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Learning from Life with Linda Sage #37 Keith Fenton

Fri 14th May '21, 10:00pm

Learning from Life with my amazing guest Keith Fenton, originally from the South East of England now devoted to life in Leeds.


Red Kite: Posties and Poets

Fri 14th May '21, 5:00pm

Members of our Next Generation Music group chat about their Arts Award project, as well as talking to poet Elizaveta and postie Steve Ralph.


Deli #96

Tue 11th May '21, 7:45pm

Words, music, banter on the theme of Burn from the Deli Team.


Love The Words #142

Tue 11th May '21, 5:30pm

The Weight of Smoke: Walter Raleigh’s sour-sweet poems set to music; plus Jimmy Andrex’s 8th Pandemical.



Sat 8th May '21, 4:00pm

Listen to GREAAT - Gender Rebalance Equality Action and Advisory Team, chat about their work in the music industry.


ELFM Women Make Sound

Sat 8th May '21, 3:00pm

The debut women make sound show at ELFM. Featuring local female artists chatting about their work and the barriers they have faced and overcome.


Welly’s Nerdy News #46

Fri 7th May '21, 7:30pm

As evil draws NieR, Welly and Micheal take on the latest gaming news and discussion with attaché case in hand


Stay Close: Views on Vaccines – A Community Conversation

Fri 7th May '21, 5:00pm

Members of our community ask questions about Covid Vaccines.


Learning from Life with Linda Sage #36 Ryan Zadrazil

Fri 7th May '21, 10:00am

Mental health and well-being should be part of our everyday conversation.

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