priestley and discuss the "Kill the Bill" protest movement.


Left of Leeds #57

Tue 4th May '21, 7:30pm

May 2021 edition of “Left of Leeds” from ChapelFM on Tuesday 4th May featuring further local jazz, improv, noise and ambient music


Red Kite: Spring Election Special

Fri 30th Apr '21, 5:00pm

Actor Tess Seddon talks about her new show about running for MP and Lauren Karstadt from Woodcraft Folk introduces the new "Rights for Children" project.

Age is irrelevant here. You could quite easily find high school students and pensioners collaborating on a show!


Love The Words #141

Tue 4th May '21, 5:30pm

Elspeth Morrison, Voice Coach, on her work on accent and identity with actors, newsreaders and podcasters, plus Wordybirds with Steph Shields.

43% of all the participants who came to Chapel FM Arts Centre were under 19 years old.

The audio waveform depicted in the stained glass at the front of Chapel FM is of someone saying the first ever ELFM jingle—From the people to the people

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