[Important notice masks will not be required when walking throughout the building but we recommend wearing them]

As Chapel FM Arts Centre begins to reopen, we understand that it is our duty of care to provide a safe space for the public. We are still living in a world where we have to deal with the spread and the after effects of Covid-19. 

As you can imagine this could potentially affect our events such as: Musicathon 2021 and any future events, gigs, workshops and meetings.

To this end we have outlined what we can do to try to stop the spread of Covid-19 and keep everyone safe. This will also require your cooperation to help implement some of these guidelines:

General outline

  • First and foremost we ask that any people who are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or have had anyone in their bubble in the past 10 days showing symptoms of Covid-19, to not show up to any events, gigs, training or meetings etc. If any of these events have paid tickets attached to them please feel free to call us Tel: 0113 22 55 944 or email:info@chapelfm.co.uk about receiving reimbursement of said tickets or alternatively try refunding them through Eventbrite.


  • We will also be asking all people entering the building to provide us with a name, telephone number and email address when they attend anything happening in the building. We may have already got most of this info from you in advance via places like Eventbrite but we will still ask you to sign in. We will then be able to keep a log of who attended specific events in case of a Covid-19 breakout. As you enter the building through the main entrance there will also be a NHS track and trace QR code you can scan if you wish to do so with the accompanying app. If you scan the track and trace QR code we will still ask you to provide your details to sign in.


  • Once in the building we ask anyone moving around the space to please wear a face mask (unless exempt). If you have forgotten your mask, we will provide a box of spare masks at the front desk where you sign in. We are more than happy for you to take off said mask once you are sat down – be it for eating if you are able to maintain social distance from others (2m from others not in your bubble where possible).

Gigs and events

  • If you are attending an event, gig or workshop we will ask that you please get tickets in advance. All upcoming events, gigs and workshops will have information and ticket availability on our website or via https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/chapel-fm-6136356907. If you do not have a ticket we may be able to offer some tickets on the door but this will be to our discretion as seats will be limited.


  • We will be running every event at half capacity, this is in order for everyone to be able to be spread out for any events in the Hall or Studio 3. Seating arrangements will also be provided by us with a member of staff/ volunteer on the day who will assign you and/or your group some seats.

What we will do

  • As a venue and a teaching space we will try and make the building as safe as possible to stop and reduce the spread of Covid-19. This will include all spaces having sufficient air flow be it from having windows open and/or ventilation, arranging the seating so that social distancing measures can be in place, and wiping down surfaces/ equipment with disinfectant after each event.


  • All Staff members will do weekly covid tests to ensure that they are not at risk of spreading Covid-19. This also applies to any volunteers who will do a covid test the same day before they enter the building.


  • In the event of the spread of Covid-19, Chapel FM will get in contact with all staff, volunteers, participants and anyone else in the building who has been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19. We will ask all people to follow the current government guidelines.


  • Chapel FM will then be closed for a minimum of 3 days followed by a deep clean of the building, this may be longer depending on how many of the staff are affected and have to isolate too.


  • Finally, we are also more than happy to have a chat with anyone who has any questions or concerns about our covid policy. We want to make sure you feel comfortable coming back into our building and we are happy to discuss any concerns you have.  

What you can do to help

  • If you or anyone in your bubble who has recently attended a gig, event, workshop or any other event at Chapel FM and has received a positive Covid-19 test, please get in contact with Chapel FM tel: 0113 22 55 944. This will help us Identify who we need to contact in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19.


  • Secondly, we ask all people who walk through Chapel FM’s doors to please respect these rules and other people in the building.


  • Finally, we would like to recommend that all people who are able to, please look into getting their vaccinations to help protect people and potentially save lives. This is not something we are looking to enforce but as government guidelines change this might be something we will have to follow by law in the future.

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