The time is almost among us again.

Chapel FM is once again doing its yearly 24h musicathon on the

12th and 13th of December 3pm till 3pm the next day

with 24 hours of live music all local and all live kinda…..

As you can imagine with 2020 being year of change for everyone that includes us and how we do the musicathon this year.

What that means is we can’t unfortunately do the musicathon from our love arts centre and that would have been nice too with the expanded building we now have that we can’t wait to show you all in 2021.

So this year we have our lovely musicians performing from there living rooms, bedrooms, attics, basements and bathrooms?

Don’t worry this doesn’t really effect anything for you lovely people listening at home you still will be able to listen live on our website.

Chapel FM Musicathon 2020 Schedule: 


Just click the on air button at the top of the page when we go live on Saturday the 12th of Dec

or on Youtube 

In the meantime if you wish to listen to any of our prior musicathon performers from 2017-2019 you can do by clicking on the link Listen to Prior Musicathons

Finally thank you to all the lovely performers, techies, staff and you at home listening that make this all possible and such a fun project for me personally to be involved in.

-Elliott Moon (Centre,Tech and Live Events Coordinator)



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