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Left of Leeds #63

Tue 2nd Nov '21, 7:30pm Remind me

Featuring Sheffield-based Discus music releases, an interview with Jan Todd on her Frostlake project, plus Juxtavoices and Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere


Left of Leeds #62

Tue 5th Oct '21, 7:30pm

This episode is piano-themed and features a reverb soaked interview with Simeon Walker.


Left of Leeds #61

Tue 7th Sep '21, 7:30pm

Another month of musical debauchery featuring an interview from Estonia with Kurt Gluck and Curator of Sound Technologies from Bradford's Science and Media Museum, Annie Jamieson


Left of Leeds #60

Tue 3rd Aug '21, 7:30pm

"This month "Left of Leeds" chats to former Can vocalist and current "Network/Soundcarrier" Damo Suzuki with his partner Elke and local film maker Michelle Heighway


Left of Leeds #59

Tue 6th Jul '21, 7:30pm

The July 2021 edition of "Left of Leeds" features an interview with Steve Crocker who talks about his experiences promoting Jazz Leeds shows throughout the pandemic


Left of Leeds #58

Tue 1st Jun '21, 7:30pm

The inimitable "Left of Leeds" from ChapelFM Tuesday 1st June. This month featuring music and interviews galore with: Emil Karlsen and Edgar Jones, and their latest album

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