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Left of Leeds 88: Theo Gowans: Heinous Whining

Fri 17th May '24, 4:00pm

This month we talk to Theo Gowans about his life in music promotion, Heinous Whining, Territorial Gobbing and listen to a few of his recommendations.

Media available soon!


Left of Leeds Experimental Music LIVE!

Fri 10th May '24, 7:30pm

East Leeds Community Radio’s “Left of Leeds” and host John Toolan present an evening of live experimental music with three exciting guests.


Left of Leeds #87: Milana Saruhanyan

Fri 12th Apr '24, 4:00pm

This month we talk to Bradford-based Ukrainian soprano, vocal teacher and improviser Milana Saruhanyan about her life as a musician and the art of improvising.


Left of Leeds #86: Dave Procter talks noise and the pros and cons of running a record label.

Fri 15th Mar '24, 4:00pm

This month we talk to Dave Procter who has fled Leeds and now lives in Sweden. We talk about his life, the noise scene and running a record label.


Left of Leeds #85: Live Music From Terry Yolo

Fri 16th Feb '24, 4:00pm

This months edition features Leeds based spiritual jazz and a live set and chat from the master deconstructer of easy listening music Terry Yolo.


Left of Leeds #84

Tue 5th Dec '23, 7:30pm

This months programme features an interview with Leeds based composer, performer, academic, film maker and artist Alannah Halay.

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