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Left of Leeds #53

Tue 5th Jan '21, 7:30pm

Happy New Year! Left of Leeds featuring an interview with Jonathan Lodder of "Inside the Ghost House" records


Left of Leeds #52

Tue 1st Dec '20, 7:30pm

Music recorded in tunnels and underground spaces and features interviews with Herve Perez and Maja Bugge on their experiences in recording subterrane music.


Left of Leeds #51

Tue 3rd Nov '20, 7:30pm

November "Left of Leeds". Features an interview with James Allsopp on the latest Golden Age of Steam album "Tomato Brain"


Left of Leeds #50

Tue 6th Oct '20, 7:30pm

John John for more Left of Leeds featuring special interview with J Frisco about their new album "Cut Throat"


Left of Leeds #49

Tue 1st Sep '20, 7:30pm

Left of Leeds is back including more left field loveliness featuring interview with Beverley Bernie on the album "The Ilkley Suite"


Left of Leeds #48

Mon 8th Jun '20, 8:00pm

More inventive music from lockdown.

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