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Chapel FM VS……

Sun 24th Oct '21, 7:30pm

Chapel FM faces off against a new challenger in an all out quiz battle. Who will win? listen in and root for your team.


Sports Talk #4

Sun 24th Oct '21, 3:00pm

Sports Talk looks at women's sport and the challenges it faces


Not The Ukulele Show #1

Sun 24th Oct '21, 1:45pm

The Cameron Collective return for a show featuring the not so humble bagpipes.


Stress Buster #45

Sun 24th Oct '21, 10:00am

Linda will be looking back over the COVID time at the changes in self-care, the increase of stress, depression and anxiety, she will be answering questions


Care To Air #10

Sun 24th Oct '21, 12:00am

Chatting to Jack, Mally and Sylvia, plus Tom from Shine Magazine


Red Kite: 22nd October 2021

Fri 22nd Oct '21, 5:00pm

Young broadcasters are joined by Alex Sobel MP discussing the climate crisis, and Mosa Mpetha from Hyde Park Picture House talks about the UK Green Film Festival.


We Will Be Pioneers – featuring Kevin Hickson

Fri 22nd Oct '21, 10:00am

In episode 1, Claire talks to Harehills-based artist Kevin Hickson about his artistic practice and his experiences DJing at Speed Queen, the legendary Leeds club night.


The Music Institute #28

Tue 19th Oct '21, 8:45pm

Paul and Andy return with only the best music with their music institute show


Business Network #44

Tue 19th Oct '21, 7:30pm

Back in the studio and back to business, in this show, Linda discusses her journey ups, downs, tears, headaches, and wins as an entrepreneur.

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