All the programmes coming up in this year's 24 hour musicathon (and you can still watch last year's)

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South Asian Arts—SCORE IT!

Sat 8th Dec '18, 4:00pm Remind me

South Asian Arts mix Western film scores with traditional Indian classical instruments


Brass Toffs

Sat 8th Dec '18, 3:00pm Remind me

Starting off our 24 hour musicathon with a bit of posh...Brass Toffs


Don’t Feed The Peacocks

Sun 10th Dec '17, 2:30pm

This hugely skilled and energetic (but still distressingly young) six piece folk collective are quickly carving out a notable reputation on the live circuit


Paul McKendrick

Sun 10th Dec '17, 2:00pm

Paul came along to our most recent Open Mic Night and rashly agreed to join the Musicathon


Unnatural Blonde

Sun 10th Dec '17, 1:30pm

Acoustic singer-songwriter penning Country/Blues originals as well as songs that reflect a desire for a better, fairer society


Ground Quintet

Sun 10th Dec '17, 1:00pm

Also members of Chapel FM Jazz Collective, Ground Quintet are a band within a band


Alex Rushfirth

Sun 10th Dec '17, 12:30pm

Young artist living in East Leeds who will be playing a stripped down set of words and music


Hidden Giants

Sun 10th Dec '17, 12:00pm

Specialising in alt rock-pop music. The songs blend experiences and stories of the individual that simultaneously resonate more broadly


Heather Woodhead

Sun 10th Dec '17, 11:30am

Pure and hypnotic singer and guitarist, Heather joins us in the acoustic cave, bringing us hauntingly impressive traditional folk songs

Media available soon!


Seacroft Methodist Church

Sun 10th Dec '17, 11:00am

Our neighbours bring us a harmonious uplift as we approach the final hours of the Musicathon


The NeW CandymeN

Sun 10th Dec '17, 10:30am

Call it fate, kismet, serendipity or whatever but John and Andy were thrown together by unknown forces during summer 2016 and are now regular Open Mic performers


Rev Chunky & Friends

Sun 10th Dec '17, 10:00am

Cleve "Rev Chunky" Freckleton is a wholehearted soul brother on a mission to get the world to sing and wants his friends to come along too!


Ron Chin/Stuart Cameron

Sun 10th Dec '17, 9:30am

Open Mic Night compere, Stuart Cameron shares the stage with one of his great friends, the lovely Ron Chin


Bernie Haynes

Sun 10th Dec '17, 9:00am

Bernie sings with many local musical, opera groups and soul choirs. As a Bass this time he is singing solo and gets a chance to sing some modern classics.


David Thompson

Sun 10th Dec '17, 8:30am

Bringing deep thinking and down tempo to the acoustic cave


Birds and Beasts

Sun 10th Dec '17, 8:00am

The relentless march of nature, the vicious circle of life, the raw, wild call to summon forth from your loins the next generation. These are the things that inspire Birds and Beasts


Gee Sunray

Sun 10th Dec '17, 7:15am

Having played one of the very first Musicathons, Gee Sunray is back in the house


Steve Bolton

Sun 10th Dec '17, 6:45am

Steve Bolton was with us for the first ever Musicathon. His current set "Neil Young vs Lightning Hector" consists of Neil Young covers and his own originals


Lounge Panda

Sun 10th Dec '17, 6:00am

Too weird for jazz, but not weird enough for weirdos, Lounge Panda frequently play to audiences in excess of ten people


Orange Gun

Sun 10th Dec '17, 5:15am

More Left of Leeds electronica for your early-morning enjoyment! Psychedelic ambient awakening for your mind


The Bleeding Obvious

Sun 10th Dec '17, 4:30am

The Bleeding Obvious is the musical project of Yorkshire lass Jessica Rowbottom. She is currently tackling the thorny subject of coming out as LGBT+ and self-identification


Orlando Ferguson

Sun 10th Dec '17, 3:45am

Taking the name of a nineteenth century zealot, Orlando Ferguson exist to channel the spirits latent in every environment. Unseasonable weather has been known to occur in response. Hands Held High


