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Hot Flavours #61

Tue 22nd Jun '21, 7:45pm

Come, loosen up them bones and Jump N’ Jive!


Love The Words #148

Tue 22nd Jun '21, 5:30pm

Andrew McMillan, winner of Guardian First Book Award, talks about Pandemonium, his visceral new collection with Cape - & reminisces about Chapel FM.


LOUDSPEAKER Live: Father’s Day Edition

Sat 19th Jun '21, 8:00pm

Loudspeaker's live Father's Day event featuring: DJ Agent M, In10sive, JJ Bantz (Emcee), Keeks, Oliver Rees, Peter Spafford, Mike Southwell and hosts D3 + Sarah Autumn.


Business Network #43

Tue 15th Jun '21, 7:30pm

Erak is a Weight Loss Specialist and founder of the Coach Me Slim and Trim programme®.


Love The Words #147

Tue 15th Jun '21, 5:30pm

A piratical love-story from Melissa Wuidart Phillips, the final Pandemical from Jimmy Andrex, & an archive Wordybirds.



Sat 12th Jun '21, 4:00pm

GREAAT talk all things production in music - from being a ‘producer’ to being an artist in the studio, producing grassroots events and working at large-scale events.


ELFM Women Make Sound #2

Sat 12th Jun '21, 3:00pm

A monthly show celebrating women and marginalised genders who make sound! To get involved contact sian@headstogether.org


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #40 Olga Geidane

Fri 11th Jun '21, 10:00am

Linda has her first returning guest. Olga works with people (and the leaders within organisations) who are ready to go through a significant growth to reclaim authenticity


Deli #97

Tue 8th Jun '21, 7:45pm

Words, music, banter on the theme of Home from the Deli Team.

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