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That Sunday! #18

Sun 13th Oct '19, 4:00pm

I will be having Makry smith on the show, we’ll be catching up and talking about yorkshire entertainment awards.


Is It Folk? #28

Sun 13th Oct '19, 3:00pm

Join Owen as he bings you some of the best folk music around but most importantly he asks the question, is it folk...?


The Stephen Show: Backstreet Boys

Sun 13th Oct '19, 2:00pm

Join Stephen as he "tells me why" he like the Backstreet Boys


James’ Psycho Show #26

Sun 13th Oct '19, 1:00pm

James brings you another edition of the Psycho Show, the best psychotic music from the last 60+ years!


Woza Africa #4

Sun 13th Oct '19, 12:00pm

Todays show is dedicated to the Zambians as they celebrate independency and we will also be sharing our personal views of what it means to be African in the UK.


Dave’s Dozen #20

Sun 13th Oct '19, 11:00am

Join Dave for a white knuckle ride in slow motion, backwards and upside down without the aid of a safety net be careful out there!


Leeds/Dortmund 50: Ursula Wartmann, Murder in your Backyard

Sat 12th Oct '19, 2:00pm

Ursula Maria Wartmann discuss the role of locality in crime fiction. With Frances Brody, Chris Nickson, June Taylor, chaired by Ali Harper.


Business Network #25

Fri 11th Oct '19, 6:00pm

Linda Sage is talking to Louise Popple from the NHS, self-care as an entrepreneur is essential, your business is you.


Eurocities at Chapel FM

Thu 10th Oct '19, 3:30pm

The Eurocities gathering is taking place in Leeds this week with cultural workers from across Europe

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