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The Dissent Dispatches #4: Activism in Exile

Fri 28th Jun '24, 4:00pm

Pablo Kala is joined by Thai labour activist Junya Lek Yimprasert to discuss her activism since going into exile.


The Dissent Dispatches #3: Protest Encampments

Sun 9th Jun '24, 4:00pm

Pablo Kala investigates the Gaza Solidarity encampment at the University of Leeds.


The Dissent Dispatches #2: Performance & Protest

Sun 12th May '24, 4:00pm

Ally Walsh artist, activist and scholar from the University of Leeds shares stories about her work and the Arts & Activism Toolkit.


The Dissent Dispatches #1: The Art of Protest

Thu 28th Mar '24, 4:00pm

Host Pablo Kala is joined by activist/artists Bambi van Balen and David Solnit to discuss strategies for creative activism around the globe in these perilous times.

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