Culture Shock: Summer Special

Fri 3rd Aug '18, 11:30am

A selection of summer tunes from across the African continent


Culture Shock Flashback

Fri 6th Jul '18, 4:00pm

Lanrey returns after some time off to bring us some more CULTURE SHOCK!!


Culture Shock: Umm…

Fri 4th May '18, 4:00pm

Lanre's back & is running out of themes for the show, but be ready for a jam-packed shock of pop music from the African continent.


Culture Shock: Nations

Fri 6th Apr '18, 4:00pm

Lanre is out but Adam is taking over to exploring African music from multiple nations from across the continent


Culture Shock: Ghana

Fri 2nd Feb '18, 4:00pm

A exploration of the sounds of Ghana


Culture Shock: Nigeria 2.0

Fri 5th Jan '18, 4:00pm

A retake of the vibrant sounds of Nigeria


Culture Shock: Christmas Special

Fri 1st Dec '17, 4:00pm

Culture Shock: Christmas Special presents a range of festive music from across the African continent


Culture Shock: Nigeria

Fri 3rd Nov '17, 4:00pm

This show looks at fast-beat Nigerian pop music, known as Afrobeats

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