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Club Dance #10

Today, 1:00pm

Adam brings you some of the best Dance music to help you take off that autumn chill


Business Network #13

Fri 14th Sep '18, 6:00pm

People make excuses why they can’t change and how life is difficult; all the time, but Steven Gillen is the exception to the rule


Dave’s Dozen #8

Fri 14th Sep '18, 5:00pm

This month’s theme is walking and running


Love the Words More #58

Tue 11th Sep '18, 8:45pm

Love The Words, in which 9 poets from Lucht Focail (Word People) read their work. Lucht Focail is a writer's group based at the Leeds Irish Centre.


The Deli #66

Tue 11th Sep '18, 7:30pm

The Deli. Poetry, music, comedy, discussion, this month on the theme of Water. Water of love, eau de vie, water shortage, water on the knee…


Welly’s Nerdy News #23

Fri 7th Sep '18, 4:00pm

With the big summer stint of games arriving along with a tone of news Welly and Micheal return to make sense of it all


From The Bandroom #8

Tue 28th Aug '18, 10:00pm

This month we head to Greenfield in Saddleworth to Boarshurst Band Club, the home of Boarshurst Silver Band


Urban Selection: Acid Techno #1

Sun 26th Aug '18, 5:30pm

An Acid Techno meltdown by DJ Khaos. Enjoy!


Untitled Film Show #17

Fri 24th Aug '18, 6:00pm

With SDCC just happening there is lots of film news to talk about on this months Untitled Film Show


Connections #5

Fri 24th Aug '18, 5:00pm

Expect some classic female vocals in Connections 5


Children & Young People’s Day: Harehills Park

Thu 23rd Aug '18, 12:00pm

Chapel FM is on at Harehills Park with the LS14 Trust for Children and Young Peoples Day


Arts Award Discover – Junior, Kacey & Liam

Wed 22nd Aug '18, 1:00pm

Junior Varley-Simms, Kacey Birkett and Liam Wooler discuss their involvement in Chapel FM's summer music project

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