Aleks Podrassa

Sun 10th Dec '17, 3:00am

Improvised electronic music inspired by the likes of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis


Luke Spillane

Sun 10th Dec '17, 2:15am

An electronic dance-rock artist making original live vocal synthesizer based rock and roll


Mike Drones

Sun 10th Dec '17, 1:30am

Fabulous electronic weirdness from Mike Jones: a no-drums mix with vocals from Loëpa


The Bum’s Rush

Sun 10th Dec '17, 12:00am

This hearty troupe of folk peddlers get you up on your feet, singing and clapping along with a brace of original and traditional songs, all with a twist of good-humour and undeniable passion


Ramona Ellis/Jymi Tarrant

Sat 9th Dec '17, 11:30pm

Ramona's soft vocals and passionate lyrics plus Jymi's amazing bluesy guitar leads us into the early hours of Sunday for Musicathon 2017



Sat 9th Dec '17, 11:00pm

Hombre's sound is Robert Rodriguez Rock... Desperado meets Machete in Sin City. Cool and stylish!


Johnny Hall

Sat 9th Dec '17, 10:30pm

A man and guitar live in harmony in the acoustic cave


Fie! Fie! Fie!

Sat 9th Dec '17, 10:00pm

Combining huge guitars, soulful vocal harmonies, relentless drums and bass Fie! Fie! Fie! deliver sincerity and wit in equal measures leaving you screaming for more


Alice Nicholls

Sat 9th Dec '17, 9:30pm

Downtuned guitars. Untuned pianos. Unapologetically real lyrics. Everything under the acoustic umbrella, which can often be found propped up by the bar at a folk festival trying to keep the rain out



Sat 9th Dec '17, 9:00pm

Open-minded and inspiring, UNCOMELY are a music project that aims to encourage collaboration of creative communities around their music wherever it lands


Trapfield Tribe

Sat 9th Dec '17, 8:30pm

"Funky! Explosive! Dynamic! Are just the words to describe this new group going by the name of Trapfield Tribe. Yeah seriously!” – BBC 1Xtra



Sat 9th Dec '17, 8:00pm

Up and coming three-piece grunge band from Leeds with metal influences, inspired by Code Orange and Nirvana


Jaimes Lewis Moran

Sat 9th Dec '17, 7:30pm

A selection of Romance and Blues ballads giving ‘R&B’ a whole new meaning


Par Scintilla

Sat 9th Dec '17, 7:00pm

A vibrant, energetic and psychedelic band bringing a fresh combination of dreamy, chilled sounds and heavy grooves to encompass all moods


Hannah Swalwell

Sat 9th Dec '17, 6:30pm

The self-proclaimed cat and tea enthusiast shares her love of music and the ukulele


Tidy Wives

Sat 9th Dec '17, 6:00pm

Melodic art-pop-rock with an edge, Tidy Wives create strange sounds. Expect punky messy electric guitar, rumbling basslines and electronic beats


Ella Playford

Sat 9th Dec '17, 5:30pm

Following her recent Breeze Has Talent victory, singer-songwriter Ella Playford performs live in the Acoustic Cave


Mojo 78

Sat 9th Dec '17, 4:45pm

Familiar to all of us at Chapel FM, our community-based big-band playing jazz up in the radio theatre Note: sound kicks in after a couple of minutes and it's worth the wait!


Danny Kelly #2

Sat 9th Dec '17, 4:30pm

The second set from Danny live in the Acoustic Cave


In Harmony

Sat 9th Dec '17, 4:15pm

In Harmony deliver high quality music in order to encourage young people from all backgrounds to engage with the arts, raise aspirations, and increase expectations


Danny Kelly #1

Sat 9th Dec '17, 4:00pm

Our Associate Bands member and young singer-songwriter is live in the Acoustic Cave


Open Voices

Sat 9th Dec '17, 3:30pm

Chapel FM’s Open Voices singing group are live in the radio theatre with a range of festive favourites and more



Sat 9th Dec '17, 3:00pm

Stramash play a mix of traditional English, Irish and Canadian music, plus original tunes with a folk inflection. Stramash is a Gaelic word meaning ‘disturbance’

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