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Connections #10

Fri 22nd Feb '19, 5:00pm

Connections 9 ended with ‘Calling Sarah’ by Jellyfish. Connections 10 will start with a link to that song via the people involved!


Connections #9

Fri 25th Jan '19, 5:00pm

Episode 8 ended with the sublime ‘Singapore’ by Tom Waits. There are some fine players on the song so who will Paul choose to connect to the opening song of January’s Connection


Connections #8

Fri 23rd Nov '18, 5:00pm

Paul finished Connections 7 with The Faces song ‘Cindy Incidentally’. Will Paul link Rod Stewart, Kenny Jones, Ron Wood or someone else to the opening track of Connections 8.


Connections #7

Fri 26th Oct '18, 5:00pm

The last song in Connections 6 was 'Quadrant 4' by Billy Cobham. Jan Hammer, Tommy Bolin and Leyland Sklar were the other three players on the track; who will be next?


Connections #6

Fri 28th Sep '18, 5:00pm

Connections 5 finished with 'Lost In You' by Australian superstar Chris Gaines…or was it?  


Connections #5

Fri 24th Aug '18, 5:00pm

Expect some classic female vocals in Connections 5

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