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Connections #46: Finale

Fri 15th Apr '22, 5:00pm

Paul brings the Connections series to a close with this special 'Unconnected' show


Connections #45

Fri 18th Mar '22, 5:00pm

The Sugarhills Gang's 'Rapper Delight' was the last song in Connections 44. Paul will link someone from that song to the opening tune of Connections 45!


Connections #44

Fri 18th Feb '22, 5:00pm

Jan's Connections show finished with 'On and On' by Stephen Bishop. Who will Paul link fom that song to the first song of Episode 44?


Connections #43

Fri 21st Jan '22, 5:00pm

Show 42 ended with 'Compared To What' by Les McCann and Eddie Harris.Paul will connect one of the people on that recording to the opening song of this January 2022 episode


Connections #42

Fri 17th Dec '21, 5:00pm

'Rocky Mountain Way' by Joe Walsh was the last song from November's show. Who will Paul link to the opening song in this December episode?


Connections #41

Fri 19th Nov '21, 5:00pm

The last song on #40 was ‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’ by The Police. Paul picks a person involved in that recording and link them to the first song in this episode.

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