When & where

  • DateThursday 15th Feb '24
  • Time2:00pm to 5:00pm
  • WhereChapel FM Arts Centre Map


This event has finished so tickets are no longer available.

Breaking Chains: Empowering Hearts – Unveiling the Shadows of Coercive Control, Stalking and Domestic Abuse

Love HurtsEmbark on a transformative journey with "Love Hurts," a compelling 3-hour workshop hosted by Linda Sage an expert in criminal psychology along with Lise Kaye Bell an expert and survivor. Held in the impressive Chapel FM Arts Centre.

The Soundproof Box theatre company and various speakers are offering this unique experience as an immersive exploration. Engage with interactive sessions featuring speakers and performers, including the talented Lise Kaye Bell, who skillfully illuminates red flags associated with coercive controlling behaviour.

Together, we delve into preventing coercive control, toxic relationships, and domestic abuse, gaining insights that go beyond the surface. Linda guides the audience through the intricacies of dealing with the effects and outcomes of stalking, empowering attendees with practical strategies to keep themselves safe.

In this carefully crafted workshop, the Chapel FM Arts Centre provides an intimate backdrop for this important dialogue. Join us as we raise awareness, recognize red flags, and equip ourselves with the tools to foster healthy relationships. "Love Hurts" is not just a workshop; it's an impactful experience designed to inspire change and resilience so that love does not hurt.