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Hot Flavours #40

Tue 22nd Jan '19, 7:30pm

he feast tonight centres on exquisite pairings - we have Oscar Peterson & Lionel Hampton, plus - Louis Armstrong & Oscar Peterson (again)


Hot Flavours #39

Tue 27th Nov '18, 7:30pm

Join James with the latest Hot Flavours filled with some of the best classic blues and jazz tracks around.


Hot Flavours #38

Tue 23rd Oct '18, 7:30pm

‘Wheels within wheels’. Tonight’s show features a short but exciting collection from Wynton Marsalis, and, Thelonious Monk - with (early) Dinah Washington earthy blues


Hot Flavours #37

Tue 25th Sep '18, 7:30pm

In keeping with autumn’s approach we switch from light to dark - to Moonglow, as the new season features Hampton, Shearing, Rollins and Tatum.


Hot Flavours #36

Tue 26th Jun '18, 7:30pm

This month's show has a distinct New Orleans flavour courtesy of our very own Chris Barber - and friends - including Muddy Waters & Mark Knopfler to name but two


Hot Flavours #26

Tue 22nd May '18, 7:30pm

A classic episode of Hot Flavours from our old website including a special interview with Steve Crocker

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