The Way We See It

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 11:30am

Otley Poets respond to Antony Gormley’s 'Earth Above Ground' and 'Brick Man' in Leeds Art Gallery


Who Sees? Who Says?

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 12:30pm

Writers from the Northern Short Story Festival Academy explore point of view and perspective.


Seeing Through The Mask

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 2:00pm

What if the mask is a wheelchair or a white stick, or make-up? Storyteller Vickie Orton with guests.



Sun 3rd Oct '21, 3:30pm

In Helen Shay’s play, a girl comes to Seacroft to sort out a late relative’s estate and discovers strange, unexpected music in her family’s past


I Am The Landscape

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 6:45pm

Poems inspired by Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures, from poet Clare Wigzell.


Yaffle Presents

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 6:00pm

Local independent press Yaffle bring together a gaggle of poets under their publishing wing.


It’s a Miracle

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 7:30pm

An old secret between two old ladies finally comes to light. Short story by Neil Rathmell, performed by Pam Hilton


Tower of Song

Sun 3rd Oct '21, 8:30pm

Well-versed in the art of writing to theme, regulars of fabulous songwriters’ night Tower of Song perform Vision songs to round off Writing on Air 2021


The Blanket

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 3:45pm

The blanket is a birthday present, a love story, a fifty year old memoir and a revelation. From Jane Kite


A View From Here

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 6:00pm

The Performance Ensemble tell us in poetry, dance and song how the world looks from an older perspective. Art with the wisdom of experience



Sat 2nd Oct '21, 6:45pm

Nick Ellerby, from Oasis School of Human Relations, is quizzed by young activists from Chapel FM about his vision for the future


High Risk

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 8:00pm

What’s prison really like? An eloquent and powerfully affecting interactive spoken word performance by ex-offenders, plus Q&A.


Loudspeaker Live

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 9:30pm

D3 and Sarah Autumn present a Live version of this monthly spoken word show


Leeds Creatives United

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 10:00am

Playwright Jonathan Hall talks about new ways to bring Leeds theatre makers together, post-pandemic


Vickie and DB

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 11:00am

Vickie Orton welcomes guest storyteller, disability rights activist, musician and author, DB, who premieres his latest stories and musical compositions


Served with a Runcible Spoon

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 12:00pm

Runcible Spoon poets gives us their angle on where we are, who we are, and what exactly we’re doing here


Through the Eyes of a Child.

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 1:00pm

Lydia Kennaway reads poems about her early visual impairment, with poet and GP Emma Storr.



Sat 2nd Oct '21, 2:00pm

In Stefan Grieve’s drama, three people are trapped. One can only see the past, one the future, the other the present. How to escape?


A Ship, A Dream

Sat 2nd Oct '21, 2:45pm

It’s 1934 and Lawrence of Arabia is secretly designing super-fast ships for the Navy. Really? True story from Nicholas Bielby.


First Story

Fri 1st Oct '21, 10:30am

Young writers from West Yorkshire schools return to Chapel FM. First Story is a national organization bringing professional writers to secondary schools.


Step Up and Out

Fri 1st Oct '21, 12:30pm

Students from Rodillian High present stories and poems about seeing and being seen.


Red Kite: Writing On Air 2021

Fri 1st Oct '21, 1:30pm

Red Kite is Chapel FM’s regular show made by and for young people.


Womb Stories

Fri 1st Oct '21, 2:30pm

An exploration of stories from the womb by Charlotte Carrick and Holly Early, accompanied by experimental audio


Wild Geese

Fri 1st Oct '21, 3:30pm

Repentance? Despair? John Irving Clarke and the Agbrigg Writers discuss what they see in Mary Oliver’s vivid poem.


What Did Jane Eyre See?

Fri 1st Oct '21, 4:30pm

Geraldine Beattie talks about Jane Eyre's visions/vision: Bronte's Jane had fascinating perspectives to bring to that marriage, Reader!


The Great Debate

Fri 1st Oct '21, 5:45pm

Chapel FM’s radio theatre turns mini-parliament for a free-spirited debate about Seacroft, past, present and future