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Hot Flavours #69

Tue 26th Apr '22, 7:30pm

Solitude, Graves, Ghosts - Blood, Sweat and Tears - Dreams, Smiles, Love and Happiness. All life is here! Join us on a delicious Human roller coaster ride.


Hot Flavours #68

Tue 22nd Mar '22, 7:30pm

Springtime is upon us and Mother Earth wants to impart her message. Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges take us on a Glorious Blues tour - of a Royal Garden and St Louis


Hot Flavours #67

Tue 22nd Feb '22, 7:30pm

A wonderful mix of Thunder – and Nature in the raw – with Bugs; bits of string courtesy of the fabulous SMV, with Joe Sample & Lala Hathaway plus guitarist Tommy Emmanuel.


Hot Flavours #66

Tue 25th Jan '22, 7:30pm

Tonight we enter the magical realms of ‘Dreamland’ - with Beverley Beirne’s ‘Weaver of Dreams’ together with Allen Toussaint’s supreme ‘Day Dream’.


Hot Flavours #65

Tue 28th Dec '21, 7:30pm

An eclectic mix with the vibrant New York Brass Band, Steve Earl and The Dukes, Jackie Brenson and Lowell Fulson. Peter reads poems by Billy Collins, plus the Creole Choir of Cuba


Hot Flavours #64

Tue 23rd Nov '21, 7:30pm

Such a sweet mix is on the plate for you tonight, with lively bass man Jaco Pastorius and distinguished piano players Ray Bryant and Oscar Peterson.

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