THINK GLOBAL ACT LOCAL are looking for some people to help with a project.   

Think Global Act Local is a brand new show on East Leeds FM looking at sustainability and innovation during the climate crisis.

You can listen to their shows here.

They’re starting a Climate Change Diary as part of our Think Global Act Local programme on East Leeds FM.  And we need people to talk to us so we can put together that diary.

The idea behind it.  We’re living through strange times in many ways, but particularly when it comes to climate change.   And Leeds is at the forefront of trying to adapt to this with things like Climate Action Leeds, and pledges to go Zero Carbon by 2030.  So our lives are probably going to change.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to record and document in some way just how this happens?  So we want to try and find out how our lives are changing, and in what way.  It may be in a good way– taking up cycling, changing to an electric car, growing vegetables.  Or in a bad one – maybe we’ll get extreme weather.

We haven’t the resources to do this as a major research project.  But what we can do is talk to people, listen to them, then report what people are telling us as part of our programme.

If you are willing to get involved, here’s what we want to do.

We want to recruit a group of people from all different backgrounds – you don’t have to be a climate activist, you don’t have to have any particular skill or knowledge.  All we’d need you to do is be around to have a short phone chat each month.

So each month, at a time that suits you, we’ll give you a call.   It might be about what’s happened that month in the wider world eg last Nov we might have asked you about Cop 26.  It might be about something we’re thinking of doing on the programme.   Or something that you tell us in the chat might make us ask other people if they’ve had the same experiences, or reactions.

This can all be anonymous if you like.  We’re not trying to gather material in a Big Brother way, we’re trying to capture and reflect a moment in time.  Whatever you share with us will go towards making our programme, but in a way that you’re comfortable with.

And we’re a radio programme.  If you feel happy to do so, we might ask you to talk on the radio occasionally.  But again, only if you want to do this.

Get in touch through the website or social media if you might be interested or would like to know more.  Or send an email to   We’ll have a chat, and if it’s something you want to be part of, we’ll get started.

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