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Hot Flavours #35

24th Apr '18, 7:30pm

Tonight we regale you with the acclaimed Jacques Loussier Trio’s unique working of J.S. Bach. We take a trip down memory lane with the delightful Clark Terry & Bob Brookmeyer


Hot Flavours #34

27th Mar '18, 7:30pm

Spring might just be with us - finally, so let’s celebrate with a tasty mixed platter.


Hot Flavours #33

23rd Jan '18, 7:30pm

A rare feast tonight, indeed! To carry you warm into this chilly New Year we bring to the table live - on live.


Hot Flavours #32

28th Nov '17, 7:30pm

This month’s show features Nice Work from Thelonious Monk, hot sax from Sonny Stitt - plus the easy sounds of Ramsey Lewis, Illinois Jacquet, Howard McGhee and the wonderful Paul Gonsalves. Vocals are from the hard hitting Koko Taylor, the velvet voiced Jimmy Scott, and delightful duo Dinah Washington & Brook Benton. Roland Kirk comes at you - nicely, from left field, and Don Byas walks you home with a bounce in your step - and why not. Come join us for 90 minutes of Hot Flavoured pleasure.


Hot Flavours #31

24th Oct '17, 7:30pm

With Autumn fast closing in we kick up some leaves and bring you music to snuggle up to: Art Tatum will warm your toes, before Hawkins, Smith, and Shearing spread heat all around. Mehldau laments August ending, and Ahmad Jamal completes the seasonal circle. Dr John brings some polished gruff to proceedings – with double tog vocals from Helen Merrill, Sarah Vaughan and Nina Simone – and Louis Armstrong to walk you home – feeling good.


Hot Flavours #30

26th Sep '17, 7:30pm

Come feast on our sumptuous September spread, including Garner, Goodman and Getz – with some very early Armstrong & Calloway. Dessert will delight with a double helping of Tom Waits – topped off with smooth Joe Pass and Ella. Plus, a treat to tease – a track from ‘Marseille’ – the latest release from Ahmad Jamal, topped off with the cream of Joe Pass and Ella.