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Seacroft Forest Garden: John & Linda

Tue 23rd Jun '26, 12:00am Remind me

John and Linda, founder members of Seacroft Forest Garden, talk about how it all started, their Wow moments and favourite places in the garden.


Anyone’s a Gardener: Lincoln Greeners soundpoem

Tue 10th Jun '25, 11:00am Remind me

A collage of voices from Mafwa Theatre Company/Lincoln Greeners & Nowell Mount on the transformational power of growing things.


Anyone’s a Gardener: The Lincoln Greeners

Fri 7th Jun '24, 12:00am

Volunteer gardeners at Roxby Community Garden, overseen by Mafwa Theatre Company, talk about gardening and community.


Anyone’s a Gardener: Susan at Nowell Mount

Thu 6th Jun '24, 10:00am

Susan, community gardener at Nowell Mount Community Centre, talks about hope and gardening.


The Big West Yorkshire Bus Forum

Sat 11th May '24, 3:00pm

A live Community Forum held at Chapel FM in May 2024 about buses featuring stories, discussions, archival audio, poems and music featuring a wide range of community organisations.


Home From Home: Bus Stories – Mayoral Candidates Assembly

Thu 2nd May '24, 4:00pm

Voices and stories from the big Assembly of candidates for Mayor of West Yorkshire produced by Citizens UK focused on plans to bring bus under public control.


Home From Home: Bus Stories – Curiosity and Setting Off on Journeys

Wed 1st May '24, 11:00am

Members of the Performance Ensemble tell stories about the excitement of setting off on a bus journey into the unknown as part of their Radio Bus project.


Seacroft Forest Garden: Easter event, ambience

Tue 16th Apr '24, 12:00am

Seacroft Forest Garden held an Easter egg hunt in late March 2024. Listen to some happy natural sounds!


Seacroft Forest Garden: Easter, 2024, voices

Tue 16th Apr '24, 12:00am

Seacroft Forest Garden, late March 2024. Community members and organisers reflect on the day.


Home From Home: Bus Stories – Music, Fantasy & Romance on Buses

Wed 10th Apr '24, 5:00pm

Members of the Performance Ensemble consisting of people using art to explore creative aging share bus tales about love, music, childhood dreams and more.


Home From Home: Bus Stories – Convention of the North

Mon 11th Mar '24, 5:00pm

Young people talk to political leaders including the Mayors of West Yorkshire, Manchester, Liverpool and others as part of a Citizens UK initiative to push for social change.


Home From Home: Bus Stories – Swahili Bus Driver

Mon 19th Feb '24, 5:00pm

Women from Leeds' Swahili community talk about the joy of meeting a bus driver who is "one of us."


Home From Home: Youth Spaces – CATCH in Harehills

Mon 5th Feb '24, 5:00pm

Chapel FM's Next Generation Youth visit the amazing CATCH youth centre in Harehills to learn about another Home From Home space.


Home From Home: Forest Stories – Knaresborough Forest

Mon 22nd Jan '24, 5:00pm

We talk with members of the community centre Orb in Knaresborough about their fascinating project to try to turn the ancient Knaresborough Forest into a new commons space for their


Home From Home: Bus Stories – Methley George

Fri 9th Jun '23, 5:00pm

Phil tells the story of a man who rides buses across Yorkshire every single day and ponders where his home from home is?