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Curiosity Cats #5: The Election: What Does it Mean to Young People from East Leeds?

Tue 3rd Dec '19, 6:30pm

Tune in for this discussion with representatives from some of the political parties campaigning for the 2019 General Elections and hear questions from young people from East Leeds


Curiosity Cats #4: The Northern Man Festival

Mon 2nd Dec '19, 6:00pm

A radio documentary about The Northern Man Festival (November 2019) - starting conversations around mental health and well-being


Curiosity Cats #3: Headingley Hive

Sun 24th Nov '19, 7:00pm

A discussion with Ruby Malik about an experimental cafe to resist social isolation during the holidays.


Curiosity Cats #2: Strike! – A Conversation About the University of Leeds Strike

Wed 20th Nov '19, 7:00pm

Gabriella Alberti and Mark Taylor-Batty from the University of Leeds / University College Union (UCU) talk with Tony Macaluso followed by Dr. Stuart Hodkinson at a Teach Out...


Curiosity Cats #1: The East Leeds Project

Sun 17th Nov '19, 7:00pm

A conversation with Claire Irving and Kerry Harker about how the East Leeds Project came to be and where it's going...

Curiosity Did Not Kill These Cats! - helpful links

The ELFM radio show, Curiosity Did Not Kill These Cats is inspired by many radio, oral history, literary and other projects and people. Here are a few favourite sources of ideas and energy…


Studs Terkel Radio Archive

The inspiration for the show’s name. Chicago’s legendary oral historian and radio host whose immense and joyful archive contains more than 5,000 conversations. Studs Terkel declared, before he died at the age of 96, that his epitaph should be: “Curiosity Did Not Kill This Cat!”


Charles Parker Archive

The great UK great inventor produced The Radio Ballads, a series of sound-art radio programmes in the late 1950s and early 1960s that changed how we think about radio.


Radio Garden

Tune into radio stations anywhere around the world!



Some of the best long and meandering conversations about reading in the podcast universe.


Open Source

A favourite podcast, hosted by Christopher Lydon, about the world and where it may be going.



A nimble way to think about writing and other inventive activities, developed by writers such as Georges Perec, Harry Mathews, Raymond Queneau and Italo Calvino. Dive in…