Hi, I’m Chris and I’m a musician. You can find out more about my work at www.chrissharkeymusic.com

I moved to East Leeds in 2015 and you might have seen me mooching around Chapel FM over the last few years. You might have even been to one of the workshops I’ve done about music, improvisation and making things with sound.

I’ve been given a wonderful job of being Artist-In-Residence at Chapel FM which means, as well as continuing to mooch, I will also be using and abusing the fabulous resources at Chapel FM to experiment, develop and compose a ton of new music that will be performed at 2 major jazz festivals next year.Along the way I will also be:

  1. Collaborating with many of the other fabulous, creative people that engage with the Chapel.
  2. Taking over the occasional Friday Night Live and jazzing it up (literally).
  3. Organising some more workshops to explore new ideas about making things with sound.

Mainly though I’ll be sitting in Studio 3 experimenting and writing and, here’s the thing: the door will always open! (metaphorically if not physically).
I want to share this process with anybody and everybody so please, stick your beak in and have a chat with me about WHAT I’m up to, HOW I’m doing it and, perhaps most importantly, WHY?

I’ve been working hard from October through to December and I will be in on the following Wednesdays in the New Year January 3rd, 10, 17, 31st, Feb 7th, 28th. And every Wednesday in March.

I will then be up at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival on Saturday 7th April premiering the work that I have been creating at Chapel FM (we are organising a trip up from Leeds for those who would like to come and see the premiere).

And I am now in a position to extend my residency and will be back at Chapel FM on May 16th, June 13th and July 4th (from 1pm each day).

Come and say hello!



This residency has been funded by the Arts Council of England through the Grants for the Arts programme.


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