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Conversations with Mlindi #3

Yesterday, 4:15pm

Mlindi Kulashe re-introduces himself post-lockdown with a slightly new and exciting show, as he shares his love and appreciation for classical music


Sports Talk #5

Yesterday, 3:00pm

Taking a closer look at local boxing, going to both pro and amateur fights locally, speaking to teenage amateurs and world champions alike, and discussing these events live


Not The Ukulele Show #2

Yesterday, 1:45pm

A tribute to our great friend Ron Chin.


Care To Air #9

Yesterday, 11:15am

What role does religion and faith have in the lives of older people in Leeds?


The Last Chapel FM Open Mic of 2021

Fri 26th Nov '21, 7:30pm

After an event full year of events at Chapel FM one of our final events of the year is our always popular Open Mic Night.


Red Kite: 26th November 2021

Fri 26th Nov '21, 5:00pm

Shout out to all musicians around the world! This show is a local and global look at music, plus regular features, poetry and chat.


Programme The Leeds Irish Music Programme #14

Tue 23rd Nov '21, 8:45pm

This month we look at artists who are pushing the boundaries within traditional Irish music.


Hot Flavours #64

Tue 23rd Nov '21, 7:30pm

Such a sweet mix is on the plate for you tonight, with lively bass man Jaco Pastorius and distinguished piano players Ray Bryant and Oscar Peterson.


So You’re From…? #5

Tue 23rd Nov '21, 6:15pm

Our guest Natalie might be familiar with if you started listening to The Vandal Factory. Talks of returning back to Leeds generations and growing up in The Wirral

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