Chapel FM Arts Centre / East Leeds FM Radio is excited to have joined forces with two of our marvellous peer organisations in East Leeds, Space 2 and the East Leeds Project, to develop a long-term project that: 

  • Takes an asset-based approach to community development;
  • Creates the conditions for co-production among ourselves, local people, artists and partners;
  • Challenges and dismantles entrenched hierarchies and barriers to participation in the arts while valuing all cultures;
  • Places sustainability at the forefront of our thinking;
  • Empowers compassionate and diverse leadership;
  • Creates a work environment shaped by sociability and care.

We’ll have lots more information to share in the coming months.

We begin this journey of exploring ways of working together in late 2019, shortly before the global pandemic changed our world and ways of working to shaping community.

A key part of our exploration so far as been to explore the incredible natural resources that link up our East Leeds communities, namely Gipton and Seacroft. We have embarked on several walks along the Wykebeck Way, which flows from Roundhay in the north to Skelton Lake in the south, where it connects with the River Aire and makes its way to the North Sea and the wider wold.

Stay tuned for more on how the East Leeds Triangle Project will propose to connect this natural resource with the built-environment, cultural legacy and artistic skills of our communities in the years ahead…

We are also excited to explore the wider phenomenon of why east side of cities across the world are often overlooked, under-resourced and bursting under-recognised creative potential.


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