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The Psycho Show #36

Sun 12th Jun '22, 10:00am

James will wake you up once again after what was probably a heavy night of drinking with the loudest, noisiest, creepiest and most down right psychotic tunes.


The Psycho Show #35

Sun 8th May '22, 10:00am

On this episode of the Psycho Show, James has more mad tunes for you to wake you up. Featuring the likes of Amyl and the Sniffers, Buzzcocks and local boys, The Black Lagoons.


The Psycho Show #34

Sun 10th Apr '22, 10:00am

On this months Psycho Show, James plays the usual set of oldies, new ones and everything in between. Featuring The Chats, David Peel and a new one from The King Kahn and BBQ Show.


The Psycho Show #33

Sun 13th Mar '22, 10:00am

James plays tunes of madness and it has an appearance from Steve Ignorant, formerly of Crass and currently of Slice Of Life. Plus Syd Barrett, Can and one of Steve's own choosing!


The Psycho Show #32

Sun 13th Feb '22, 10:00am

In this more punk/experimental oriented version, James gives a different take on the psychotic-ness of music, away from the usual types of Garage, Psychobilly and Rockabilly


The Psycho Show #31

Sun 9th Jan '22, 10:00am

On this mental edition of the Psycho Show, know it all James brings you a very eclectic mix of psychotic tunes from Flat Duo Jets to the late, great, Dan Sartain

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