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Teenage Daydream #112: NOWT!

Tue 16th Jul '24, 5:00pm

On this week’s edition of Teenage Daydream - the return of Torment Toby. Much chaos expected.


Love The Words 265: Bus Stories

Tue 16th Jul '24, 4:00pm

A 3-item LTW: Orb present their mini-bus-dramas, plus another chance to hear Melissa Wuidart Phillips' story 'Found', and an interview with the wise & extraordinary Philip Harvey.


Hot Flavours #91

Fri 12th Jul '24, 10:00pm

A lively and diverse spread to tantalise the palate - come feast on Brubeck, Benny Benak III & Christian McBride and more!


Urban Selection: Gabba #7

Fri 12th Jul '24, 8:00pm

Industrial quadrant is back with tuff snuff breakbeat bad trip mixing with DJ/Khaos and GABBA #7. The baddest mix set in the world. With these calm moments before the storm.


Election Reflections – Part 2: After the UK General Election

Fri 12th Jul '24, 5:00pm

The second in our series of global conversation about Democracy in the UK and USA with our friends at Forward Radio in Louisville Kentucky.


Left of Leeds #90: Colin Robinson/Jumble Hole Clough

Fri 12th Jul '24, 4:00pm

This month we are talking radio jingles, Oblique Strategies, Frank Zappa and dreams with Colin Robinson from Hebden Bridge.


The Stephen Tribute Show: Belinda Carlisle

Fri 12th Jul '24, 3:00pm

Tune in for some classics from Belinda Carlisle this month!


Red Kite: Point Of View Politics

Thu 11th Jul '24, 6:00pm

What do you young people want to change, how do they see current politics & what do local counsellors have to say. Join us for an episode on politics from our point of view.


Think Global Act Local #30

Wed 10th Jul '24, 8:00pm

A green festival in Gledhow Valley, a climate myth debunked, the launch of Seacroft Active Travel Hub and thoughts on the new government.

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