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So You’re From…? #6

Tue 30th Apr '19, 8:30pm

Join Monique as she interviews Mlindi Kulashe - Leeds Northern Ballet dancer and choreographer who grew up in South Africa.


So You’re From…? #5

Fri 29th Mar '19, 3:35pm

This month’s show, the first pre-recorded show is talking about Chicago and our guest who is from Chicago himself, the new co-director of Chapel Fm Arts Centre: Tony Macaluso.


So You’re From…? #4

Tue 29th Jan '19, 8:30pm

This month/year show is all about James Fernie, one of our own Chapel FM broadcasters and we talk all about Scotland as that is where James is originally from!


So You’re From…? #3

Fri 30th Nov '18, 5:00pm

November 30th’s show, will feature the guest Tinaye Tenzi, who is a artist in all the ways and meanings: as a film maker, as a musician, as a songwriter.


So You’re From…? #2

Tue 30th Oct '18, 8:30pm

The question of what makes a British cake a British cake?


So You’re From…? #1

Wed 1st Aug '18, 4:00pm

Discussions with people from across the world about their experiences of travelling and living in the UK